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The competition between sportsbook providers is enormous. The emergence of mobile devices generates a new segment, in which bookies have to compete. Since more and more betting fans fancy placing their bets on the move is it inevitable for betting sites to keep up with the trend and provide the market with a good product that meets the customers’ needs. The Maltese company Bet3000 did exactly so and rolled out its own mobile betting application. We from Livetipsportal tested their app. Therefore we are going to give you a good overview and present you the advantages and disadvantages where we go from the registration process, over deposit modalities to the betting program and much more. No matter whether you are using an iPhone, tablet or any other ordinary smartphone, here you are going to learn about the most important facts and things of the usage on mobile devices of the Bet3000 app.

Bet3000 App Startscreen

Bet3000 App Screenshot
You need bet3000 for your mobile?

In addition you can view our test review for the Bet3000 sportsbook website. Since the bookie’s desktop version is not translated one-to-one to the mobile version it is up to you for which version you are going to decide. So here is our test report on the Bet3000 mobile sports betting app.


Installation of the Bet3000 mobile app

To be able to enjoy the Bet3000’s betting program it does not take much. With all smartphones or tablets the access to the app is relatively easy. You do not have to download a specific app, because the mobile version adapts itself to the mobile device and hence is available for every operating system. You do not have to sacrifice any disk space and you can start right away after entering Bet3000.com into your browser. After that there should not be any further complications since the website recognizes the device and changes automatically to mobile mode.

When you reach the main page of Bet3000’s betting app you can make yourself familiar with its features. On the first sight you get to see their recommended highlights, the latest live bets and Bet3000’s complete betting program. If you prefer to navigate in another language, you can also change the language at the front page. Further, you can learn about the history of the Malta-based company under “information”.


Bet3000 app registration

When trying to register at the bookie’s mobile app, we come across its first little drawback. It is not possible to register in the app! You would have to pre-set up your account in the desktop version. That means, that you cannot spontaneously decide to get a Bet3000 account on the go unless stopping by at an internet café and go through the registration process. But if you have already set up an account beforehand you will not have any problems with placing your bets and you can thoroughly enjoy their betting program anywhere you want.


Depositing money on your betting account

Exactly like the registration, when we looked for the deposit possibilities we got directed to their desktop version. It is not possible to put money into your account in the mobile app. So, mobile users have to make sure that they have money on their accounts before leaving their house. But if you have a positive balance, nothing more will keep you from placing your bets.

Bet3000 Deposit 

Log in and log out

The login on the mobile application is rather easy. Therefore you just have to enter your username and password that you chose during registration. In the case you forgot your password there is the possibility to get it sent to your e-mail address. And you can also contact customer’s support by email.

Bet3000 Loginform 

The mobile version’s usability and impressions

The impression that we got from the Bet3000 app is basically good. The developers decided – with few exceptions – on a neat dominant grey scales and white design. Regarding the usability, the user can manage to get through the app’s features by a few clicks. You can choose to pick a game out of the full betting program or to click on menu and get access to live bets or betting highlights. You can also save your selected items under “favorites”.


Betting mobile

What matters most with mobile application of bookies like Bet3000 is a simple handling and entering of sports bets. For this purpose the mobile version seems perfectly facile and uncomplicated. If I, as a fan of the English Premier League, want to wager on the next Liverpool game it only takes me a few clicks to place my bet. There are only 5 clicks from the home screen to the successfully placed bet. Since the design is relatively clearly structured and free of unnecessary confusing items, one can find the desired sports event without any problems. When you found your favored event you can choose from many different betting possibilities – from the classic 3-way bet, halftime/fulltime bets,  to over/unders the app has available all common betting types. Your selected bets appear in the menu item “bet sip”.

Bet3000 Betslip

Betting offers on the Bet3000 App

The Bet3000 Betslip
Bet3000 offers system bets too!

There you can also set your stake and see your possible earnings. When you feel confident you “place your bet”. You will get the chance to check your entries one more time and then you have to confirm it. If you are looking for profound sports betting tips for your Bet3000 bet slip, do not hesitate to see our Champions League betting tips.


Betting offer at the Bet3000 app

The betting offer is a little bit slimmer compared the desktop version. The mobile betting app only supports 14 sports instead of 25 at the full version. But that’s nothing to be sad about. The usual bettor will still get their money’s worth, since the most common sports are available and can be combined with a vast number of betting possibilities. As an example therefore, you can choose from 33 different betting options at a game of the German Bundesliga. Compared to other sportsbooks’ apps there might be some who offer a broader range but the application perfectly met our demands that we put on it.


Résumé of our Bet3000 mobile betting test

All in all Bet3000’s mobile sports betting app can be seen as well-made. Before you can start you do not have to download or install anything as well as it does not matter which device you are on. Simply type the homepage’s address in your browser and you will be automatically redirected to the mobile version. There you can jump off immediately and navigate through its well-organized menu and find your preferred sport and betting strategy.

But right at the beginning we have to deal with the weaknesses of the mobile version. Since you can neither set up an account nor deposit money on an existing account on the mobile app the bettor has to make sure that his balance is well filled if he wants to place his bets underway. Here you can find more information about the sports betting bonus of Bet3000.

The offered program may not fulfill the demands of betting professionals as Bet3000 only supplies 14 different sports. But most sport fans will find enough possibilities and games to place their bets on. On a further positive note we can also mention the confirmation request. This makes it possible to correct mistakes and avoid placing undesired bets.

Overall the Bet3000’s mobile app is a fine application that is easy to handle and works on every handheld device without further difficulties.

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