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Mobile Betting becomes a more and more important part of the betting business. That the many bookmakers can keep up with the bettors’ high demands, almost every online bookie has developed its own version for mobile devices. We from Livetipsportal try to answer the questions you might have about the mobile betting apps.

Usually those mobile betting apps are a bit pared-down compared to the big desktop-versions, so some functions might be very different. Starting with the registration and the login, then the deposit and cash-out modalities and most of all the betting itself, we tested the sportsbetting apps extensively so we can give you a good overview of the Bet365 mobile betting app. We know that betting enthusiasts want the option to place their bets on the go and without any drawbacks regarding the variety of the sports bets or the quickness of access. So no matter if you have an Android, iPhone or Windows Phone or a Tablet, this app is perfect for a little bit of excitement on the fly and some added spice to your everyday life.

Bet365 mobile App start screen

Start screen of bet365 app
You want to bet mobile at bet365?

We have also analyzed the bookie’s desktop version in our Bet365.com sportsbook test where you can get an insight in its strengths and weaknesses. You can also find a range of other bookmakers reviews.


Bet365 app installation

So we can finally dive into the world of the British betting site Bet365. The only thing we need is an ordinary smartphone browser. Since the mobile betting version has not been developed as an app but as an adapted mobile site, we don’t need to download a special app. Therefore, the betting site is not restricted to any operating system and can be managed by all of them: Android, Apple’s iOS or Windows Phones. To open the mobile betting site, simply type Bet365.com into your browser’s address bar. The website recognizes your mobile device and shows the adapted website automatically.

Now we can see the page’s start screen and can finally cannonball into the exciting world of mobile sports betting. With this handy service, you can still be informed about what is going on and continue your betting strategies when you are lying in a hammock on the beach. Further, now you can also place your last minute bets directly from the stadium and it allows you additional excitement straight from the game. On the home screen, you can immediately see the most important and featured kinds of sports bets at Bet365.com, as their icons can be seen right beneath the login and register buttons. Further below the current offers and the ongoing live games and highlights are shown.


Register at Bet365 mobile

For the mobile bettor, it is also important that it is possible to register at the chosen bookie’s mobile betting app, and how user friendly that process is. But for this, Bet365 also came up with a very good solution. The registration is made in five steps until the user has successfully set up his betting account. In the first step, you have to enter your country of residence. In the second step, the site asks you common questions about your Name and Date of Birth. The third and fourth steps include information like your address, e-mail address and a compulsory phone number. The big pluses of the registration pages are the large boxes that facilitate the input as well as the neat design.

The fifth step is a little bit more advanced. You have to set your language, time zone and your odds format. Also, you have to choose your username and password and a 4-digit secret number (which you will need later in the verification process). Finally, after entering your bonus code and accepting the terms of condition, your betting account is successfully set up and you are ready to go.

Bet365 App Registration first step

Step 2 of the Bet365 Registration form

Registration 1st step
The second step of the registration



Before you can make use of the bet program and the special features it offers (such as live streaming), it is necessary to place a deposit on your betting account. Regarding deposits, Bet365 mobile betting app offers the same possibilities as the desktop version as you choose between different options. If your favored payment method is not listed, you can choose “other,” and the additional methods can be seen in the opening window.

The deposit will be transferred to your account hassle-free and in no time. In our trial, we placed our deposit by credit card and as soon as we inserted all required information, our account was credited with the money instantly.

After that, your account can be verified by e-mail, if you please.

Bet365 Deposit Options

Bet365 Payment Methods (These may vary depending on your country)


Log into the Bet365 sportsbetting app

One of the most used tasks of these bookies’ apps is to log in and to log out. This can be done quickly and smoothly through the navigation bar. This solution is even better than the pop-up solution at the desktop version. In the navigation bar, you can also place your deposits, see your betting history and check your balance. By clicking on “members,” you can reach your bank control center, your profile, the latest offers from the site and customer support. This way you can contact Bet365 directly. Also, you can decide whether your balance should be shown on each site. To log out, you can also use the navigation bar.

Bet365 LoginscreenTo log in again, enter your chosen user name and your password. We suggest to “save” your user name since it can be very annoying having to enter it every time you visit, especially if you prefer long user names.

For a mobile sports betting bonus you should check out our betting promotions overview.


The mobile version’s usability and impressions

One can see exactly what the developer of the mobile app placed special value on. In terms of color, the site holds on to its bigger model and generates a darker but noble and pleasant overall image with its grey and green style. Due to its clear segmentation, Bet365 maintains its easiness to handle, and after a short period of familiarization, operating the mobile app becomes second nature to users in no time. The main page is segmented into “sports”, “live” and “my bets”. To the right, you can see your user name and your current balance (if you set it like that). Via the dropdown arrow to the far right, you can open the handy navigation bar.

Bet365 App Registration first step

Step 2 of the Bet365 Registration form

These sports are available.
Bet365 offers you Tennis, Lotto and Snooker too.

To keep a good overview of the gigantic betting offer, the developer of the Bet365.com’s mobile betting app built in its own navigation bar. In that bar, you can see the list of all kinds of sports that are offered in alphabetical order. This is a huge plus for multifaceted bettors, as you can bet on a wide range of different sports. You can choose between as many as 35 different sports to bet on.


Mobile sports betting at Bet365

But what this betting application is all about is the betting itself. But how well does the “small” version work? Since the speed that an application runs at is important for bettors, we counted the clicks from the main screen to a successfully placed bet e.g. in the Austrian Bundesliga. The app absolutely convinced in this category because it only took 5 clicks until we got our desired odd into our betting slip. The segmentation is very intuitive, so you get from sports to their leagues and further to every desired game. Even for pro bettors, it is comfortable to find their favored games and place bets in this very well-thought-out segmentation of this mobile betting application.

The betting itself is as easy as the navigating. By clicking on the preferred quote, a pop-up window will open where you can see your disposable balance and set your desired stake. You can immediately see your potential earnings or decide whether you want to place the bet as a single bet or whether it should be added to another betting slip.

Bet365 Premier League Odds

Bet365 App Betslip

Premier League odds on the Bet365 app.
Betslip of the App.

If the bet should be placed as a single and you click on the submit button, your bet will be placed instantly without the usual confirmation step. This may lead to some unwanted bets if you’re not careful. But since the buttons are very big, an undesirable navigation is unlikely.

By clicking on “Add to betting slip,” the amount of bets in your bet slip can be seen on the top of the screen. This is a very useful function to keep up with your picked bets and games.

When you added a bet to your betting slip, every other odd you click on, will be automatically added to your betting slip as well. This makes it very easy to place multi-bets. The betting slip itself is very clearly structured and you can make use of all of Bet365 betting possibilities to pursue your favored betting strategy. In our test, we felt that betting in the mobile version’s clear design and well-thought-out concept was a very fast, easy, and overall fun experience.


Betting offer

A huge advantage of using Bet365 is its enormous betting program. Compared to other bookies, they offer a far wider range of possibilities. The mobile betting app carries the huge program over from the desktop version and makes every betting fan’s heart beat faster. Due to its enormous range of sports and leagues, you can choose from a nearly endless amount of games. Also, the additional bets at every game are unbelievable. As an example, a game of the Austrian Bundesliga has around 79 extra bets to satisfy every bettor’s wishes. But the loading times do not suffer from the gigantic amount of bets – thumbs up! By the way, good betting strategies that can get you on the road to victory can be found here at Livetipsportal.com as well.

Also, the live bets program allows you to place bets on single details of a game (depending on the sport) and is without equal.

Since its target market is experienced bettors, Bet365 provides many offers that are especially interesting for advanced bettors. In particular, it offers (besides over/under, score or outcome bets) a good bit of interesting strategies like Asian Handicap or Scorecast and Wincast bets. These can be adapted and combined to everyone’s wishes. Even a “sell-your-bet” option is offered and can be found under “cash-out”.

With such a wide range of games and this really good mobile version, you will have an outstanding betting experience and constant entertainment on the go.

Another notable feature are the live stream videos. You can again choose from a variety of leagues and games and watch the events live on your device. The only prerequisite is to have a positive balance or to have had placed a bet within the last 24 hours. The streams’ quality is not excellent but they run fluently and without any waiting time.

Bet365 App LivestreamAdditionally to the betting program, the app offers the adapted versions of the casino, games and finance bets.

If you have any problems, you can contact customer support directly over the app. They even offer a call-back option and support by e-mail, fax or post.


Conclusion of the Bet365 mobile betting app test

Since the technical developments and the emergence of very powerful smartphones, betting on mobile devices has become a very interesting market for bookies. The British betting provider did a good job adapting its enormous betting program to the mobile version. So when you are waiting for the bus or lying at the beach with a drink in hand, you can still enjoy the excitement of betting. Bet365 managed to develop an ideal betting app without sacrificing any of its betting program or betting strategies.

There are many reasons to decide for this bookie’s mobile betting application. It runs on almost every possible device and it does not matter if it is operated by Android, iOS or any other system. Additionally, the app impresses with its great intuitive design that allows you to place bets here and there. The enormous betting and live offers are another major plus for Bet365. Also, the additional offers and great live streams contribute to an amazing betting experience.

On a slightly negative note, we can mention that the missing confirmation window (at single bets) might lead to bets being placed prematurely or undesirably.

Overall, we recommend the Bet365 mobile sports betting app for both experienced bettor as well as beginner. The variety of games in conjunction with its great usability and cool features guarantees betting fun on almost every handheld device.
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