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Thanks to smartphones it is possible for us to be in contact, to communicate and to distract ourselves in waiting lines all the time. But why shouldn’t we also dive into the amazing world of online sports betting and get the little thrills every now and then underway.

By now almost every bookie offers its betting fans an own app or an adapted website that allows them to bet everywhere they are. Also the long-standing British bookmaker William Hill created an app for its customers. It was 1934 that William Hill entered the market and ever since then it has tried to satisfy its customers and has become one of the biggest bookies in the world. Our review to William Hill you can find here.

We from Livetipsportal also tested the William Hill app and try to give you a good insight into the app and try to answer your questions. In our detailed review we concerned ourselves with the installation, registration, deposit modalities, login and logout as well as the usability and the betting offer.

William Hill mobile App

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Here you can check out our William Hill sportsbook test for the desktop site.



WilliamHill MenuBefore we can start we have to install the app on our device. This is especially easy at William Hill since they programmed an optimized mobile version for every smartphone and tablet. That is why you can reach the app conveniently over your device’s browser. The page recognizes the mobile device and transfers to the app version automatically.

Once the page is loaded you can choose between the different offerings that William Hill mobile has. To your disposal there is sportsbook betting as well as online games of luck. So we decide for sportsbook and get to the mobile betting app.

Now you can see the main screen. Even on the first view you will recognize that a lot of fun is waiting ahead. The design is very clear and friendly. We can also immediately see the current top bets and highlights in the sideways scrolling navigation bar. Beyond that, you can navigate quickly through the entire page by the icons at the top of the screen. But we will get to that later in this review.


Registration at the William Hill’s mobile version

Before you can go and dive into the world of betting at William Hill you have to create an account (if not already existing). You can do so in three simple steps (also on your mobile) surprisingly fast and easy. In the first step you have to enter your personal details as name, date of birth, e-mail address and a mandatory phone number.

The second registration step is about the user’s place of residence. This includes the country and the complete address.

The third and last step, which is also the longest step, you have to set details about your account. The user has to choose a username and a rather secure password. Further you have to answer a security question and set your preferred currency as well as your daily deposit limit. Once you agreed to the terms and conditions your account is successfully set up.

All in all we thought that the registration process is very easy and not at all time consuming. Nonetheless, users who wish to register on their mobile, have to consider an amount of registration time since the entry is a little harder with the small smartphone keyboards.

William Hill mobile App registration form 

Deposit money in your William Hill account

If you want to gain some money, you first have to whip your balance into shape. You can do so either at the desktop version or at the mobile version fast and easy. There are 8 different deposit possibilities at the William Hill mobile version. Besides the usual possibilities you can also find PayPal which is only offered by a few bookies. The deposit minimum is, like at the desktop version, 10 €. So you can fill your bankroll on the go hassle-free and soon you can play at William Hill.


Log in and out

It is important that the log in at the mobile version is kept easy, so, to log in please use the “Log in/join” button (which you used for the registration too). Simply enter your username and password and you are good to go. If you want, you can save your username or stay logged in for your next visit.

The log out is managed over the user menu. We will explain this part of the app in the next paragraph.


Usability and impression

Especially at betting apps that are mostly managed over a small screen (of a smartphone or tablet) a well-ordered and well-designed interface is vital. William Hill put a great effort into the design. In comparison to the (a little bit old-fashioned) desktop version the mobile version appears very modern and fancy. The app is kept in white, a light grey and blue which contributes to the really good and pleasant appearance.

The navigation works over the navigation bar with icons that can be scrolled sideways. Over these icons you can navigate to your preferred sports like horse races, football or tennis. Additionally you can open other games like roulette, blackjack or jackpot games.

For betting fans the most important button is the “sports” button. By clicking on it you can reach the main page, the gaming area or the current live bets (in play). Beneath that you can find a comprehensive list of the offered sports. You can find a detailed overview about William Hill’s offered portfolio later in this review.

A third significant navigation within the William Hill app are the account settings. You can see your settings when you click on the user icon (where you can also see your disposable balance). In this section you can deposit or withdraw money, see your last transactions and running bets, as well as set your limits and access current free bets and promotions. Further you can change your app’s settings, see your betting account’s details, call the support menu and log out of your account.


Mobile sports betting at William Hill

After all this general information now we explain to you the centerpiece of the William Hill’s sports betting app – the betting. For a good mobile app it is important that the handling is easy and fast. Especially on the go or infront of the TV or at the stadium bets should be able to be submitted quickly and problem-free.

We can say this totally true with live bets. Our test showed that odd changes are indicated in red and green and without any delay. On the other hand, live bets have to be placed over the bet slip which makes fast placed hardly possible.

The betting itself works very well. The preferred odds can be chosen and clicked on easily and are automatically added to your bet slip.

The bet slip icon indicates how many bets are already in it. This makes it possible for you to keep a good overview over your bets. By clicking on the icon you reach your bet slip and you can see your picked odds.

The bet slip at William Hill’s app is very neat and easy to handle. You can choose between single bets, multi bets or system bets. You can opt for your preferred system bet since the list of system bets is nearly endless although betting pros might miss the possibility of betting “banks”.

William Hill mobile bet slipOnce you are content with your choosing you can submit your betting slip with the “place bets” button at the bottom of the screen.

The placing of the bets and the bet slip itself will for sure satisfy the customers wishes. Further, we tested how many clicks it takes to place a bet in the fourth English league. Our test showed you need 5 clicks which is a good result.


Betting offer at the mobile version

We from Livetipsportal are totally satisfied with the William Hill’s mobile sporting bets app. The app convinced in design as well as usability on a full scale. But what is the betting program like?

William Hill’s betting program is very interesting, even for pro-bettors. The app offers 25 different sports which also include less popular sports. Even bets on political affairs, TV or other special bets are offered what makes a great diversity of bets and assures a great betting delight.

William Hill sportsbookThe variety of sports bets at William Hill is incomparably good. Thank to its huge range even the greatest sports enthusiast will not be bored. The app offers the exact same program as the desktop version and consequently a nearly endless selection of games. Besides the usual betting strategies like 3-way bets, result bets, goal bets, half-time bets and preset handicap bets there is also a huge choice of scorecast and wincast bets, or cards bets and many special bets. Further the app has special offers which differentiate from game to game. As you can see the betting offer is very generous and leaves nothing to be desired. Maybe a little disadvantage are the missing Asian handicap bets. Although this might not concern any hobby bettor, a pro bettor might agree with us.

Also the live bets offer is highly persuasive. There is a great range of bets and many different betting possibilities.

If you have any problems or questions you can consult the “Help Pages” and get support via e-mail or phone. Additionally, William Hill has an open ear for your feedback.


William Hill mobile betting conclusion

To conclude this review we try to give you a little résumé. The British Book William Hill did a very good job on their app and we had a lot of joy testing it.

The “installation” is done by simply calling the URL in your mobile browser. This is why the William Hill app is available for every mobile operating system and it makes no difference what kind of smartphone or tablet you are using.

Also with its design, William Hill satisfies us. The composition and style are, compared to the desktop version, very well thought-out and modern. This helped us with the usability and handling and our test bets were placed easily and quickly.

A further advantage of William Hill is the betting offer. Almost nobody can compete with its great range of different sports, games and betting strategies. Almost every bet imaginable is available at William Hill and even live bets are a total joy.

William Hill OddsSmall disadvantages are the missing “banks” and Asian bets which may be missed by betting pros.

All in all we have to say that you can’t go wrong with choosing the William Hill app. The mobile app is very well adjusted so that you will have a lot of fun with it.

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