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The sports betting industry is an ever growing business, and hence produces more and more companies that try to reach and acquire new customers in order to compete with already established bookies. One of the rather recent additions to the betting market is the bookie ComeOn. In the following livetipsportal review, we will discuss whether ComeOn can keep up with the top dogs in the betting industry in terms of ease of operation, range of offer, and payment options. Most importantly, we will discuss whether a greenhorn-bookie like ComeOn can pass our reliability test. 

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Startscreen Sportsbook ComeOn


As with all online bookies, you need to sign up at comeon.com and set up your bet account before you can start betting. The registration form at ComeOn includes most of the fields you would find at other bookies. For instance, you are required to enter a username, a safety password, and a valid email address as well as personal details such as your full name and address, your date of birth and gender, and your phone number (which is mandatory). If available, you can also enter a bonus code in the registration form.

Making a deposit 

In order to facilitate making a deposit as much as possible, ComeOn offers a variety of 14 different payment options. However, this variety in payment options also leads to significant differences in minimum deposit values and can cause fees according to the respective option you go for. Always make sure you know the respective limits and fees before deciding on a payment option!

Here you can find information about the bookies bonus promotions.

Usability at comeon.com

One of the most important aspects of an online bookie page is the site’s usability. In online betting, time literally is money, and you don’t want to waste any of it just because the page doesn’t load quickly enough, or because the design is too unclear. With regard the design, ComeOn definitely tries to be a bit more innovative than its competitors. The main page already gives an indication of that. The visual appearance of the site is rather striking with flashy highlights on a dark background. The main header with the bookie’s logo appears in a natural wood look, which is fair enough on its own, but does not really fit in visually with the rest of the page. Furthermore, these detailed visual treats impede the page load time. In our opinion, the bookie should have dispensed with some of these superficial elements in order to improve the effectiveness of the site which is far more important than a sophisticated visual appearance.   

The main navigation bar divides the page content into sports betting, a live betting section, a casino and live casino, and section for poker.

The front page at ComeOn sportsbook is divided into three main areas. On the left-hand side, you can find the navigation bar for all the different kinds of sports and leagues respectively as well as for current and upcoming events. Furthermore, a stats and livescore feature is also provided right below the navigation bar on the left-hand side. At the centre, you can find the bookie’s main options such as in-play bets and current event highlights including the respective odds. The betting slip is located on the right-hand side of the page as well as advertisements for further offers and a plug in featuring the bookie’s latest tweets.

The betting slip itself is fairly straightforward and does not really require any further explanation. As soon as you click on the odds you want to go for, your bet will appear on the betting slip. Unfortunately, the long page load time can sometimes cause the site to hang, which can be annoying, especially when you want to bet on in-play action. 

Language selection at ComeOn

Considering the bookie’s youth, the language selection provided is fairly solid. However, in comparison to more prolific bookmakers in the business, ComeOn needs to up the ante, as the 7 languages provided definitely don’t do justice to the global betting market.

In the next section we will analyse the core competence of any bookie – the sportsbook and the betting options it offers. Let’s check what ComeOn can offer in that regard.

The sportsbook at comeon.com

The most important aspect, which needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a bookie, is the sportsbook and the depth of the offer as well as the range of betting options. A great variety of events and betting options allows you to implement your betting strategies and to efficiently put your knowledge to use. The sportsbook at ComeOn consists of 24 different kinds of sports, which should content everyone from novice bettors to expert punters. Within the different kinds of sports, the depth of the offer is also quite impressive as ComeOn offers a large number of leagues and cup competitions. For instance, you can bet on footballing events from 14 different league and cup competitions in England alone.

Betting options

In addition to the great range of events offered, ComeOn sportsbook also provides a considerable variety in betting options.

This aspect might be of special interest to pro bettors who use certain strategies (you can learn about these betting strategies at livetipsportal.com) as ComeOn does not only offer the most common betting options such as three way result bets, handicaps, and over/under bets, but also more sophisticated options such as Asian handicaps and a variety of combinations. Unfortunately, the bookie does not offer a sell-your-bet option, which is becoming increasingly popular among punters. The range of betting options for in-play action is similarly extensive. However, as mentioned above, the flashy design of the page can cause problems for punters who want to combine in-play bets. Besides the sportsbook, the bookie also offers a casino (including a live casino) and various games (including poker) to keep you happy in case you get tired of betting on sports.  

Another interesting feature provided by ComeOn is the bookie’s online shop where you can trade bonus points for credits or for free plays. You can gather bonus points by placing bets, validating your account, and registering. You even get bonus rewards for logging in on a daily basis.

Withdrawal at ComeOn

Once you have made some profit placing the right bets, you want to make sure to cash out your winnings. The process of cashing out at ComeOn is definitely a hassle-free and legitimate one. Although having entered the sports betting industry rather recently, the bookie provides all the usual payout options and guarantees the highest security standards. As far as reliability is concerned, we can therefore assure you that ComeOn is a legit option. Before you can withdraw money from your betting account, you need to confirm the phone number you have entered in the registration form. Once you’ve done that, you will receive a text message with a numerical code which you then have to enter in order to validate your identity. The bookie offers 6 different withdrawal options with minimum withdrawal limits of 20-40 €.

While the first steps of cashing out seem to be quite straightforward, the completion of the withdrawal is extremely complicated and cumbersome. While the minimum withdrawal limits are already fairly high, the account validation procedure is an absolute ordeal and might actually scare potential customers away. Before you can make your first withdrawal you are required to send a copy of your ID and credit card, a validation of your address (e.g. a bill), and a bank statement as well as a screenshot of your eWallet account (in case you opt for eWallet). While this might add to the bookie’s reputation in terms of reliability, we think that these measures are taking it way too far. 

Betting with the bookie’s mobile app

Since betting on mobile devices has become increasingly popular in recent times, we also offer detailed reviews of the bookmakers’ mobile apps at livetipsportal.com. Just click here for the ComeOn mobile betting app test to find all the relevant information.  

Our verdict on ComeOn sportsbook

Although the sports betting industry is a notoriously competitive business branch, there is still a significant number of new bookmakers appearing on the market and fighting to climb up the ranks. ComeOn is one of those new competitors, and the bookie tries to impress visually as well as on the content level.

With a solid sportsbook and a great variety in betting options, ComeOn definitely impressed us. The bookie’s sports and in-play offer will appeal to novice bettors as well as experienced punters, and we can fully recommend choosing this bookie in that regard.

However, the fancy design of the site comes at a price. You’ll need a good internet connection if you want to place bets on in-play events, and sometimes a combination of several in-play bets might be too much for the server to handle. Especially for types of sports where odds may change very quickly (tennis, for instance) this is an unacceptable situation, as the bet will be deleted from your betting slip in case the odds change before you can submit your bet. If you are a punter who likes to bet on in-play action with rapidly changing odds, ComeOn is thus completely impractical. Unfortunately, this major impediment as well as the bookie’s overly complicated withdrawal procedure left a bad taste in our mouth, and we feel like the bookie is its own worst enemy when it comes to fulfilling the full potential. A reduced design and a less problematic withdrawal policy would therefore really benefit the bookie as well as the customers.

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