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Whether while waiting for the bus or in the doctor’s waiting room, you have your smartphone with you. So why shouldn’t you make use of that time and dive into the exciting world of Interwetten to shorten your waiting time? So you can do so, the team of Interwetten developed its own application. Thanks to this app you are capable of placing your bets from your smartphone from everywhere around the world – given an internet connection. Due to the realization for many operating systems it does not matter whether the betting fan uses an Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

In this review we from Livetipsportal try to give you a thoughtful overview of the app and take you from the installation all the way to placing the bets.

Interwetten sportsbetting app

mobile Interwetten betting offer

Interwetten mobile app
Huge betting offer

The bookie’s desktop site review you can find in our Interwetten sportsbook review test.

Installation of the Interwetten mobile app

Before you can start the betting you have to install the app on your device. Interwetten developed their app for the biggest mobile operating systems on the market. Hence there are three different versions of the app. iPhone and iPad users can download and install the app straight from the App Store. For Windows Users the installation is as convenient as for iOS users – just download the app from the Windows Store.

For Android users it gets a little trickier. Since Google doesn’t allow real money games in their Play Store, the app has to be downloaded externally. We tried to document the installation process as detailed as possible for you.

The download works best directly from the mobile Interwetten website. You can reach the website by scanning the QR-code. Or you type into your phone’s browser and get to the page too. The website recognizes the mobile device and directs you to its mobile version.

To get to the download section of the site you have to scroll down to the bottom. In the footer you see “mobile offer”. By clicking on this button you reach the download page. Then click on “download app”. Since Interwetten is a very trustable site you can skip the warning and download the file. (If you download another file from another website, please consider these warnings)

After the download’s completion you have to install the app. Again the operating system tries to block you from “external sources”. To remove the block you have to allow the installation of not verified files in your phone’s settings.

As a last step you have to approve the app’s accesses and the installation can be completed.

After the successful installation of the Interwetten sports betting app we risk a first view at its design. The app seems very tidy and promises betting fun on your smartphone and tablet.

Mobile registration

For impulsive betters it is possible to set up an account on the new installed app. Therefore the app needs information about the user. Firstly you have to enter your personal details about your country, address, name and date of birth. Further you have to give an e-mail address, phone number, your preferred currency and a username as well as a password. After confirming the terms and conditions your account is successfully set up and you can start into your betting adventure.

Interwetten app registration form

Deposits into your account

If you want to be able to bet you need some money in your account. To fill it, Interwetten provides 11 of the most popular payment possibilities to revive your bankroll. In our test we tried to deposit money from our credit card where we could find a bug in the system where we weren’t able to type in our information via the virtual keyboard. We reported the bug to the customer service and we hope that the developer will fix the bug soon.

Log in and out

So that a frictionless handling of the app is possible, the log in and out has to be as simple as possible. You can find the log in button in the top right corner in the navigation bar where you can log in simply by entering your user name and password. Due to the sometimes slow and effortful entry of your information it is better to check the “stay logged in” box and you can start right away after visiting the website/app.

The log out is as easy as the log in. By clicking on the foldout menu bar you can see the logout button on the bottom to fully sign out.

Usability and impression of Interwetten’s mobile version

To ensure a good flow while betting and playing it is essential for the app to be well structured. In this instance the team of Interwetten did a really good job. They developed an app that orients itself to the desktop version. With its light design and yellow bars and buttons it made a very good first impression on us, since it appeals very clear and friendly – so it is also an eye candy for you while you can play your favorite betting strategies. (The most interesting and useful betting strategies that might lead you the way to the road of success can also be found here on Livetipsportal)

The navigation through the app works via 3 navigation bars. 2 of them can be unfolded from the navigation-header on the left. The header consists of the Interwetten logo button to unfold the 2 main bars, the betting slip display, your current balance and another button to unfold the navigation.

When you unfold the main navigation you can access “sports betting & casino” or “my account”. By clicking on “sports betting & casino” you reach the start page of Interwetten’s live offer, the sports betting mainpage and the casino. “My account” gives you a clear oversight of your account, your deposits and withdrawals, your inbox, open bets and a casino overview.

By clicking on the button on the right a pop-up menu opens and you have access to general information to Interwetten, the app’s setting and the log out button.

Place bets on your mobile

Now we come to the composition of the most fundamental function of the app: the betting. Interwetten’s app here convinces here with a good flow from the selection of the odd to the final placed bets. As an example, to bet on a game from the third league in Germany it takes us 5 clicks until we reached the favored odd. That is due to the rather complex navigation. Once you have internalized the search process the betting runs very smoothly also owing to the very fast application without long loading times.

Now we come to the finesses of the app. To place a bet you have to click on the odd of a specific event. When doing so you are asked whether you want to place the bet immediately or it should be added to the betting slip. Here please be cautious. If you choose to place the bet immediately the bet will be submitted without a confirmation page in between and right away.

When you add the bet to your betting slip it will be indicated on the top of the screen. This helps the user to keep a good overview of his bets and his picked games.

Interwetten apps livegames

Interwetten mobile betslip

Live games on the go!
Nice bet slip

The betting slip itself presents itself in a clear and straightforward design. You can choose if you want to submit a single bet, a multi bet or a system bet. Such things as “banks” can unfortunately not be found in the mobile version. To finish the bet you have to chose your preferred stake and submit it.

If you want to improve your betting game, check out our article about how to hedge a bet and how to place back & lay bets at betting exchanges.

The betting offer at the bookie’s mobile version

Apart from a fluent handling and a intuitive betting system a good betting app also has to offer a wide range of events. In the next paragraph you’ll find out if Interwetten can keep up with the offering of other bookies,

Interwetten’s portfolio with its 33 different kinds of sports offers a good range that should be sufficient for almost every sports fan. But it also convinces by its depth at some sports. E.g. football fans can bet as far down as the Bavarian Regionalliga. With this selection of sports Interwetten offers a good variation.

To get the best out of each event, the advanced bettor also needs ample betting possibilities at each event. This is where you have to deal with a small drawback at Interwetten. The app offers the basic 3-way bets, pre-set handicap bets and goal- and score bets, but Asian handicap bets as well as Scorecasts and Wincasts are missing. You can also not find the popular sell-your-bet option. For more advanced bettors this can pose a problem, although the average bettor might still have plenty of options. Hence we think that the sports betting app is a good starter app to get comfortable with online betting.

Unfortunately Interwetten’s live offer is also very thin. Here you can only choose between goal bets and a few variations of score bets. But for the thrill on the go this might just be fine. Thanks to its fast live betting, you can bet on your favored game on the bus ride and gain also small yields. Another nice feature are the statistics at the live games that help the bettor to better estimate the event.

Further, Interwetten’s mobile version brings along a mobile casino for another adrenaline kick.

Interwetten App odd
Experience great odds at Interwetten!

If you experience any problems with the app or have questions you can reach the customer support via telephone or its e-mail ticketing system.

Conclusion of the Interwetten mobile betting test report

Thanks to the new developed betting apps it is possible for us betting fans to experience thrills underway too. Also the well known bookie Interwetten has put a lot of effort into the development of their app, so they satisfy their customers’ needs. No matter whether they’re iPhone, Android or Windows users, Interwetten had thought about everyone.

With its fresh and inviting design and the quickness in its handling the app could accumulate many positive points. Even though the design with its two navigation bars needs a little bit of familiarization, the handling is very smooth. Another plus point is the low battery drain that guarantees a long-lasting betting fun even when you’re running low. Also the great offering of different sports might bring joy to every sports enthusiastic bettor.

On the negative side we have to list the thin offering of betting strategies. Here, Interwetten has to get a move on to keep up with the other online betting suppliers and to become more interesting to the more advanced bettors.

All in all, for beginners and sports interested bettors who seek serious betting action also underway, the app is definitely worth a try.

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