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Sports Betting Tips as a Basis of Successful Football Bets

In Europe, football is by far the most popular sport, so it is no surprise that it is also a big part of sports betting. That is why the focus of this site is sportsbetting and betting tips.

Our experts offer up their know-how, draw up current betting tips and give you insights into the world of football. They are specialists in their respective field and give an overview of different bookmakers, by comparing offers and publishing the best ones.

Betting is our passion, football our life and betting tips our purpose. We hand over our knowledge and experience in the field of sports betting to our user. The instincts for successful bets that we have developed over the years is why we are able to give informed and successful betting tips, such as the basics outlined below.

Learn the Basics and Some Strategies

As a punter or bettor, you must not dive in headfirst into the figurative betting pool. It will serve you well to learn the basics of betting. This includes learning the betting language, the different betting systems, and what certain outcomes mean. Doing this sets you up for success. You should know what arbitrage betting is, be able to explain handicapping, talk about low-risk multiples, how to use bonuses and free bets.

Therefore we’ll give you a deeper unterstanding of different kind of sportsbetting strategies.

Bet on a Budget

The same way you have budgets for other areas of your life, you should have one for betting too. You can set a daily, weekly, monthly, or even seasonal budget. This helps you to ascertain what money you can lose without losing sleep over. You can further break down your budget to the match days within the period your budget covers. For example, let’s say you have a monthly budget and there are four league and two champions league matches: that is six match rounds. Simply divide your budget by the number of rounds to get the budget for each round.

Have a Staking Plan

After deciding on a budget, the next step is to create a staking plan. A staking plan simply says that for every bet you are wagering, you are not wagering more than X amount, which is a very small percentage of your budget. So, let us say your budget is ‎€500 per month, your staking plan may be a maximum of 1%, which means you are not spending more than ‎€5 on any bet. Having a budget and a staking plan will ensure you do not end up chasing losses and force you to think about your bets since you know you do not have an endless pool of money.

Don’t Be All Over the Place

Chances are you watch many different sports, but the reality is you only follow one or two judiciously. While we are awash with many options to bet on, it is best to stick to the sports you actually follow. Even for a sport like football, there are too many leagues you could watch and bet on. Hence, it might be best to stick to three or four you follow closely. Bet builder sites can come in handy when you closely follow a team and you are already able to anticipate the course of a match (e.g. Team X tend to concede early on in a game but have a strong tendency to come back and draw or win that game, or Player X is highly likely to receive a card against Team B due to his personal history in that fixture).

Overcome Your Bias

Bias is harmful to betting. You know you are biased in your betting selection when your choices are guided by your emotions instead of the facts on the ground. Bias can manifest in different ways, in the team you support, your favourite sports star, etc. For example, it’s easy to say a team with five consecutive losses is going to lose their next match. But what if the team had changed their manager and a very important player returned from injury? These factors could tip the scale of the match. Always choose outcomes based on what is likely to be the result. In simple terms, research beyond the stats and recognize that context matters. Our experts make it possible to gain an overview of the enormous number of offers, because they include details such as injuries of important players and the mood in the line-up in their recommendations.

Choose Reliable Bookmakers

If you have ever shopped for a betting site to pitch your tent on, chances are that you are overwhelmed with the avalanche of betting sites that exists today. The truth is not all can serve your needs, while some are not reliable or safe. We have reviewed many reliable betting sites here on Livetipsportal. You can select from any of our recommendations. It is also advised to sign up with a few bookies because not all bookies are the same.

Betting in NigeriaBetting in KenyaBetting in Ghana

This allows you to take advantage of the many rewards and promotions they throw into the mix. Moreover, with our Livetipsportal surebet calculator you can easily find out your odds and since you already signed up with several bookies, you can make use of the best odds right when needed and as needed.

Keep a Calm Head

Whether you are winning or losing, it is important to keep things together and stick to your plan and budget. It is so easy to get carried away and overconfident when winning and end up losing everything. It is equally deflating when you are on a losing run. The key is to remain calm, tweak your processes, take a break, and re-energize. Do not get into that sunken place where you throw your plan out of the window and begin to act irrationally. Maintain your staking plan and do not increase it to make up for past losses.

Track Your Betting

There is a popular saying that “you cannot improve what you do not track.” By keeping records of your bets, you begin to learn what works for you and what does not. You can even pick up where your bias is and stop it as a result. Things you should record include the event you bet on, the odds attached to the outcome, the stake you wagered, the result of the bet, and the amount you earned. Making notes of these figures will also help you fine-tune your budget and staking plan.

Make Use of Livetipsportal’s Resources

The predictions from our experts are based on real information and research because we know that it is crucial to be able to refer to reliable information when betting.

Over the years, Livetipsportal.com has established a competent pool of experts, who support our users with betting tips. These include the English Premier League, the German National League, Champions League, European League, European Championship and the World Cup, among others such as the Primera Division and the Serie A.

They publish new football betting tips daily. These are built on solid research and have a very high percentage of correct predictions. We also offer sportsbetting news.