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Thanks to the wide reach of the internet sporting bets are booming and enjoying a rise in popularity. No wonder then that numerous online bet providers are jumping onto this trend, making the sporting bet market one of the most competitive niches around. To acquire new betters and keep existing ones, many bookmakers offer some type of betting bonus. To not lose track of all the offers it is advisable to compare bonuses, both for new users as well as experienced betters. Betting companies want to acquire new customers as well as keep old ones; this is why there are a number of different betting bonuses – welcome bonus, down payment bonus, football bet bonus, free bet, cash back bonus, etc. A sportsbetting promotion can also be seen as a chance to test a bookie. If you are not sure about sportsbook terms, check out our Livetipsportal betting glossary.


Welcome bonus promotions

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One popular type of a betting bonus promotion is the first payment bonus, where the user gets a bonus right after creating a profile and making the first payment. Even here the bonuses vary between bookmakers. Usually they offer a betting bonus of 100% or 50% between 50 and 200 Euro. There are number of other sportsbetting bonuses that are quite different, with the distinction being in the detail.

Here you can get a bonus comparison of the numerous offers from different bookies, so you can make an informed choice.

A more detailed description of the different betting promos can be found in the bookmakers reviews. We also tested different sports betting applications for you. Livetipsportal analyzed over 30 bookies and their betting bonuses in our bonus comparison and gives you all the pros and cons of the different offers. Find out everything you need to know about free bets and down payment bonus and make sportsbetting even more fun and profitable.