Betting Glossary

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1 2 X
Short term for Homevictory, Draw., Awayvictory


Account at a bookie on which you deposit money to place bets and in case of a profit to let the win pay out.

American odds
In America it is used that odds will be shown with a plus- or a minus-sign. Odds with a plus sign says how much you could win with a stake of 100 dollar. Did they odd shows a minus sign it means how much you have to place to earn a profit of 100 dollar.
Example: Odd +250
At a stake of 100 dollars, 250 dollars can be won.
Example: Odd -160
Means that on your stake of 160 Dollar you will achieve a 100 Dollar net profit.

Arbitrage bet
See also Sure Bets


The term Back is used on bet exchanges like betfair and means that you bet ON a result like you will bet at a bookie. The opposite to Back is Lay. Read more about back and lay betting.

Banker Bet
A banker bet is when you place a wager on a system bet/multibet with three or more choices whereby the most accurate prediction(s) are picked and that most accurate prediction is what is called a banker. So the banker choice covers your system bet, that you can combine a bit riskier tips with it. Read more about the daily banker tips

Bet Exchange
A Bet exchange works on the principle of a sport bet between to football fans who quarrels about the result of a coming game. If the 2 wan to bet on a result against each other, the bet exchange take the function of a trustee. For his given service the bet exchange takes normally a small commission on reached profits. the losing bettor lose his stake.In comparison of the odd-offer of classic bookies, at bet exchanges privat persons place their bets against each other and make the odds on which they accept a bet for themselve. Nearby it will be placed on a result (= back-bet) but also against a result (= lay-bet).
The most popular bet exchanges are:
Betfair – Mybet – Betsson

Bonus for registration
See also deposit bonus


Cash Back
Means a money-back guarantee and will always be given in percentage.
Examples for 20%:
If you lose your bet with stake of 100 €, you will get 20 € back.

Comeback Bonus
Bonus offered by a bookie to the customers which owns an account but did’nt bet for a long time.


Decimal odds
The decimal kind of odd description gains acceptance in wide parts of europe. Excluding Great-Britain!
Odd: 1,50
Stake: 100 Euro Net win: 1,5 x 100 – 100 = 50 Euro

Deposit bonus
If you deposit to an account at a bookie, normally you get a deposit bonus. This bonus is given only to a first deposit.
You deposit 100 € and receive a deposit bonus of 20%, 20€!
Bonus promotions overview

On this type of bet you can cover two game results. For example you bet on 1 or X and have a higher chance to win your bet. But most of the times the odd will be lower.



Fantasy Bet
With a Fantasy-Bet you get the possibility to place bets on football-matches, which are not taking place in reality. The two opponents facing each other at the Fantasy Bet are playing their real live games against totally other teams.

First deposit
Describes the first time deposit to a new opened bet account. This deposit will mostly be rewarded from the bookie with a deposit-bonus.

Free Bet
You receive from a bookie money to place and the stake wont take away from your account. If you win you got the complete profit to your account.


Goal bet
You bet on the team who scores the first goal. Also the result bet (exact result by goals) will be ceretainly named as goal bet.


Halftime | Fulltime
If you bet on halftime/result than you forecast halftime as well as result. It is not about to tip the exact result, but to forecast a 3way bet (1-2-X). Read a more detailed explanation of the Halftime/Fulltime betting strategy.





Last Minute Bet
At last minute bets you place your stake – as the name told – in the last moments before the event starts.

Lay’ is a current term at bet-exchanges and means that you will bet AGAINST a special event. So you will take the roll of a bookie and take bets from other bettors!
Read more

See also profit limit

Live bet
Livebets will be provided for sport events with TV braodcast. Here you bet a straight bet which are dependent on the game and standing. The odds changes during the game.

See also Liveticker

The liveticker is an important aid for all bettors. With the liveticker you can follow all games and competitions live on internet as the name tolds. So you can see the standings of your bet.

Longtime bet
A long time bet is a bet which won’t be decided in one day: bets on championship, win of Champions League, best goalgetter, Wimbledon winner.


Maximum stake
Nearly all bookies fix a maximum stake. Please pay attention to the terms of condition and the bet regulation of your bookie.

Minimum pay out
That’s the amount which has to be on the account of a bookie to let it pay out. The minimum pay out sum lies regular a little bit over the minimum deposit. This is caused by the cost of money transfers and by administrative overheads.

Minimum stake
Nearly all bookies requires a minimum limit for your bet. The height of this stake you find out at the terms of conditions and the bet regulations of your bookie.

Money Back
See also Cash Back

Money line betting
A bet for the win of one team in a game or a single player (tennis) or a horse in one race!


Betting glossary
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Odds determin the height of a bet profit. The amount of payout in case of a right tip figures out of a multiplication aof stake times odd. If you take off the stake from the payout you will se your net profit.

See also Odd

Odds comparison
Odds could be different from bookie to bookie. A comparison could be very useful. (See also Sure-Bets)
Find on an odd comparison for over 20 bookies.

Odds description
Decimal odds will be shown in form of “1,45”. Multiply your stake with this odd and you receive the sum of your profit. A little bit required used to is the amerincan odd description.

See also Under / Over


The Parley, also known as an accumulator or multiple bet. A multiple bet where two or more bets are chosen and all these selections must win for the accumulator to payout.

English term for bet tip.

At a place bet you don’t wager to the winner but you bet that a competitor will finish on a before fixed place. This bet you can find at all kind of tournaments or races.

Prize competition
A prize game is an offer to participate in a game where you can win some prizes.

The winnigs result from multiplying the stake by the odd of the succesful bet. Example: You bet on a home-victory (tip 1) at a odd of 2,1 and a stake of 100EUR. The profit will be 210EUR!

Profit limit
Some bookies don’t like if a bettor earns to much profit. If you win once a bigger sum than this will be no further problem and will not face negative consequences. But if you win constant than bookies could make up his mind that it could be a professional bettor who won’t lose for a long-term.
In this case some bookies reach for a limitation of the bettor. This means that the bettor is not allowed to place bet at any height, but have to accept a lower stake. For that reason bet exchanges like betfair will be more popular as there is no winning limit.

Profit margin
Bookies exist as all other companies from the profit margin, so the offered odds are lower than the right odds. That means that in comparison to fair odds the odds are lower. This is caused by the profit margin. For Example: Is a fair odd for a result at 2,0 and the profit margin of the bookie at 10% so the odd would be at 1,80. But it’s absolutely usual that the profit margin of a bookie is not separed even to all kind of sports.
The more popular a sport is the smaller the profit-margin will be. Why? Nearly all bookies offer odds for the most popular leagues (Premier-League, Primera Division). Due to the high competition in these sports the profit margin will be relatively low.

Some bookies provides bet credit as promotion, sometimes for newbies, sometimes also for their existing customers.
Possible Promotions are:
Free bet, competition, registration bonus, money back, refer-a-friend, reload bonus.

English term for a bettor



Refer a friend
At the most bookies you receive a bet credit if a new bettor registrate on you recommendation.

Reload Bonus
See also Comeback-Bonus

Result bet
A result bet is valid as won if you forecast the right result. The odds are very high on first sight. But if you look a little bit more exactly you will see that the bookies take a relatively high profit margin. This means that on long sight we advise you against specialising you on result bets.


Sport bet
A sport bet is the same like any other bet, but you will bet on sport events.

Sports bet board
A sportbet board is a virtual place to change and archive opinions, thoughts and experiences for the subject of betting.

Spread Betting
Spread Betting is the american term of handicaps.

The stake is the amount you will bet. If you win a bet, you get back your stake and additionally you receive a profit.

Straight Bet
A classic straight bet consist of a single bet on the result of single event.

Sure Bet are bets which will be assess different by single bookies. Skilful placing by a bettor on different results at different bookies wiht different stakes make it possible to earn a secure profit. Not only for Sure Bets, but also in general it recommends to run a bet account at different bookies to make use of various odds.
Read more about our surebet strategy

System bet
A system bet offers the possibility to summarize more tip-combinations to one bet and it’s a simplification of many combi bets. If all tips of a system bet are right, you win all bet of this system. But also if you have wrong tips there is still a winning chance because one or more tips could be right.
System 3/5 (3 out of 5): You place your bet of all possible 3-way combinations out of 5 games. Are all tips right so you will gain the maximum profit (that means 10 3-way combos). At one false tip you will win 4 of 10 bets. At 2 false tips there rest only 1 right bet.


Three-way bet
The 3way bet is the most simple bet on games which has three possible results. Classic example ist the typical football bet on Home-, Awayvictory or Draw!

Tip game
Tip games are first of all for fun. There are a lot of tip games in internet where you could measure your specialised knowledge for free.

A Tipster is a person who offers his own tips for free or a compensation. Meanwhile it’s not unusual that experienced tipster sell their picks to unexperienced bettors.

System bet contains three 2-way bets and one 3-way bet, so the 4 combination.

Two-way bet
A two-way bet describes a bet where you have only two possibilities of an ending. Examples for a two-way bet are winning bets on a tennis game or goal-bets on football.


See also Under / Over

Under / Over
Under/Over bets are most liked for football games, but were also offered for other sports. The typical Under/Over bet in football is Under 2,5 or Over 2,5 Goals. Did you place your bet on f.e. Under 2,5 and the game ends with less than 3 goals, you have won your bet. Are there more than 3 goals you will lose.
Under/Over bets are offered in many various kind of sport. Likely they were choosen for Base- or Basketballgames.


A Value Bet is a valueful sportbet with a too high odd which lies over the probability of the result. The height of the odd is here not important.


Winning strategy
A strategy is aimed for a longer term at reaching a advantageous position or target . In case of betting is the target the maximization of profit.



A system bet containing four games with 6 double-, four triple and 5 quadruplebets, this gives in total 11 bets.