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Banker of the Day

A risk bet always comes at the expense of losing a lot of money if things do not go as planned. This can be very serious stress when our clients think of wagering on sports events. Our team is now offering a chance for punters to have an effective betting strategy for every risk they decided to take on their favorite event from our recommended best-betting sites in Africa. This valuable remedy is called the Banker Predictions which will be released on daily banker tips pages on our site covering your most desired sports events.

The Banker of the day is fewer selected tips with 100% accuracy that is usually very useful when the punter has opted to wager on a single bet or multi-bet. This betting strategy covers all key betting markets found from a pool of our betting tips and this includes 1×2, Halftime/Fulltime, Over/Under Goals, Double Chance, Handicap, etc for any football match of your choice. The Banker bet of the day is not limited to just football matches instead it gives you diversity when you opt to use it in a System bet (combination bet) whereby one team or one-horse prediction is involved or whatever sports event which you wish to include in your multiple selections betting slip. In all cases, wagers can choose the banker bet directly in the bet slip whenever placing a system bet with an online bookmaker because it will indeed payout. As a result, a bettor considers the daily banker tips to be the pick with the best chance of beating bookmakers.

In order to get more insight into today’s football match prediction banker, please keep scrolling down this presentation as our sports expert has prepared full details on how it relates to the system bet/combination bet.

🏦 DAILY BANKER TIPS – 19th. Feb. to 25th Feb. 2024 🏦


  • Monday: Moreirense vs Sporting CP –> Sporting CP @ 1.40
  • Tuesday: Man City vs Brentford –> Man City @ 1.20
  • Wednesday: Liverpool vs Luton –> Liverpool @ 1.15
  • Thursday: Sporting CP vs Young Boys –> Sporting CP @ 1.30
  • Friday: Leverkusen vs Mainz –> Leverkusen @ 1.22
  • Saturday: Barcelona vs Getafe –> Barcelona @ 1.40
  • Sunday: Juventus vs Frosinone –> Juventus @ 1.33


  • Monday: Moreirense vs Sporting CP–> HT/FT, Sporting/Sporting @ 1.72
  • Tuesday: Man City vs Brentford –> HT/FT, Man City/Man City @ 1.49
  • Wednesday: Liverpool vs Luton –> HT/FT, Liverpool/Liverpool @ 1.43
  • Thursday: Al Hilal vs Sepahan –> HT/FT, Al Hilal/Al Hilal @ 1.44
  • Friday: Leverkusen vs Mainz –> HT/FT, Leverkusen/Leverkusen @ 1.48
  • Saturday: Rangers vs Hearts –> HT/FT, Rangers/Rangers @ 1.64
  • Sunday: Benfica vs Portimonense –> HT/FT, / Benfica/Benfica @ 1.34

Over/Under Goals

  • Monday: Everton vs Crystal Palace –> Under 3.5 Goals @ 1.28
  • Tuesday: PSV vs Dortmund –> Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.27
  • Wednesday: FC Porto vs Arsenal –> Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.29
  • Thursday: Rennes vs AC Milan –> Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.28
  • Friday: Real Sociedad vs Villarreal –> Under 3.5 Goals @ 1.32
  • Saturday: Granada vs Valencia –> Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.28
  • Sunday: PSG vs Rennes –> Over 1.5 Goals @ 1.27

Double Chance

  • Monday: Athletic Club vs Girona –> Athletic Club/Draw @ 1.26
  • Tuesday: Inter Milan vs Atletico Madrid –> Inter Milan/Draw @ 1.17
  • Wednesday: Napoli vs Barcelona –> Barcelona/Draw @ 1.40
  • Thursday: AS Roma vs Feyenoord –> AS Roma/Draw @ 1.30
  • Friday: Metz vs Lyon –> Lyon/Draw @ 1.20
  • Saturday: Man United vs Fulham –> Man United/Draw @ 1.14
  • Sunday: AC Milan vs Atalanta –> AC Milan/Draw @ 1.40


  • Monday: Everton vs Crystal Palace –> Handicap +1 Everton @ 1.26
  • Tuesday: Southampton vs Hull –> Handicap +1 Southampton @ 1.12
  • Wednesday: FC Porto vs Arsenal –> Handicap +1 Arsenal @ 1.14
  • Thursday: Bodo/Glimt vs Ajax –> Handicap +1 Bodo/Glimt @ 1.44
  • Friday: Real Sociedad vs Villarreal –> Handicap +1 Real Sociedad @ 1.18
  • Saturday: Almeria vs Atletico Madrid –> Handicap +1 Atletico Madrid @ 1.16
  • Sunday: Dortmund vs Hoffenheim –> Handicap +1 Dortmund @ 1.14


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What is a banker bet exactly?

A banker bet is when you place a wager on a system bet/multibet with three or more choices whereby the most accurate prediction(s) are picked and that most accurate prediction is what is called a banker. The only shortcoming of this strategy is that in case the banker is lost then the whole bet slip is lost too on the contrary if the banker is won then the whole ticket is marked as won. This implies a careful selection of daily banker tips is very crucial for collecting winning tickets when you choose the banker bet strategies. Then how do we wager on Banker bet?

In order to wager as the banker bet you can follow these listed potential 2 steps:

  • The first step is a selection of your desired events which can be either 3 or more selections just like the way you do selection in multiple selections. It is important that you switch your betting slip to the system betting option in order to select one or more banker tips (this means there are some bookmakers who lack this functionality by switching to the banker bet option).
  • Next, you can choose which of these events from your betting slip to be picked as banker bet priop to place your bet.

The following example can explain more how banker bets work.

Assume you have the following Premier League fixtures and you want to stake $10:

  • Leicester vs Southampton (@ 3.81)
  • Manchester City vs. Aston Villa (@ 1.19 )
  • Brentford vs Leeds (@ 2.98 )
  • Crystal Palace vs Manchester United (@ 3.15)

How will you create a banker bet from these fixtures?

  • First thing choose at least one really safe tip for your betslip. The other ones can be safe too, or just with a bit more risk (like we did in this example).
  • When these selection are successful into your betting slip now it will be the perfect time to convert the normal betting slip into a banker bet slip. This usually a special feature that is available in some bookmakers.
  • When the banker bet option is selected, the online bookmaker’s site might give a notifications that one of your selections must be set to be a banker and this will present you with a chance to choose which one in those selection you have in your slip to standout as your banker. Remember banker selection must not lose or else the entire slip is lost and for our case we have choose Manchester City win as our banker. If you are confident enough you can choose to add a second banker.
  • If you are satisfied with your selections then it is perfect time to place your bet.
  • Lastly your ticket is won only if the banker was successful won. In case the other selections are lost still the banker will waive your lost events in your ticket and automatically the ticket is won.
Frapapa betslip with banker tip
Man City Win agains Aston Villa (framed) is the banker tip!

Let’s take a close look at what your options are. We decided to go all in and back every possible option (Singles, Doubles, Trebles and 4). This way we have the highest chance of winning, but it’s also the most expensive way. Remember, option B (Man City Win) is our banker tip.

No. of tipsTips required to winTip combinations
1 Banker (Single)1BankerB
1 Banker + 1/33Banker + 1 otherB + A
B + C
B + D
1 Banker + 2/33Banker + 2 othersB + A + C
B + A + D
B + C + D
1 Banker + 3/31Banker + all othersA + B + C + D

If only the banker tip is correct, you just win the single bet. For all other combinations, at least one other tip has to be right in order for you to win. Here are the possible winnings (underneath the table) in our example:

StakeTip combinations
1 Banker (Single)₦500B
1 Banker + 1/3₦1500 (₦500 per tip)B + A
B + C
B + D
1 Banker + 2/3₦1500 (₦500 per tip)B + A + C
B + A + D
B + C + D
1 Banker + 3/3₦500A + B + C + D

Odds & Winnings:

Row 1:

1.19 x ₦500 = ₦595

Row 2:

1.19 x 3.81 = 4.53 x ₦500 = ₦2265
1.19 x 2.98 = 3.55 x ₦500 = ₦1775
1.19 x 3.15 = 3.75 x ₦500 = ₦1875

Row 3:

1.19 x 3.81 x 2.98 = 13.51 x ₦500 = ₦6755
1.19 x 3.81 x 3.15 = 14.28 x ₦500 = ₦7140
1.19 x 2.98 x 3.15 = 11.17 x ₦500 = ₦5585

Row 4:

3.81 x 1.19 x 2.98 x 3.15 = 42.56 x ₦500 = ₦21280

What’s the difference about a normal system bet and a banker bet?

A normal system bet is a permutation of football sports events whereby each arrangement always contains one Banker and they can range from 3 up to 8 sports events. This is an upgrade of an accumulator bet, because the chances of securing a win in a system bet have significantly improved contrary to an accumulator bet which compels all the events in a betting slip to be successful in order to get a return. The system bet is a popular sort of wager among punters who like to bet on sports like football and horse on a regular basis. However, punters are free to bet on any sport or betting market they choose. As the name indicates a system bet/combination bet will have numerous options for you to apply in your permutations.

System bet and banker bet both use banker in the selections but their main difference is that a normal system bet applies several arrangements of the events in one ticket and in every arrangement, the banker is added. Thus, the system bet collects several Banker bets and auto-arranges them in different ways to form several tickets for punters to wager.

The Banker bet and System bet, use the banker predictions as an insurance policy to win the tickets but they contrast in how they give out the winning tickets thus in systems bet you can lose several selections of events(remember every arrangement is having a banker) but still other arrangements are there to help you collect your winnings and this makes System bet to be a kind of strategy that is more effective compared to others as it gives the guarantee of not depending on fewer events for collecting winnings.

In order to learn more about how the system bet works, please go to our normal system bet page to get more insight into this. You also might wanna try the system bet calculator in order to check your chances and the possible winnings.

Banker bets and System bets are among the strategy which requires you to have the finest selection of events that is why our team of experts always make sure the selected daily banker tips pass the selections standard from our experienced football tipster in order to be posted on our site. The selection criterion is purely based on only choosing the analyzed tip(s) with the highest probability of winning while filtering out any events that might lead to the lost betting tickets.