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System bets calculator

System bets offer the possibility to play several bets on one betting slip. So even if not all your tips turn out to be correct, you can still win money.

Let’s have a look at an easy sample – the 2 of 3 system-bet. The possible winning-amount on your betslip always shows the maximum you can win. This of course only happens when all 3 tips are correct. The system-bet makes it possible to still win some money although only 2 of your 3 tips are correct.

With our betting calculators you can find out how much you can win with your bets and if it makes sense to play a system or yankee bet. Further more you can check the outcome of your betting slip in case not all tips are correct. If you are looking for a system bet calculator app, we developed one for alle devices, which is completely free. If you want to learn more about sports betting strategies, check out our section about it.