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More and more sportsbetting fans nowadays want to be up-to-date on football at all times. To the most of them it is not sufficient to see the livescores but they also want to pursue the live pictures of a game. Since the supply of live- and sportsbets is increasing it is getting more interesting to watch sport events on your desktop-pc, laptop, mobile or tablet without delay. Bwin Bookmaker livestreams offer a fine possibility, which we would like to bring closer to you in the following paragraphs.

Bwin bookmaker livestreams

Watch Livestreams at bookie Bwin
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Watching football livestreams at a sports betting provider is only one option of many, which we will describe. Legal streaming offers by free tv-channels only offer a small portion of the possible sports array. Often those offers only apply to the country where the channel is located. E.g. you can only watch the ARD-live videos in Germany or the ESPN-livestream in the UK.

There are also many providers who offer their service beyond the legal boundaries. You can easily find on the internet a large amount of illegal providers who do not have any license to broadcast games. So due to the legal consequences you might face and the often very low quality of their livestreams we highly advice you against those possibilities.

Bookies offer a good and low cost alternative. They often have a wide range of football livestreams at no cost. The only prerequisite is in most cases an existing account at those bookmakers. We take a look into the top bookies concerning the topic of live videos.


Bwin livestreram offer

Another bookie who offers a good bit of livestreams is Bwin. Bwin guarantees up to 100 different events out of 20 different sports. A big piece of the live streams is the international top Football Leagues. It only takes three easy steps to make a draft on the site’s livestreams offer. If you want to get more information about the betting site, here you can take a look at our Bwin bookmaker test.

Step 1: It requires an existing Bwin account to make use of the bookie’s livestreams. Hence you click on “Register Now” and follow the steps.

Step 2: As a second step you have to make a deposit of at least 10 Euro. This amount serves only to activate the account as you do not have to pay for any livestreams.

Watch Livestreams at bookie Bwin

Step 3: Once you are registered and signed in the entire live broadcasts of the international world of sports is at your disposal. Now you only have to pick the event you want to watch.

Legal online live video offers

Instead of watching illegal livestreams users have the possibility to resort to many alternate legal streams. There are many tv channels subject to public law who offer their livestreams on their websites. Those livestreams are, except from radio licence fees, generally free of charge. On the other hand, those channels are often strongly restricted. For example, sometimes you can only watch one game of the latest Champions League Round or only one game of the ongoing national league round.

Compared to this the offer by Sky is way more extensive. Above all the German Footballfans might appreciate the so-called Sky-Go package which includes many different leagues and cups. So you can follow livestreams from, for example, the German Bundesliga, the English Premier League or the Champions League. It is the relatively high costs in combination with the subscription to Sky which don’t make this offer so appealing anymore. Sky attracts customers by promoting cheap deals but those are only valid for a short time period after which the costs sometimes almost double. Furthermore, Sky customers are often committed to their subscription for years and a termination of the contract is only possible after a notice period of a few months.

Other legal football livestream hosts

Another good option for livestreams is Laola1.tv which is very famous in the German-speaking countries. Laola1.tv is a sports portal that shows videos of the Spanish Primera Division for free where highlight games like the Derbi Madrileno or the Clásico are broadcasted in HD. As a bonus you can also watch games from the second Spanish League, the Segunda Liga. Furthermore, Laola1.tv shows livestreams of the ice-hockey leagues from Germany (DEL), Austria (EBEL) and Russia (KHL).

One more interesting website for livestreams is Sportdigital TV. For only 1,99 € you can watch the most thrilling English Championship games and Captial One Cup games. It also shows the highlights of the Dutch Eredivisie and the Russian Premier Liga. Additionally, as there is an app for that you have the possibility to watch the games on your iPad as well.

How do livestreams on the internet work?

In general you can differentiate between peer-to-peer (P2P) and server-based techniques, where it is the latter that is mostly used by this time.

This is how P2P works: A centrally located server establishes a connection between two users and exchanges the data from one station to the other. The server does not get burdened with the data as it only transfers it.

The server-based alternative (streamingserver) works like that: The stream is sent from the producing station to a centrally-based server, which then distributes the stream over the internet. With the aid of this technique and big server capacities you can reach a very high-class streaming quality. One stream can be broadcasted to a big number of users at a time. That is why this technique is generally used with sports broadcasts.

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