System / Yankee bet

In our series about betting strategies we take a good look into the most interesting and most successful possibilities of sports bets. This article is about system or yankee bets which have been added to almost every betting provider’s portfolio and have become a steady component of the sports betting scene. Have fun with reading a short introduction to system betting in the lines below. If you are interested in this topic, you can use our Livetipsportal systembet calculator too.

What is a system bet?

System bets involve staking on multiple games at once, with higher potential of success and relatively minimal risks. Simply put, a system bet is a type of betting strategy wherein you only need a few of your selections to come through for you to win your stake. Normally, a System Bet can range from 3 to 8 selections. However, this type of betting is somewhat different from a multibet. In a multibet slip, you’re required to get all your selections correctly. In a system betting, the possibility of landing a win are very high as only a part of your picks are needed to profit from your stake.

In essence, the main difference between system bets and accumulator bet is that you can win a system bet even do not get all your selections correctly. For instance, in a system bet, you win something even if only two of your three predictions turn out to be successful.

System bets have become more and more popular throughout the last years. The main reason for this is that, different to accubets, you can also win when you don’t get every game/event/leg correct. This means the risk is a little lower than wagering on accumulator bets. To minimize their losses and limit the risk involved, bettors prefer to use system bets with (very) risky games. In this case, you can get some games wrong but still make profit because of the high odds.

Examples for system bet types

In the following paragraph we want to give you some examples and show you how the betting concept of system bets works and how you can calculate your winnings. Since there are almost endless possibilities for system bets like 2 out of 3, 4 out of 5, 7 out of 10, we focused on only 2 of the best-established systems.

2 out of 3 System Bet

Essentially, you will need to select the three events that you would like to stake on. As an example, let’s pick three games from the Premier League:

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal
Liverpool vs Manchester City
Brentford vs Chelsea

If you’re going with 1×2 market and you are backing Arsenalto win, odds 2.2), Manchester United (odds 2.3), and Chelsea(odds 1.9), the system gives you all the possible 2-bet combinations, and three betting series are displayed on the bet slip as shown here :

Bet 1: Arsenal Win (2.2) and Manchester United Win (2.3)
Bet 2: Arsenal Win (2.2) and Chelsea Win (1.9)
Bet 3: Manchester United Win (2.3) and Chelsea Win (1.9)

Say the matches have been played, and both Arsenal and Manchester United win but Chelsea loses, you will still earn something depending on the amount you staked.

Another example is the German Bundesliga: If you place your bets on wins of Eintracht Frankfurt (Odd 2.0), Hertha BSC (Odd 2.10) and 1899 Hoffenheim (Odd 1.90) the following pairs come up:

Bet 1: Win Frankfurt (2.0) and Win Hertha BSC (2.10)

Bet 2: Win Frankfurt (2.0) and Win 1899 Hoffenheim (1.90)

Bet 3: Win Hertha BSC (2.10) and Win 1899 Hoffenheim (1.90)

Let’s say that Frankfurt and Hertha BSC win but 1899 Hoffenheim draws. That brings us to the following outcome:

Bet 1: Win Frankfurt (2.0) and Win Hertha BSC (2.10) -> won

Bet 2: Win Frankfurt (2.0) and Win 1899 Hoffenheim (1.90) -> lost

Bet 3: Win Hertha BSC (2.10) and Win 1899 Hoffenheim (1.90) -> lost

If we had 10 Euro stake at each bet, so all in all 30 Euro, our winnings would be 42 Euro (10 x 2.1 x 2.0) and our clear profit would be 10 Euro (42 Euro minus 30 Euro).

2 out of 4 system bet

This is another example of a common system betting strategy. In this case it is most profitable to bet on high risk games. You can bet on total underdogs and still, with a little bit of luck, make good money. You bet on Wins of Freiburg (Odd 3.60), Werder Bremen (Odd 3.30), FC Schalke (Odd 2.25) und Hamburger SV (Odd 3.15). These are your System Bets:

Bet 1: Win Freiburg (3.60) and Win Bremen (3.30)

Bet 2: Win Freiburg (3.60) and Win Schalke (2.25)

Bet 3: Win Freiburg (3.60) and Win Hamburg (3.15)

Bet 4: Win Bremen (3.30) and Win Schalke (2.25)

Bet 5: Win Bremen (3.30) and Win Hamburg (3.15)

Bet 6: Win Hamburg (3.15) and Win Schalke (2.25)

A stake of 10 Euro on each bet would mean a 60 Euro overall stake. If it happens to Win Freiburg and Bremen you win Bet 1, which would yield 108.90 Euro (10 x 3.6 x 3.3). If Schalke takes home the 3 points as well you would win Bet 1, Bet 2 and Bet 4 and your winnings would be 274.05 Euro (10 x 3.6 x 3.3 + 10 x 3.6 x 2.25 + 10 x 3.3 x 2.25).

2 out of 3 system bets really pay off when you bet on underdogs at high odds and get a little lucky with those games.

Advantages of System bets

Like every betting strategy, System bets comes with certain risks and benefits. We’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits associated with using system bets:

  • A reasonably high chance of winning
  • Minimal risk involved
  • Variety of betting options to utilize
  • You’re sure of a return with only two correct predictions
  • More Adventurous Betting with Multiple Strategies

Disadvantages of System bets

With system bets, you’re more likely to earn some money, no matter how small. However, beyond the profit, there are a few downsides we should let you know about. Below are some of the disadvantages of system bets:

  • Sometimes, a big wagering budget is required
  • A bit complex for new bettors
  • Bonus funds can’t be used to wager in most cases

Can you make money with system bets?

On the one hand, since you minimize your risk, your chances of winning rise by a lot. On the other hand this strategy is only lucrative if the quotas are high and the stake is good enough. But with a little bit of fortune and a good guess of underdog wins you can rake in some good cash.

how to place a system bet at bwin

Another possibility is to add another “bank” to your system bet. You would include a leg that you are very sure to happen. But this “bank” shortens your system bet and makes out of a “2 out of 4”-bet a “2 out of 3”-bet. The advantage is that you can enhance your overall odd at your system bet. The disadvantage is, that if you lose your “bank” the whole system bet is lost.

Which sports are best for system bets?

System-bets are well-established at every sport – there is no real restriction. Nevertheless, system bets are especially interesting with football bets where the underdog often takes the win. If you take a look at the German Bundesliga there are many teams on the same level and sometimes the supposed underdogs are up for a pleasant surprise.

What else do you need to know?

If you’re just starting out you betting journey as an inexperienced punter, we understand that you might find the whole concept of system bets a bit hard to comprehend.

However, there are ways to navigate these challenges so that you can land big winnings. System bet calculators can be quite useful in helping you decide how much return you’re likely to earn from your stake. With this, you’d have an insight into whether staking on your game is worth the hassle.

In addition, if you’re looking to test your knowledge of other sports asides football, using system bet allows you to combine as many sports as you want into a single slip thereby increasing your chance of winning.

In fact, for advanced bettors, a system bet enables you to rejig your betting exploits with a variety of strategies. With this, you can mix and match various markets, depending on the sport and the games available. This will in turn help you strategize more intelligently

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