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Half time / full time betting

In this article, we introduce you to another interesting betting market which has become more and more popular in recent years. Half time / full time bets allow you to combine bets on 1×2 results at halftime and full time result. For instance, you can bet on draw at halftime and team A winner at full time.

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How does a half-time/full-time bet work?

A half-time/full-time bet is a combination of the classic 1×2 pre match three way bet and the half time 1×2 result bet. It belongs to the category of double bets or one-match combination bets/accas. The only difference is that with these markets, you bet on BOTH the 1×2 result at half-time as well as the result after the full-time whistle. This type of bet is very similar to scorecast and wincast betting. As you may know, a lot of bookies have improved their betting portfolio and added bet builder features, which allow for even more sophisticated one-match accumulator bets. This means you can bet on half time / full time results and combine them with goal scorer, scorecast, over/under bets and many more. Note: HT/FT betting tips are also included in our weekly newsletter! Sign up using the form below:

Important: A half-time/full-time bet is only successful if you predicted the half-time 1×2 result AND the full-time result correctly. However, bookies usually offer early cashout if you guessed the half time result correctly. The only preliminary condition of this bet is that the event has to be interrupted by a break.

Now a quick example of a bet and how the odds usually apply

The following table gives a visual overview of a half-time/full-time bet, and should help you to understand this betting strategy. The odds indicated in the table are realistic and show the differences between the 9 different outcomes of a game:

1/1home-team leadshome-team wins3,25
1/Xhome-team leadsdraw13,50
1/2home-team leadsaway-team wins28,25
X/1drawhome-team wins5,50
X/2drawaway-team wins10,25
2/1away-team leadshome-team wins23,50
2/Xaway-team leadsdraw13,75
2/2away-team leadsaway-team wins6,20

As a typical example we chose three bets from the English Premier League and decided on three different half-time/full-time bets.

The first bet is 2/1,where we bet on an Away-Team lead at half-time and a Home-Team win after 90 minutes. The second bet is as easy as it appears. We bet on a half-time Home-Team-Lead, and a Home-Team-Win at full-time – a classic 1/1-bet. In the third bet we guessed that the Home-Team would lead after 45 minutes, but in the end the two teams would draw.

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Melbet Halftime/Fulltime Premier League multibet
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Which sports are good for halftime/fulltime bets?

The popularity of this betting market applies to almost every sport. As mentioned earlier, as long as the games are separated into (at least) two periods, you can place a half time / full time bet.

Although football games are most frequently used for half time / full time betting combos, other sports like Rugby, American Football or Basketball have often been used for half-time/full-time bets. While ice hockey matches are separated into intervals of thirds, some betting sites also offer bets where you can wager on the result after the first and second third in combination with the result after the full game. In our sports betting tips section you also get information about half time full time tips.

Can you make money with halftime/fulltime betting concept?

These bets are most revered for their usually high odds. Bets on a team to lead at half-time but lose at full-time generally go hand in hand with odds between 20 to 30. To play half-time/full-time bets profitably, we suggest betting on clear favorites to lead at half time and after full time.

1xBet halftime/fulltime betslip
© 1xBet

As an example, look for games in which the favourite (Home-Team) display odds of about 1.50 to win. Then place two single bets (ideally at different bookies with the respective highest odds). In the first you bet on 1/1. That means you bet on a Home-Team-Lead after 45 minutes and a Home-Team-Win after 90 minutes. As a second bet place an X/1-wager where the half-time standing can be a Draw, but in the end the Home-Team or favorite gets the W. This is a fairly safe way to ensure high odds at a relatively low risk level.

You can probably recognise that this strategy is, as described, the most lucrative. This is because, even if you guess every third bet wrong, you will still obtain money due to the high odds of the half-time/full-time bets. You can also try half-time/full-time betting as a system or yankee bet.

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