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Scorecast / wincast

Scorecast and wincast bets have become increasingly popular over the last few years as they offer higher odds by combining two tips for the same match. While the arrival of bet builders has allowed betting fans to combine multiple bets in a one-game acca, scorecast and wincast bets are still highly popular and many bettors include them in their betting portfolio.

What are wincast and scorecast bets?

A wincast bet is a combination of two betting markets. Similar to the halftime/fulltime bet, you bet on two different events to occur in a match. Most commonly, you predict a potential goal scorer as well as the outcome of the game 1×2 (e.g. England win + Bellingham scores). Keep in mind that in this case the bookie can determine whether the goal scorer bet is anytime, first or last goal scorer. Overall, in a wincast bet, you only need to predict the three-way outcome and the goal scorer (potentially with first or last) correctly.

The scorecast bet is an enhanced version of the wincast and is also considered a double-bet. However, in a scorecast bet – as the name already implies – you need to guess the correct result in addition to the goal scorer. These bets are usually rewarded with very high odds, as correct score bets are quite difficult to predict correctly (see our bet365 screenshot below).

Examples of the wincast and scorecast betting system

Wincast: Let’s take a look at the wincast options for the North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur at bet365 (check out our bet365 bonus review here). The bet365 wincast options require you to bet on the 1st goal scorer as well as the 1×2 result of the game. You can choose the player as well as the outcome of the game via dropdown. Odds on display are for Bukayo Saka to score the first goal in the game and Arsenal win at the bottom of the screenshot.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Scorecast and wincast betting options
Scorecast and wincast betting options at bet365

You win your bet only when both events occur. If Saka scores first, but Arsenal fail to win, you lose the bet. You also lose the bet on the spot if another player scores the first goal of the game. However, if Arsenal take the lead with a Saka goal, you probably get a very solid offer for an early cashout.

Scorecast: Let’s look at the scorecast options for the same game in the bet365 App. The bookie offers two categories: Scorecast and Anytime Scorecast. As you can probably guess, in an Anytime Scorecast bet, you combine an anytime goal scorer bet with the correct end result, e.g. Saka to score anytime and draw 2-2. Odds for these bets are usually very high as you can see in the screenshot.

Can I place Wincast and Scorecast bets only on football matches?

Wincast and Scorecast bets are most commonly associated with football games. However, these betting markets are usually also available for other kinds of sports. For instance, in tennis you can bet on who wins the first game/set + who wins the whole match. Another good sport for wincast/scorecast strategies is ice-hockey. If you need help to find the best matches for score- and wincast bets just take a quick look at our betting tips section.

Can you make money with Wincast/Scorecast-Bets?

Wincast and especially scorecast bets offer very lucrative odds, but are quite risky. If you want to apply these betting strategies, take a look at the recent history of the competitors especially the head to head stats of the teams or players involved. Constant goal scorers are highly likely to keep up with their streak. Especially for games with clear favorites and high-scoring players, wincast bets can be a good way to increase winnings, e.g. Manchester City win and Haaland scores (first, last, anytime).

As far as scorecast bets are concerned we recommend extensive statistics research. For example, a study in 2014 showed that out of 2000 examined football games, a 1-1 draw was the most frequent end result followed by a 2-1 win of the home team.

In case you want to try these sports betting strategies keep in mind to play cautiously and to keep your stake a little lower. You can also combine your scorecast/wincast bets with double chance bets to get higher odds with a limited risk.

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