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Scorecast / wincast

Two terms that have come up during the last few months in the world of sports betting are the two of scorecast and wincast. How these two betting concepts work and how you can make good money with them we show you in the article below.

What are wincast and scorecast -bets?

A wincast bet belongs to the betting strategies of double-bets. Similar to the halftime/fulltime bet you bet on two different events during one game. In this case you try to predict a potential goal scorer as well as the outcome of the game. Notice that it is not important at what time your elect player scores the goal. The double-bet is only won if you guessed both events correctly.

The scorecast bet is an enhancement of the wincast-Bet and also counts as a double-bet. The only difference between those two strategies is that additionally to the scorer at a scorecast Bet you have to guess the exact result of the game right. So it is not enough to predict a Home-Team-Win, Away-Team-Win or Draw.

Examples for the wincast and scorecast betting system

Wincast: Let’s take a look at the Game Manchester United against Chelsea FC. Our Wincast-Bet would be Goal Rooney and Home-Team-Win. In other words we bet that Rooney scores (at least) one goal (it doesn’t matter in which minute) and Manchester United takes the 3 points with them.

You win your bet only when both events are correct. If Rooney scores but the teams draw your bet is lost. Your bet is also lost when Manchester United wins but Rooney does not at least score one goal.

Scorecast: Same game: Manchester United against Chelsea FC. We bet on Goal Rooney and 2-1 win for MUFC. Here apply the same rules as at the wincast. You only get your winnings if both events become true.

There are further modifications of these bets. As an example you can bet on “who scores the first goal” combined with a wincast or a scorecast sports bet. This is actually the one of most common modifications of this betting strategy. In our example you can see a Scorecast bet for an away game of VfL Wolfsburg where you bet on Kevin de Bruyne to score the first goal and on the correct score after 90 minutes:

scorecast betting example who scores first and correct score

Which sports are best for wincast/scorecast-Bets?

These betting strategies are best known for their appearance in football games from where they derived its origin. But nonetheless other sports are also very popular with wincasts and scorecasts. E.g. in tennis you can bet on who wins the first game and who wins the whole match. Another good sport for these strategies is ice-hockey. If you need help to find the best matches for score- and wincast bets just take a quick look at our sportsbetting tips section.

Can you make money with Wincast/Scorecast-Bets?

Wincast/scorecast-bets often feature very lucrative odds but also a relatively high risk. If you want to play these strategies take a look at the recent history of the competitors. Constant goal scorers are highly likely to keep up with their streak. But also keep in mind other key players who can score during tight games.

About the result: A study showed that out of 2000 examined football games it was a 1-1 Draw that appeared the most often. On a good second place ranks a 2-1 Home-Team-Win.

In case you want to try these sports betting strategies keep in mind to play cautiously and to keep your stake a little lower. You can also combine your scorecast/wincast bets with double chance bets to get higher odds with a limited risk.

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