Mozzartbet presents an exciting bonus program that can bring you huge rewards if you time your bets well. The Super Multi Bonus enables players to earn different percentage bonuses based on the time that they play. The bonus can be as low as 2% during normal time and rise up to 1.000% during happy hour. If you are playing at Mozzartbet shops, the Bonus 1.000% Happy Hour runs between 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. For those betting on the website or via SMS, happy hour is from 6:00 am to 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

How it works

To earn the bonuses, you need a multibet of at least 4 games during normal time or 3 games during happy hour. Each match in your multibet should have odds of 1.35 and above. The bonus system is based on the number of matches in your multibet. The bonus table counts the number of matches in terms of pairs, where a pair represents the number of matches on a bet slip.


Mozzartbet Super Multi Bonus up to 1000 percent
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During normal time, 5 pairs on your bet slip will earn you 2% bonus. For each pair you add to your bet slip, the percentage bonus increases, such that 8 pairs will earn you 10%, 10 pairs 15% like that up to 45+ pairs for 250% bonus. The percentage bonus is slightly higher if your picks do not contain any 3-way final outcome. Hence, 4 pairs will earn you 2%, 7 pairs 10%, 10 pairs 25%, up to 40+ pairs for 750% bonus.

During Happy Hour, 4 pairs will earn 2% and this increases, with 10 pairs earning 20%, 17-19 pairs 50%, 25-29 pairs 100%, and 45+ pairs 350%. If your picks do not contain any final outcome or 3-way bet, 3 pairs will earn you 2%, 11 pairs 50%, 14-15 pairs 100%, 30-34 pairs 500%, and 40+ pairs 1.000%. A comprehensive table on the bonus percentages is available on the bonus page at Mozzartbet and right here:


Mozzartbet Super Multi Bonus winning table
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The idea of bonus rewards is very exciting to customers and will encourage them to bet more so that they can enjoy bigger bonuses. The bonus is structured such that the more selections on your bet slip, the higher the bonus reward. Nevertheless, it is not easy to enjoy the maximum bonus due to the high number matches required.

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Bonus type

Combo Bonus

Minimum deposit




Maximum bonus

KES 9,999,999

Payment Methods

  • More
  • M-Pesa

Bonus code

no bonus code is required

Turnover requirements

Log into your Mozzart account and create a multi bet with at least 4 or more selections during normal time or at least 3 selections during happy hour. Ensure each selection has minimum odds of 1.35 or higher.

The more selections you have in your multibet the higher the bonus percentage you will earn. It starts with 2% for 5 selections during regular times to 45+ selections up to 250% or 4 selections if you don't include any final outcome or 3 way bet to 40+ selections up to 750%.

During the Happy Hour you can take part in the offer with 3 selections (without final outcome and 3 way bet) or 4 selections (all matches). The maximum bonus percentage goes up to 1000% with 40 or more selections (without final outcome and 3 way bet) or 350% with 45 or more selections (all matches).

Min. odd


Available in

  • Kenya


  • Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB)

Valid until



The Mozzartbet Bonus 1000 is a great offer that will see you take home bigger winnings from your multi bets. The requirements are simple and easy to fulfil – minimum 3 or 4 selections, minimum odds of 1.35. The higher you go the bigger will be your total returns when you win. Nevertheless, the number of games needed for maximum bonus are too many.

Pros and Cons

  • A huge bonus percentage of up to 1000%
  • Minimum odds of 1.35
  • Maximum bonus difficult to achieve


Create a multibet of at least 3 or more selections and place a bet during normal time or happy hour. Mozzartbet will then add you a corresponding percentage bonus calculated on your winnings.

So for example if you include 13 selections in your KES 3,000 betslip during the regular time without any final outcome and 3 way tip, the potential winnings would rise exactly 50%. Let's say the total odd is 20.0, you'd normally win KES 60,000 but because of the Mozzartbet super multibet boost it's KES 90,000.

Get your Bonus in 3 Steps

Step 1

Log into your Mozzartbet account and create an accumulator bet with at least 3 or more selections.

Step 2

Ensure each selection has minimum odds of 1.35 or higher.

Step 3

Your multibet winnings will earn a bonus corresponding with the number of selections in your multibet.