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Are you an enthusiastic sports betting fan that is is always looking the best odds like the early bird that catches the worm? Worry not. We’ve got you covered! If you are simply looking for the best prices for tomorrow’s games, we will help you out. In this section, you will get all the stats, odds, analysis and betting tips that will fulfil your needs.

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At you will always get a betting tip and recommendation from us for every match that is scheduled to play tomorrow. Are we doing guesswork? Nope. We know our stuff. We use an array of statistics from all the matches over the past few weeks to get an analysis of the results, the trends and the likely outcome of the matches in question. You will also find the corresponding odds offered by all the leading betting sites in Africa that you can place your bets with.

Let’s break it down for you to make it simpler to understand what we are on about. Now, assuming you are looking for information and recommendations for the next game in the 2nd German Bundesliga that is playing tomorrow. Like I mentioned before, we do have the odds for this match, and a betting tip ready for you. Team A versus Team B, we have the necessary information about tomorrow’s match within your reach. The game takes place on day X, at time X and in stadium X. In addition, we give you all the info about the current match day and the season.

Then we get down to business. Our betting tips are essentially premised on the statistics and odds. With our betting calculator you can easily calculate the odds of a match. On the one hand, you can take a quick look at the past results of both teams. For this we offer you a shape curve with the ten most recent games of both clubs. In addition, as a further service, we have a odds comparison for you with the 1X2 bet type in your repertoire. For this we offer you the best and most reputable betting providers and also show you their bonus offer. You want to tap on “Team A wins”, no problem. Bet365 has the best odds and you can also see the 100 percent deposit bonus up to 100 euros.

See, a lot of information and we haven’t even began properly dissecting our football games for tomorrow. If you need further help with your football tips for tomorrow, you just have to look around on our website. In our sports betting apps test you can find out which applications you can use for your tips. Let’s stick with our example Team A against Team B. Do you like to play over / under betting? That’s all good. In our fictional example, we determine for you that team A has played under 4.5 goals in nine of the past ten games, team B as well. The probability of another under 4.5 is therefore quite high and where there are the best odds for this outcome you can also see with us! More statistics? Well and good. We have double chance, 1X2, etc., we offer you in our soccer tomorrow section all odds and statistics for the next day’s games! All sports betting tips can be found here.


The heart of the betting tips tomorrow on Livetipsportal is the in-house betting index. With the help of this, we are able to analyze the last 10 games of the two teams. Opponents who come from a similar table region as the upcoming opponent are weighted more and home rights or away games are given a higher or lower weighting for the upcoming game depending on the starting position.

This gives us a probability for every betting opportunity in the football games tomorrow, just as the bookmakers actually calculate. The bookies then calculate their profit margin and then create their betting odds. They then adapt these to the betting behavior of the customers so that the stakes balance and the provider ends up winning with every result. Here is our chance to dust off so-called “value bets”. If many people bet on a supposed favorite, but for which the likelihood is not so high, the betting rate on the favorites drops and it increases to the draw or the outsider win. In addition, it may be that the bookie himself estimates the one or the other game somewhat differently and our index calculates a high value in an offered quota. In this case, value simply means that the ratio of probability to odds is good, so you can make more profit with less risk than with a balanced 50:50 bet with fairly determined odds. But of course, you always have to critically review our betting tips, because an automated system cannot always determine the ideal sports betting tip for every game.