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Football betting odds and statistics in 3 days

Did you know we have football games playing literally 365 days of the year? As a result, it is advisable to have a look at not just the games playing today but also the upcoming games. Odds are static – they are constantly moving either up or down. If you place a bet on a game that will play in three days’ time, you will get that the odds for the game are significantly much higher than the odds prior to kickoff. Granted, official team lineups are usually availed just before the game starts and you may probably feel inclined to wait and see who’s on the lineups because that supposedly helps you make a decision about the game. However, the odds around the time of kickoff are sometimes significantly different than the odds about 3 days to kickoff – especially for popular games that draw a lot of interest from punters. As a result, it is absolutely critical to keep an eye not just on today’s games but also upcoming ones. Look around and ask yourself, which games take place in 3 days? Who’s are the Favorites? Which bookmaker(s) offers the best odds for my tip? Which betting strategies are viable?


In our betting tips and analysis, you will find all the important information about selected games. We delve into the games and provide you all the relevant details relating to the game – analysis of past games, the current form and trends, information about players, all of which may have an effect on the team’s performance one way or another. Once all these factors are considered, we then proceed and recommend bet choice(s) from the game that offer you the best value and that have a high probability of winning. Our pool of experts also provides information and comparison between the different bookmakers, their odds, bonus promotions and other offers, payment methods etc. Our betting tips and articles provide a good overview of which teams or betting options are to be favored in the games in 3 days and most important explain WHY we go for such tips or predictions. Please note that our tips are by and large, personal assessment from our experts and they are provided in good faith. Of course, this is based on sound information, but ultimately you have the final choice whether to use them or not. You will also get in those articles, statistics from the past five games that you can also use to make a personal assessment and therefore make a personal decision on which event or betting option you will go for.