Last minute goal betting system

Another very thrilling betting strategy is the strategy of Last-Minute-Goals. Throughout the last few years this strategy has become more and more popular, especially to games where live bets are available. In the following lines we describe this interesting betting strategy and try to give a good example.

What is a Last-Minute-Goal betting strategy?

The clue is in the name – you place your bets at an advanced time of a game, e.g. in the last 10 minutes. The less time is remaining the higher are the odds! You can profit from the higher odds and bet that there is still going to be a goal scored. It happens often that the team that is behind has to put everything into the game and has to score a goal.

Another variation of the Last-Minute-Bet is to bet AGAINST a certain result of a game. The odd of the expected result decreases the further advanced the game is, but the other unsuspected results get higher odds.

Examples of Last-Minute bets

Imagine the Champions League Final going into overtime. It’s the 115th minute and there was no goal scored in the overtime. The odd of a Draw decreases to almost 1.0 but you can recall the option of a “lay”-bet. Now you bet AGAINST this Draw. In this article you can learn everything about back and lay betting.

Let’s say you bet 20 Euro AGAINST the Draw at an odd of 1.1 (“lay”-bet). Now you only have the maximum risk of 2 Euro (20 Euro times 1.1 – 20 Euro), if there is no goal anymore. But if someone scores a goal your profit will be 20 Euro. The risk/probability is 1:10 (either you lose 2 Euro or you win 20 Euro) as there are only two possible outcomes. Here’s the link for the Livetipsportal Lay-Odd-Calculator.

Can you make money with the Last-Minute-Goal betting system?

This strategy can offer you very high yields and also a lot of fun, especially when you’re watching the game live. If you take a look at the past football World Cup you can see that a lot of goals were scored in the last minutes of a game or even during extra time. The odds of a late goal are usually relatively high that is why you’re already able to earn a lot of money by only betting small amounts.

Which sports are the best for Last-Minute-Goal bets?

This strategy is often used in football games. Especially in football the result of a game is often very unsure until the end and a goal can be scored and received at any time. Since the implementation of the 3 points rule a Win is much more valuable than a Draw, which is why the teams always fight to score until the referee blows the final whistle. Even if the attacking team is not able to score, the odds of the defending team striking with counter attack is also very high. Please check out our betting strategy about how to hedge or cover a bet too.

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