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Our reviewers here at livetipsportal.com have put the online bookmaker bet365.com through its paces, and our detailed report will provide you with everything you need to know about the strengths and weaknesses of this online betting site with regard to deposit and withdrawal options, the betting experience, the scope of the sportsbook as offered by the bookie, the customer service, and the regulation of tax and levy contributions for customers. We hope that the experiences we gained in analysing this popular bookie will provide you with a concise yet profound overview, and a résumé that proves satisfying to all sports-mad bettors.

The British bookmaker bet365 is undoubtedly a household name. The company, which was originally established as early as 1974, stands for reliable betting entertainment, and many of the world’s top punters bank on the excellent offers provided by bet365 sportsbook. Therefore, this review focuses on vital aspects such as the ease of use in the sign-up process, the deposit and withdrawal options and restrictions, the sportsbook, the languages available and the scope of the site as well as the issue of usability and supplementary offers.

Bet365 sportsbook test

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Sign up at bet365.com

Before we can get down to business and enjoy the ultimate betting experience, we have to sign up at the bookie’s site. This early stage already sorts the wheat from the chaff in many cases. You get to the sign-up screen via a rather unflashy link which then opens a pop-up window – a process which is fairly common on this particular site. In order to successfully complete the sign-up process, the user then has to enter the customary data including country, name and title, the user’s date of birth, their complete address, e-mail address, username, and password. Furthermore, the user is obliged to give their phone number and an additional security number which serves an identification purpose in the customer service at bet365. Giving the address details turns out to be a slightly cumbersome task as it requires the additional ‘Find Address’ button in order to validate the user’s input.

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Making a deposit

In order to be able to finally start betting, you have to make a deposit into your bet365 account, and there are several ways of doing so. Besides the usual options such as payment via credit card, bank transfer, or ewallet systems which are available on most online betting sites, bet365 also accepts deposits made with PayPal. The deposit limits vary according to the respective manner of payment. The minimum deposit mostly ranges from 5 to 15 €. Interestingly enough, however, the limit for a bank transfer is extremely high at 200 €. Overall, there are 16 different ways of making a deposit at bet365.

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In order to stay on top of things when betting, it is vital to have a betting site that provides a solid overview in a flawless design. In terms of design, the web developers at bet365 seem to have chosen a rather unconventional path. They came up with a dynamic site, which makes effective use of the whole screen and is mainly covered in green and grey, thus creating a slightly darkish atmosphere. The navigation bar, which is located at the top of the screen, provides the direct links to the current events in the sportsbook as well as supplementary offers.

To ensure that customers will find their way when looking through the sportsbook at bet365, the site is equipped with a big navigation bar on the left-hand side that lists all different sports as well as supplementary offers. One can hardly fail using this simple yet effective manner of navigation, and this type of design has been successfully employed by other online bookmakers. The option to hide the sidebar which reduces the navigation bar to small icons indicating the respective kind of sports is a detailed and really cool feature. The website mainly uses Flash which makes it impossible to right-click, or to open new tabs, and hence a lot of the site’s content is managed by means of pop-up windows.

Overall, the front page is, unfortunately, rather confusing due to the fact that it offers a lot of information from live games to various upcoming highlights at once. It takes some time to get used to the scope of content. Once this learning period is over, however, the user will be quick to intuitively navigate through the vast sportsbook. Furthermore, the dark colouring of the homepage makes for a softer and hence more agreeable view than gaudier and flashier betting sites do.  

The betting itself takes place in the bet slip menu on the right-hand side which opens as soon as you choose to make your first bet. If you decide to place bets on several games, the site will offer you multiple bet options such as (Super)Yankee and Trixie (you can find explanations of these technical terms in our sports betting ABC), from which you can choose whatever suits your strategy best.

Another aspect to be highlighted is the fact that on the first try in our livetipsportal bookie test, it only took us three clicks to bet on a game that was not listed on the home page, due to the respective league being ranked lower. This is clearly an indication of how user-friendly bet365.com is. This high degree of usability is achieved by dispensation with larger images and a plain, no-nonsense design policy that allows the user to quickly navigate through the portal’s massive content.

The betting process works as follows: Firstly, you choose the odds you want to play at. Consequently, you choose from the various bet options on your bet slip before you finally enter the stake which you want to risk. As soon as you decide to place several bets, the bet slip will indicate the different bet options from which you get to choose your favourite one. Keep in mind that bet365 does not provide any e-mail or SMS notification system to inform you about the results on your bet slip.

Language selection

To guarantee customers across the globe a good betting experience, bet365 offers a great variety of languages. Punters from all over the world can choose from 14 languages in the language selection menu.

Let us now proceed to the most important part of our livetipsportal bookie review of bet365.com, the sportsbook and the range of events.

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One of the most important aspects in finding the best bookmaker, apart from the variety of options for making deposits and cashing out, is the range of events and options offered in the sportsbook. At bet365.com, the sportsbook is absolutely outstanding. Customers can choose from a seemingly inexhaustible variety of sports with countless events in all sorts of leagues. Especially when it comes to football, it is virtually impossible to miss a game as bet365.com offers almost every league in the sport. Fans of all different kinds of sports will thoroughly enjoy the betting experience as bet365 offers almost every form of competition you can punt on, from snooker to football. If you are searching for an odds calculator, here we go.

Overall, we can definitely assure you that the bet365 sportsbook leaves nothing to be desired.

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The bet365 sportsbook at a glance

The bet365 sportsbook is a true revelation to every passionate punter. To test the whole range of different bet options turns out to be an almost impossible task, and the sheer extent of the sportsbook offers the customer a great deal of entertainment and thrills 365 days a year. To keep up this entertainment level in the daily process of punting, bet365 offers a multitude of bet options. For instance, we were able to choose from 79(!) different bet options in a football match in the Austrian Bundesliga. With an offer like that, every customer is guaranteed to enjoy the best of experiences in betting.

Therefore, even the most proficient and versatile pro bettors will find ways and opportunities to implement their strategies. Besides the usual options such as full time result, correct score, double chance bet and over/under, bet365 also offers Asian Handicap Bets, scorecasts and wincast bets. All these options contribute to an excellent punting experience that really stands out in comparison to other bookmakers.

Furthermore, the increasingly popular sell-your-bet option is offered at bet365 and is referred to as ‘Cash-Out’.

The live in-play offer at this online bookie site is without equal. Any game can be predicted and dissected in real time and in a number of different ways in order to ultimately make the withdrawal as pleasurable as possible.

The minimum unit stake at bet365 is at a low 0,20 €, which guarantees a great deal of entertainment due to the many different ways in which you can place your bets.

Furthermore, the bookmaker offers a section on financials which is oriented and determined by the current stock market performance. This might be an additional appeal to adrenaline junkies as well as business students. Additionally, bet365 offers an online casino, a poker program, and various games and slots in the submenu ‘Vegas’.

Another great thing about bet365 sportsbook is the livestream feature (bet365 bookie live streams), which covers almost every game you can bet on. The livestream feature can be used as soon as your deposit has been received on your account, or if you have placed a bet within the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, you cannot view the livestream in full-screen mode and it is only available in a relatively low resolution. However, the sheer range of different livestreams compensates for these shortcomings and proves to be a great feature for all sports and betting aficionado.

A rather pedestrian result feature and live scores are also available on the site.  

To make sure that the customer is king at bet365, the customer service is available at all times via live chats, a toll-free hotline, a contact form system, and a special e-mail address for support. This broad range of support allows for quick answers and solutions to all sorts of questions and problems on short notice.


Every successful punter wants to withdraw their generated profits at some point and in the most feasible way possible. Bet365 offers 13 different options of withdrawal. The image below illustrates all options including maximum and minimum payout levels.

Tax regulation for German customers: Bettors from Germany have to pay 5% of their generated profit for tax revenue. In case of unsuccessful betting, bet365.com is obliged to pay the tax. For example: 100 € bet with odds 1/1 = 200 € actual profit – 5% tax = 190 € effective cashout

Betting with the bookmaker’s mobile app

Punters who don’t want to waste more time than necessary in front of a computer screen are able to place their bets using the latest mobile version of bet365.com.

Our conclusive review on bet365.com sportsbook

If you bank on the Brits at bet365, you can’t go wrong. However, you’ll find that a little experience in punting is certainly an advantage in using bet365 as your bookmaker, since the vast scope of the sportsbook might ask a little too much of a novice. However, once acquainted with the design of the site, you will see that going through the site’s massive content is actually fairly easy and enjoyable. Furthermore, bet365 is renowned for offering some of the best odds. The manifold bet options further allow you to implement one or several of our livetipsportal betting strategies and offer opportunities for you to establish yourself as a successful pro bettor in the long run.

In conclusion, based on our experiences with the bookie, we can state that bet365 is a fantastic bookmaker for sports-mad punters who appreciate a great variety of events and bet options. In addition, the live in-play offer is top class and the supplementary offers for the adrenaline rush in between add to that impression. After a fairly short learning period, you will realise that despite displaying a large number of events and options, bet365.com is neatly arranged and provides a good overview which does not leave much to be desired.

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The sole flaw we found is the use of Flash, which does not allow the user to open new tabs thus resulting in an inconveniently large number of pop-up windows that can sometimes become a bit obnoxious. However, this seems to be a small inconvenience outweighed heavily by the many advantages offered at bet365.


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