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Bet9ja Rewards: Level Up and Earn Cash

Get points with every bet you place and collect you cash reward bonus: Only at Bet9ja.

The Bet9ja Rewards promo is one of the many betting bonus promotions Bet9ja offers its customers. For every bet placed either via the sportsbook or the online casino, users earn points that will determine how many bonus cash rewards they win. This Bet9ja offer works in two parts: users build points by placing bets on sporting events or casino games to level up on the ranking scale; the points accrued can be redeemed. If you are not a Bet9ja costumer take a look at the Bet9ja Bonus for new costumers.

Bet9ja cash promo
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How the Ranking System Works

Everyone starts at the “Blue” rank which doesn’t affect the points users earn. For example, users require 10,000 to level up to the ‘Green’ rank where they can earn a 1.5X multiplier on the points earned per bet. So if a user places a bet and earns 50 points while on the ‘Green’ rank, the points recorded for them is 75 points (1.5 * 50). The highest rank available, ‘Diamond’ rank, requires 1 million points and has a 4X points multiplier.

Ranking system
Rank Multiplier Points required
Blue 1x
Starting Rank
Green 1.5x
Bronze 2x
Silver 2.5x
Gold 3x
Platinum 3.5x
Diamond 4x

However, each user’s rank is determined at the end of the month and will be the rank they begin the next month with. As an example, a user that earns 10,000 points in October, starts November in the ‘Green’ rank.


How the Points System Works

Each Bet9ja sportsbook bet a user plays earns them points, which is dependent on the number of selections on the ticket and the amount wagered. There’s a predetermined scale of how much users can earn per bet.

Earnings per Bet
Selections on Bet Points per 100 Naira stacked
1 to 2 1
3 to 4 2
5 to 8 3
9 to 13 5
14 to 20 7
21+ 10

From the above table, if a user wagers N500 on a bet with 14 to 20 events, they’ll earn 35 points (5*7) points, if they are still on the ‘Blue’ level. Assuming the same user is in the ‘Diamond’ rank, they’ll earn the 4X multiplier, giving them 140 points (35 * 4), instead. Users earn 1 point for every N200 they spend on casino games.

Turning Points into Rewards

There’s a Bet9ja bonus progress bar that players must meet every 7 days. The cash rewards are dependent on whether the user meets the minimum points required for the round they’re in or not. There are six rounds in total, each with its minimum points required and cash reward bonus. The first round requires 500 points to earn N100.

Bonus round level Points required Cash reward bonus
1 500
2 2.500
3 12.500
4 50.000
5 125.000
6 500.000

Every time a user meets the point required for a round, the bonus progress bar resets to ‘0’, but the user is leveled up. For example, user A gets 500 points to earn N100, the bar resets to ‘0’ and they have to get 2,500 points to earn N500 from the betting bonus promotion and also level up to round 3. Users, however, need to get at least 50% of the points required to stay in that round even if they don’t meet the total points requirement.

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