Super9ja: Win N10,000,000 with Bet9ja

How about a free-to-enter competition? Predict the correct score of six matches and scoop the Super9ja jackpot. Channel your inner crystal ball and win N10,000,000. Guaranteed Jackpots for Top 20 Players each round.

The Bet9ja sportsbook Super9ja promo is a free-to-enter competition with a weekly prize of ten million naira (N10,000,000) for successfully predicting the correct scores of six football matches. These football matches are provided by Bet9ja every week. Though it is free, you must register on the bookie before you can take part in the competition. In the current week the matches in play include:

Super9ja bet9ja prize game
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As you can see, all the selected matches are tough, and you may have to rely on football betting tips and research to add to your own intuition.

The Prize Structure

The jackpot of N10,000,000 is available to the person that correctly predicts the scores of the six matches. However, if two or more people hit the mark correctly, the jackpot will be split evenly between the number of people. There’s also an additional N265,000 up for grabs for people that score the highest number of points with their predictions; N100,000, goes to the first person, N50,000 to the second, N30,000 to the third, N20,000 to the fourth, N15,000 to the fifth, N7,500, N2,000, and N500 per person to those ranked 6th to 10th, 11th to 15th, and 16th to 20th.


The Points System

Besides the jackpot winner, the other 20 winners are determined by a points system. Each match has a maximum of ten points attached to it. You score the 10 maximum points when your prediction for one match is correct. If you do not get the correct score, but get the outcome of the match correctly, you earn 1 point. Aside from predicting the correct score, you are also required to predict the total number of goals that’ll be scored in all six matches. This part of the competition is used in the event of two players getting the same point.

Bet9ja score prediction super9ja
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How to play

The first step is to register on the Bet9ja sportsbook if you haven’t yet done so. You can read up on how to register with the bookie in our Bet9ja review and on earning Bet9ja bonus. After registering or logging into your account, click on the ‘Super9ja’ link on the top menu and click on the ‘Play Now’ button. The six games available for that week would be shown for you to enter your predictions. It is very easy to do. Once you’re done with your predictions, hit the ‘Submit your entry’ button to submit. You can always come back to edit your predictions before the start of the first match. Users can also win additional tries on the Super9ja promo by placing real bets. A N100 bet earns one extra try, while a N500 bet earns you two extra tries and N1000 earns three extra tries.

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