Hamabet Accumulation Promo: Triple your Initial Earnings

With the upcoming Champions League games its your chance to win. This Hamabet offer gives you the opportunity to triple your initial earnings.

Fortune they say favours the brave and Hamabet’s accumulation bonus is tailored for brave risk-takers who put many games on a single ticket. With this Hamabet bonus, the bigger the risk, the bigger the bonus. Punters can earn up to 200% on their Hamabet betting earnings.

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How does the accumulation bonus work?

First and foremost, the accumulation bonus is activated when five or more games are placed on a single ticket. Each game on the ticket must be at least 1.35 odds for it to count towards the accumulator bonus. For example, if you have a ticket with eight legs or games and two of the legs or games on the ticket are 1.2 odds and 1.3 odds, the number of games that will count towards the accumulator bonus is six. The more number of games on a ticket, the bigger the percentage bonus on offer up to 200%. The promo applies to all Hamabet sportsbook competitions and leagues, whether live or in-play, except for dog and horse racing.


Factors that affect the accumulation bonus

Additionally, games/legs like ‘Draw no bet’ (DNB) and ‘Asian handicap’ that result in partial wins or provide punters with a refund of their stakes, are not counted as games in the accumulator bonus. Again, if you played a ticket of 8 games with one DNB game, only seven games will count towards the accumulator bonus, provided the other seven games meet the minimum 1.35 odds requirement. Initiating a partial or full cashout while some of the games are still running also affects the accumulation bonus. The accumulation bonus accrued will be 890 – determined by the number of games that have been settled at the time of cashing out. Bets placed with free bets and Hamabet bonus from other promos do not qualify for the accumulation bonus. All other general Hamabet sportsbook terms and conditions also apply.

Games to add to Hamabet Betting Accumulators

The upcoming Champions League matches this week are some of the perfect games to put in your accumulator. Some of the games that stand out include Galatasaray versus Real Madrid, Olympiacos FC versus Bayern Munich, and SK Slavia Prague Versus Barcelona. In terms of betting tips, all the big guns are away and are well priced above 1.35 odds. While these may be relatively tough games, especially because they are away matches, Real Madrid, Bayern, and Barcelona all have the firepower to overcome these teams.

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