Hamabet’s Cash-Out Feature

You don't have to wait anymore: With the Hamabet Cash-out feature you can get your winnings at any time!

Previously, you would have had to wait till the end of the final leg on your accumulator to know if you’ve won something or not. These days, however, you can cash-out, if available, at any time. Hamabet is one of the many bookmakers that have adopted the cashout feature. Before diving into this feature, here’s a plug for our Hamabet review, covering all the details you need to know about the bookie.

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What Exactly does the Cash-Out Feature do?

The feature, when offered for a particular bet, allows you to end the bet and earn a stipulated amount before the last leg(s) on the ticket has/have been confirmed. You can use the feature to take a fraction of your winnings when you’re unsure of the outcome of the last leg(s), or you can minimize your loss and accept a value of less than the wagered stake. There are two kinds of cash-outs – partial and full cashout.

In the full cash-out option, you close the bet totally for an amount of money. In the partial cash-out option, you’re offered part of your bet for an amount of money, while the remaining part continues to run. For example, you stand the chance of winning NGN50,000 from a 4-leg bet. Assuming two of the legs have been won, you may be offered an NGN20,000 cash-out for the settled part and potential winnings of NGN20,000 for the pending games. Our Hamabet review shows if the bookie is reliable or not.


Does it work with the Hamabet Sports Bonus?

Currently, Hamabet only offers the full cash-out option and is available for pre-match and live bets. While the feature is available for all accumulator bets, it does not apply to system bets. It is also unavailable for Forecast/Tricast Bets. Once a bet has been cashed out, it no longer counts towards the rollover requirements for promotions offered by the bookie. Additionally, bets placed with Hamabet sports bonus cannot be cashed out.

Games You Can Use the Cash-Out Feature For

One trick with utilizing the cash-out feature is to expand the legs in your bet to games starting at different times. This will allow you to evaluate where you stand before each match starts. While you can still cash-out during a game, things can change pretty quickly and the cash-out may become unavailable. The upcoming Euro qualifiers are the perfect fit for this. Potential matches to bet on include Turkey vs. Iceland and England vs. Montenegro on Thursday 14th of November, Bosnia vs Italy on the 15th of November and Russia vs Belgium on the 16th of November. There are no limits on the number of odds on each leg, so feel free to choose the options that best work for you. You can review our sports betting tips to aid your decision-making.

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