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Hamabet Cut-One & Cut-Two Refund

Betting at Hamabet has its advantages: Even if your bet loses you can still win with the Cut-one & Cut-two refunds.

Hamabet seems to be the only one of the top bookmakers in Nigeria to offer both a cut-one and cut-two. That’s good news for punters who enjoy taking risks with 10 games or over on their betslip. The cut-one and cut-two refund promotions give you the chance to earn at least a part of your earnings, even if the bet loses.

Cut-One Refund

The cut-one refund comes into play if only one leg or game on your bet slip is lost in an accumulator bet. However, there are many caveats to this. For starters, the number of games on the bet slip must be at least 10. Also, only the games with odds of 1.45 and above will be counted towards the refund. So, for example, if you have 10 games on your ticket and only 9 have odds of 1.45 or above, your ticket will not qualify for the refund even if only one leg is lost. The minimum for a regular Hamabet sportsbook ticket is N50, but only bets wagered with at least N100 will qualify for the refund.

Hamabet accumulator refund
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Cut-two Refund

This is similar to the cut-one refund, except that it comes into play when only two legs or games on your bet slip are lost in an accumulator bet. The number of games on your ticket must also be at least 15. Also, only games with a minimum of 1.5 odds will count towards the refund. So, if you have 15 games on your ticket and one of the legs has less than 1.5 odds, your ticket will not be eligible for the refund. You must also wager at least N100 on the bet slip.


Other Terms and Conditions

Besides the already above-listed conditions, certain terms and conditions also apply. Bets placed with Hamabet bonus such as welcome bonus and recharge bonus invalidate the refund. However, other valid bonuses, as well as free bets, qualify for the refund promotion. The only condition attached to these bonuses/free bets is that they must be wagered at once on a single ticket. The games or the ticket can be from any sport and may be placed on pre-match or in-play events. However, only events within the regular time of play are eligible. If any game on the ticket becomes void for any reason, the cut-one and cut-two refund promotion is not invalidated. However, once you cash out on any ticket, the refund no longer comes into play. When your ticket meets all the conditions and requirements above and only one or two games cut your ticket, you will get 2.5% of your potential earnings up to a maximum of N30,000. Take a look at our sport betting tips for today.

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