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The ever expanding sports betting market is also reflected in the growing number of available betting applications for mobile devices. Especially for live betting, smart phones and tablets are immensely useful, and wherever you might be, any waiting time can be made a lot less boring when you have got the whole world of sports betting right in your pocket.

Like many other bookmakers, Mybet offers a mobile version of its online betting services. Therefore, we have analysed the bookie’s app in detail in order to offer you a comprehensive review of the official Mybet mobile version. If you’re interested in learning more about the Mybet sportsbook desktop version, just check out the respective review section at Livetipsportal.com.

Bet365 mobile App start screen

Don’t worry, this is not a black screen of death, but rather the bookie’s mobile start screen
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Installing the Mybet app

In order to get started, you don’t need to install any special software on your device, as Mybet has developed a mobile version of their established desktop bookie page, rather than a specific app. Therefore, the bookie’s services will work on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones without taking up any storage space on your phone or tablet.

To open the page, you can either use a QR-Code scanner, or simply type in the URL mybet.com in your smart phone web browser.

The browser will then automatically recognise the mobile page and asks you whether you want to access mybet.com via a smart phone version, or via the desktop version. If you choose the first over the latter, you will gain direct access to the mobile version of the bookie portal on your phone.

After having activated the mobile version, we were already impressed with the neat design that Mybet mobile provides. The mobile version is well-structured and it’s fairly easy to find one’s bearings at the first try. Since the design already looks quite promising, we are keen to find out whether the bookie’s mobile services can live up to our expectations.


Signing up with Mybet mobile

MyBet registration formBefore you can place your first bets, you need to set up your Mybet account by filling in the bookie’s online registration form. You can access the form by tapping the “Register” button at the header of the page which opens the registration form. The registration procedure is structured into two steps. To complete step one, you are asked to enter some specific account information such as your username, password, security question/answer, currency etc. For step two, you then need to give personal information, such as your full name, your date of birth, and your phone number as well as your physical address. This shouldn’t take longer than 2 or 3 minutes, after filling out all fields you can start with your mybet account.



Making deposits

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link that will verify your account. Having now accessed Mybet mobile as a registered user, you can make your first deposit into your new account in order to start betting straight away. Either you just follow the bookie’s instructions, as a prominently placed link will directly appear on your screen once you have accessed your Mybet mobile account for the first time, or you just tap the deposit button in the top right corner of the main page. As far as payment options are concerned, Mybet offers a great variety of different services. You can learn more about the various payment methods available by reading our detailed online bookie reviews at livetipsportal.com.


Login and logout with Mybet mobile

A good bookie offers smoothly operating services. As for mobile devices, this includes a hassle-free login and logout procedure. After a successful registration and verification of your account via email, you can easily log into Mybet mobile by entering your username and your password. Since typing in usernames and sophisticated passwords (Mybet requires you to enter a password that includes numbers, capital letters, and special characters) can be a bit cumbersome, especially on mobile devices, Mybet saves your username and password after your first login. This can be quite helpful, for instance, when you want to place a quick bet on a match in play.

If you want to log out, you just need to tap the respective button which appears at the top on the right when you open your account information. Additionally, you will automatically be logged out after reaching a certain time limit in which you have remained inactive. This is definitely a useful safety measure, especially for mobile devices.


Usability and design of the mobile version

In order to guarantee a smooth and problem-free betting experience on your mobile device, a bookie app needs to be extremely well-structured. The developers at Mybet have certainly made an effort for their customers in this respect. The mobile version is much more than just a mere extension of the established desktop version. As far as the visual appearance is concerned, the mobile version is designed in very bright colours, mostly in shades of light grey, blue, and green. The harmonious design definitely impressed us, so let’s check out whether the bookie’s mobile version can also score high in terms of usability.

mybet mobile menu

Mybet mobile offers all the aspects that an experienced smart phone user would expect. You can easily switch between the main menu, the sportsbook, and the bet slip via the respective buttons on the navigation bar which is expanded by tapping the triangle symbol at the bottom. The font size as well as the size of the buttons are quite user-friendly and make it easy to rapidly browse through the content.

The sportsbook section is structured into live events and upcoming top events. Furthermore, two navigation bars at the top allow you to switch between the various kinds of sports (football being the default selection) and between different leagues or competitions.

The mobile version offers events in 20 different sports, with the vast majority of those events in football. While we have certainly encountered more comprehensive sportsbooks, the offer at Mybet mobile is more than solid and certainly offers a great deal of excitement.

Information about the bookie’s contact services or terms of conditions can be accessed at the end of the starting page. You dont have to search for a specific page, just scroll down and all information will be shown:

mybet mobile odds

Betting with your mobile device

In this section we will inform you about the main purpose of the bookie app, namely the betting procedure per se. The whole process of finding events and placing bets on your favourites is quite straightforward. For instance, it only took us 4 steps to place a bet on a match in England’s U21 Premier League 2nd division, because of the very intuitive guiding system which lists all the various competitions available and ranks them according to popularity.

mybet app bet slipOnce you have tapped the odds of your choice, the navigation bar at the bottom will expand and a number above the bet slip button gives you an indication of how many bets you have placed so far. This is especially helpful when you need to review your options regarding combi bets.

Once you have selected the best odds, you can check your options on the bet slip. The bet slip is neatly arranged and quite straightforward to handle. It displays all your bets including the respective odds (including total odds) as well as the various bet types which are available for your selection. When you enter your stake, the bet slip will calculate your potential profit, so you can always keep track of the possible outcome. Since the bookie definitely wants to make sure you really place your bet, Mybet provides two buttons, one in the top right corner and one at the bottom of the bet slip, by which you can confirm and submit your bets. Overall, we were quite happy with the bet slip and the ease of use.

As for live betting, Mybet mobile also impressed us. Again, the odds go directly into the bet slip, and as you might know, this should be done rather quickly, as the odds can change at any time. Unfortunately, the mobile version of Mybet does not offer any statistical information about the live matches, so you might want to check whether you can get access to stats through other sources, or just go and watch the game in your favourite pub.


The Mybet mobile sportsbook

Let’s now turn to the most important aspect in our review: the sportsbook. Since a lot of bookies tend to offer a reduced version of their sportsbook for their mobile services, we were keen on testing whether Mybet offers a downgraded version of the desktop sportsbook, or the full betting experience.

Again, the bookie does not fail to deliver. Mybet offers the complete sportsbook on mobile devices. Therefore, you can enjoy the full betting experience wherever you are, which is extremely valuable for live betting.

While the sportsbook is, generally speaking, quite comprehensive, Mybet lacks variety in terms of different markets per game. Unfortunately, the bookie’s weaknesses in that regard have transferred from the desktop version to the mobile version. Mybet only offers common options such as three-way bets, halftime/fulltime betting, and default handicap bets (make sure you check out our strategy section dedicated to handicap bets) as well as over/under bets. More experienced punters will most certainly miss options such as Asian handicap bets and score- or wincasts.

Nonetheless, despite the lack of markets, the offer at Mybet mobile will surely satisfy the needs of novice and hobby bettors. As has been mentioned though, more experienced punters might have to look elsewhere for mobile betting.

In case you need a break from betting, Mybet also offers online casinos and poker rooms, if you want to gamble every now and then.

Customer support is provided through an email ticketing system. A live chat is not available for mobile devices.


Our verdict on the Mybet mobile app

We hope our review provided you with a good overview and all the information you need in case you are thinking about signing up with Mybet mobile. Overall, we can say that the developers at Mybet have done a really good job in making their services accessible on mobile devices. No matter whether you use an iPhone, an Android smartphone, or a windows phone, the mobile version is accessible from all devices.

As far as the design is concerned, we actually thought that the mobile version is an improvement compared to the established desktop version. Everything is neatly arranged, and it is super easy to find one’s bearings using Mybet mobile, mostly due to the main navigation bars which actually enhance the design rather than impede it.

Furthermore, the sportsbook is just as comprehensive in the mobile version as it is in the desktop version. You can select from a great variety of different sports and leagues or competitions.

One of the few negative aspects we encountered in our review was the lack of variety in terms of betting options. We missed more sophisticated options such as Asian handicaps and score- or wincasts.

Nonetheless, the Mybet mobile version definitely impressed us as far as overall performance is concerned, and testing it was a lot of fun. The comprehensive sportsbook allows for bets outside the mainstream, and is especially attractive to hobby punters who want to broaden their horizon in sports betting.

Don’t forget to check out and compare this bookie with others in our review sections to make sure that you sign up with none other than the best bookie(s)!

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