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With over 1,8 million customers worldwide, Betway is one of the leading companies in the sports betting industry. Besides sports betting, this British bookie also offers an online casino and poker.

Since its inception in 2006, Betway has grown significantly and has gained the reputation of being a reliable provider of sports betting and online casino games. The bookie’s range of offer comprises the most common kinds of sports such as football and handball as well as more exotic events, for instance, in chess or martial arts.

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Betway Homepage Startpage

Registration at betway.com

The cover page of the bookie’s website already leads the way to registration and offers you a 50 € sign-up bonus. You can either click on the ‘bet now’ button or on the ‘register’ link at the top on the right of your screen to get to the registration form.

It only requires three steps to set up your account at Betway online sportsbook. These include account information, personal details, and contact details. In the course of these steps you are asked to enter a username and a password as well as your name and address, your country, your date of birth, and your phone number. Before you are required to agree to the general terms and conditions, you can choose whether you want to receive any information material from Betway.

After you have successfully signed up, you will be redirected to the bookie’s main page. Additionally, you will receive a welcoming notification on your phone, which also includes information about the various offers at betway.com. 

Making a deposit

At the top on the right you can find information about your betting account and you can also see your account balance next to your username. Right next to your account balance, you will find a green button that will redirect you to the deposit form, which offers you a variety of payment options.

You can choose from all of these options. However, some of them set limits for minimum and maximum deposit values. You can click the various items for additional information about the respective deposit options and their minimum and maximum values. Further information, for instance, about withdrawal restrictions or restrictions with regard to your home country can also be elicited that way.


At first sight, the page looks a bit fussy and overcharged. After a short settling-in period, however, you will find that the site is actually well organised and neatly structured, and invites you to further explore the content. As far as colours are concerned, the page appears mainly in modern, darker shades with a few dashes of white and green which are used for emphasising special highlights or important links.  Overall, the design is fairly straightforward and hence quite agreeable to the eye.  

A slide show on the main page informs you about the most important sporting events of the day and the respective odds for these matches. 

The main navigation bar at the top includes links to the in-play offer, the bookie’s casino and various other games. To join the tables in the Betway poker rooms, you just need to click on the ‘poker’ button on the navigation bar in order to download the required software. The green underscore shows the area in which you currently browse (the default setting is ‘sport’).

On the left-hand side of your screen, you find a navigation bar for the various kinds of sports offered at Betway. A special, coloured button indicates which of the events are currently in play and available for live bets.

One of the main features of the navigation bar on the left is the time filter which allows you to assort all events offered according to the respective kick-off times. You can either set the time filter for current or upcoming events, for events within the next hour as well as for the next 4 or 24 hours. If you want to see all the events offered at Betway, irrespective of the daily schedule, you just need to click on ‘all events’.

If a game is scheduled outside the time frame that you have chosen, it will no longer appear on your screen. This immensely facilitates browsing through the sportsbook. Taking into account that Betway offers a great variety of fringe sports from Gealic football to bowling, the time filter feature is definitely a big plus.

The navigation bar further allows you to choose the country and the league in which you want to place bets. You have to keep in mind, however, that the time filter feature still applies to that, and matches in the league as chosen by you will only appear if they fit the time filter setting.

Once all the preliminary action has been taken, you can place your bet by clicking on the odds for the event you want to bet on. The odds of your choice will then be highlighted in green and your bet will appear on your bet slip in the top right-hand corner. After you have entered your stake value, you can decide whether you want to place a single or a combination bet.

Language selection 

Betway offers its services all around the world. Therefore, a great variety in languages is essential, and with a total of 15 different languages the bookie does not disappoint in that regard. Besides the more common options such as English, German, and French as well as Italian and Russian, Betway also offers Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish as well as Ukrainian and Polish. This clearly illustrates that the bookie’s focus lies on the European market.

The sportsbook and betting options at Betway

The bookie’s sportsbook is quite extensive as it does not only include a large number of different kinds of sports, but also offers a lot of different countries and competitions.

Especially football fans will appreciate the sportsbook at Betway as the offer of betting options is extremely rich. For instance, for a match in one of Europe’s top leagues or cup competitions as well as for internationals, Betway offers about 120 different betting options per event. These include standard three-way bets and single, double, and combination bets as well as well as more sophisticated options such as over/under bets for results, or score- and wincasts or head to head bettings.

In addition to the manifold betting options, Betway provides useful information and extensive stats for each event. It just takes one click to retrieve all the data about the teams or players involved that you need to make up your mind. If you are interested in betting strategies, we recommend to you to read our article about the last minute goal betting strategy. An other important thing in the field of sportsbetting is to know everything about back & lay betting.

Unfortunately, lay bets are yet to come at Betway, but we assume that the bookie will add this option sooner or later, as it becomes increasingly popular among punters.

The minimum unit stake at Betway is just one cent, so you basically don’t have any restrictions in that regard.

Our review on Betway sportsbook

The bookie really impressed us with its top-notch design and a first-class sportsbook! Furthermore, the list of the various kinds of sports and the time filter feature facilitate the browsing significantly. Making a deposit at Betway is fairly straightforward, so you can get to betting right away. Another massive bonus feature is the number of betting options and the extensive statistics section, especially for crunch meetings. However, the bookie does not neglect its offers for fringe sports, and also provides a great variety of events in that regard. The in-play offer at Betway was also quite impressive and definitely offers something for everyone.

Unfortunately, the scope of the sportsbook is so extensive that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the events on which you actually want to place your bets. Especially if you have selected a number of different sports or leagues in the navigation bar, it can be a bit tricky to find your bearings. However that’s just a very small minus.

Of course we also tested the Betway mobile betting app.

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