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1xbet Insurance: Never Lose your Money Again

Are you tired of losing your money while betting? Take a look at the betting insurance offered by 1xbet.

As the popular saying goes, “only two things are certain: death and taxes”; that’s why irrespective of the sport betting tips you have, winning is never a given. However, what if there’s a way to still have your wager amount even if your bet loses? Well, that’s where 1xbet Insurance promo comes in. It allows you to safeguard your wager amount for a small premium.

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How does 1xbet insurance work?

In simple terms, you recoup the insured part of your bet, even if it loses. For example, when you place a bet of €20 on a 1.8 odds game and insure 50% of your stake; if the bet loses, you’re refunded €10. However, if you insure 100% of your wager, you get back €20, if the bet loses. In the aforementioned instance, the 100% insurance may cost €10. Therefore, cumulatively, you’re debited €30. Should your bet win, you will receive €36 instead.

The insurance fee for each game is different and is dependent on the real-time odds of the event or game you’re insuring. 1xbet insurance is perfect for risk-averse bettors and works for both single and accumulator bets. You can also buy multiple insurances for the same game, let’s say 10% first, and then another 40%, and so on, but the total insurance bought cannot exceed 100% of your stake. The insurance scheme doesn’t apply to bets placed with the 1xbet bonus that you’ve earned. Our 1xBet also delves into the other promotions on offer as well as how to register and claim your welcome 1xbet bonus. You can check that out here.

What types of games can I play it on?

As mentioned above, 1xbet insurance is perfect for risk-averse bettors and can embolden them to place bets on games they would otherwise overlook in the past. Let’s take a hypothetical Manchester United versus Liverpool matchup as an example. Although Liverpool comes into the match as heavy favourites, having won all their Premier League matches so far this season, rival matches of this magnitude don’t often go as planned and can go either way. More so when the game comes up after an extended international break. You can back either team with more confidence knowing that, in the worst-case scenario, you only get to lose your insurance premium and not your wager amount.