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Betway 4 to Score: Predict Goalscorers and Win NGN1,000,000

Every week Betway picks four games. If you are able to predict the first goal in these matches you can win NGN1,000,000 and up to NGN3,500,000. And the best part is: The Betway 4 to score promo is free to enter.

If you have a hunch for predicting the first goal scorers in football matches, even without sports betting tips, then Betway’s 4 to Score promo is the right offer to flex your prediction muscle. What if I don’t have a knack for predicting goal scorers? Well, the promo is free, so there’s no harm in trying just for the fun of it. You never know, you might just be the winner of at least NGN1,000,000 every week, and up to NGN3,500,000 on some other weeks (more on that anon). The entry requirement is to have a Betway account. If you’re still unsure if you should join the bookie, you can read our Betway sportsbook review for everything you need to know about the bookmaker.

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How Does the Betway 4 To Score Work?

It’s very simple – you select the first goal scorers in four matches provided by Betway. And that’s all. You can play the game on Betway betting app from your mobile device too. Every registered account on the bookie is entitled to one entry. However, there are provisions for users to earn extra entries in the competition.

Every week, the default prize is NGN1,000,000. However, should there be no winner on a particular week, the winning prize is rolled over to the next week, with an additional NGN500,000. The money is still rolled over if no winner emerges, to a maximum of NGN3,500,000.


Betway 4 To Score – Terms and Conditions

As noted above, the competition is free to enter and you have 1 entry per registered account. However, Betway provides each user with a chance to earn more entries by meeting weekly targets per round. Each target varies according to each account holder, and is dependent on the number of settled bets the user completes every week prior to the start of any of the four matches. This weeks matches are:

  • Chelsea – West Ham United
  • Southampton – Watford
  • Norwich City – Arsenal
  • Leicester City – Everton

You can find the requirements when you open the 4 To Score interface on Betway betting app or on desktop. All additional entries must be entered before the matches begin and cannot be rolled over to the following week. Settled bets, as a result of cashout, will not count towards the requirements. All entries must be placed at least one minute before the first kick-off of the earliest match of each round in order to qualify as a valid entry. If the first goal in a match is an own goal, the next goalscorer, if any, will be deemed the first goalscorer.

What if there is more than one winner?

First and foremost, the competition runs across six African countries: Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Zambia. That is, there is only one winning pot for users across these countries. So, if there are two or more winners, the winning pot will be shared between the winners across these countries. Don’t forget to look through our sports betting tips for betting inspirations.

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