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cloudbet first deposit bonus

Cloudbet First deposit bonus

Cloudbet first deposit bonus of up to mBT 5,000 is perhaps one of the biggest in the world. At present value (October 2019), that’s about $41,000. Of course, the first step in the process is to register a profile on Cloudbet. After registering, the next step is to deposit funds into your account. On Cloudbet, the minimum deposit that qualifies for the bonus is mBT 10, just over $80. Cloudbet matches the deposit you’ve made up to mBT 5,000, which you can use for Cloudbet sportsbook betting or play in the casino.

type of bonus

First deposit bonus

minimum deposit

mBT 10



maximum pay out ammount

mBT 5,000

Bonus Code

no bonus code needed

pay out conditions

Cloudbet’s terms and conditions for its first deposit bonus is quite different from the regular. First and foremost, the whole bonus amount is not credited immediately but in quantities of mBT 10. To earn each mBT 10, you must collect 800 loyal points. You earn loyalty points every time you place a sports bet or play any of the casino games on offer. All users have a year to earn all the first deposit bonuses. For example, if your first deposit was 2 BTC, you have 365 days to earn increments of mBT 10 up to a total of 2 BTC before the opportunity disappears.

minimum odd


validity range

Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria

valid until



Cloudbet offers one of the biggest welcome bonuses in the business. However, as explained above, earning the entire welcome bonus is dependent on being a loyal and consistent player.



Every time you place bets and play casino games, you earn loyalty points. Loyalty points are calculated based on the size of the bet, as well as your price score, which is dependent on the number of odds on the bet slip. For Cloudbet betting, loyalty points are calculated as follows:

Loyalty points = Converted stake * price score

Converted stake converts the wager placed to mBTC (MilliBit) by multiplying the BTC value by 1,000. Price score, on the other hand, is the square root of the number of odds minus 1. The maximum price score is 1. So a bet of 0.05 BTC on 3 odds will give:
  • Converted stake: 0.05BTC * 1000 = 50 mBTC
  • Price score: square root of 3 = 1.73 - 1 = 0.73
  • Loyalty Points: 0.73 * 50 = 36.5 loyalty points

Loyalty points for casino games are calculated using a different formula [ConvertedStake * 0.008×(100−RTP)]. Each casino game is assigned different points, e.g “Live Roulette earns 0.216 points, European Blackjack earns 0.049 points, and The Slotfather earns 0.345 points.”

Once you meet the 800 points threshold, your account is credited with the mBT 10 and you begin building the points again to earn the next mBT 10 BTC, till you make the entire welcome bonus. You can view our Cloudbet betting bookie review, to learn more about the bookie and the scope of betting options available to punters.

Bonus Claim Steps

Step 1

Register on Cloudbet. You can follow the registration steps in our Cloudbet betting review. It’s easy and straightforward.

Step 2

Make a minimum deposit of mBT 10.

Step 3

Start placing bets to earn loyalty points.