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Head to Head bets

In addition to a little luck, a successful bet can also be based on an intelligent betting strategy. In any case, you can increase your chances with a suitable betting system. What that is, of course, depends first and foremost on what you want to bet on. One betting strategy that has always been very popular is the head-to-head bet. Here we show you exactly what it is, where it originated and where it is most effective.

What is a head to head (H2H) bet?

The concept of a head to head bet has its origins in horse racing in England. In a Head to Head bet, the comparison is exclusively drawn between two competitors. The performance of all other competitors is irrelevant. In a football H2H bet, a 3-way or multi-way bet becomes a 2-way bet. For example, if you want to bet on a winner, a draw is eliminated. A 1/X/2 bet becomes a 1/2 bet. Either team A wins or team B. In the event of a draw, the bet is cancelled and you get your stake back. In principle, there are only two possible outcomes for an H2H bet. You decide in favour of one of these two options.

For which sports the head to head strategy is particularly suitable?

Head to Head bets are of particular interest for individual sports, and especially in any form of racing, specifically in motor sports. Be it Formula 1, Moto GP or any other car- and motor sports, Head to Head bets offer a broad variety of possibilities on ways to place a bet. In most of the motor sports, like Formula 1, Head to Head bets offer two types of bets – you can either bet on the team (team-H2H-bet) or on the individual driver. But tennis or ski races are also always very popular during the season. Of course, H2H bets are also very appealing in team sports such as handball or football. Find our football solo predictions here.

There are also long-term Head-to-Head bets. You can bet on whether a team collects more points throughout the season than another, or whether a player scores more goals than the other. The Head to Head tips are a very simple type of bet, which is especially useful for newcomers. For our new users we also have an interesting article about safe- or surebets.

Examples for head to head bets

We have captured several H2H bets for the Champions League football match between Galatasaray Istanbul and Manchester United in a screenshot for you. We recorded this at bet365. You can also find these and other Head to Head bets at all other betting sites in Africa. This screenshot only shows special bets. The mother of all football H2H bets is of course the classic “To Win” bet. The decisive factor here is that you increase the odds of winning, as there are only two possible outcomes. Yes or No? Team A or Team B?

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more examples:

Formula 1: Hamilton or Leclerc? Which driver achieves the better placement?

Football: Jude Bellingham or Antoine Griezmann? Who is going to score more goals throughout the La Liga season?

Tennis: Carlos Alcaraz or Novak Djokovic? Which tennis star is first to fail in the tournament?

Can you earn money with head to head bets?

Yes, of course you can. Unlike a scorebet or halftime/fulltime bet, there are only two possible outcomes for a head to head bet. This keeps the risk at a quite manageable range. A possible disadvantage are the often relativly low odds associated with head to head bets. But as you can see above – not always.

However, anyone who possesses extensive knowledge in a respective sport, can also place their bets on riskier alternatives with the chance of higher odds and more money. Also Head to Head bets are great for cheer and excitement, because, what is more exciting than betting on a Champions League Match and then watching it live? If you are looking for a new way to bet, you should check out our article about lucky 15 bets.

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