Lucky Fifteen betting system

In our section betting strategies we introduce you to a variety of different betting systems and betting concepts. We show you how those systems work and how you can play them profitably. The topic of this article is a new trend we came across a short time ago: the Lucky 15 bet. This strategy is a derivative from the common yankee betting form.

What is Lucky 15?

In general the Lucky 15 bet belongs to the group of system bets. For a Lucky 15 bet you have to find 4 games you want to bet on. With those 4 games you have to build 15 different bets: 4 single bets (1 on each game), 6 doubles, 4 trebles (which are 4 accumulator bets with 3 matches) and 1 quady. Altogether 15 different bets as you can see in the list below:

4 single bets

Bet 1: Team A
Bet 2: Team B
Bet 3: Team C
Bet 4: Team D

6 doubles (two-leg multi)

Bet 5: Team A and Team B
Bet 6: Team A and Team C
Bet 7: Team A and Team D
Bet 8: Team B and Team C
Bet 9: Team B and Team D
Bet 10: Team C and Team D

4 trebles (three-leg multi)

Bet 11: Team A / Team B / Team C
Bet 12: Team A / Team B / Team D
Bet 13: Team A / Team C / Team D
Bet 14: Team B / Team C / Team D

1 quady (four-leg multi)

Bet 15: Team A / Team B / Team C / Team D

The only difference to a yankee bet is that the four single bets are added. All in all you bet 15 bets with any stake although we suggest being it the same stake for all the bets.

Of course, you only win all 15 bets if all your favored teams win their games. If only 1 team wins you win 1 bet. If two teams (e.g. A and B) win you win Bets 1, 2 and 5. If three teams (e.g. A, B and C) win you win Bets 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 11.

Can you make money with Lucky 15 bets?

Of course you can earn good money with this strategy. But to make money with only guessing 1 game right the odd of that game as to be 15.0. By this time many book-maker already offer system bets like the Lucky 15. Besides Tipico, Bet365 or Bwin you can find Lucky 15 bets in the other well assorted bookmaker like Unibet or Interwetten. In our bookie review section you find reviews for the best sports betting providers on the market. Many bookies also offer a special bonus or they double the odds for a single game, in case you only got one game right.

Which sports are best for the Lucky 15 betting system?

Generally speaking you can implement every sport in a Lucky 15 bet. Although, the most common bets are football. For the Lucky 15 bet in the figure we chose 4 Austrian Bundesliga games. This betting slip is from Bwin and indicates a Lucky 15 system bet. The 4 games are compound to one bet although in the background Bwin calculates the odds and winnings like from the scheme as described above. Although we bet on 4 favorite wins the overall odd is relatively high. Another upside of the system bets is that you are partly hedged against losses when you only guessed 2 or 3 out of 4 games correct.

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