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Tipico Sportsbook

Attention: Tipico can currently not accept costumers from Africa. Here’s what we suggest instead:

Since 2004, tipico.com has not only gained a good reputation as a reliable bookmaker amongst punters, but has also come to be well known amongst a large number of sports fans, mainly due to a strong advertising campaign which features German goalkeeper legend Oliver Kahn, and because of sponsorship deals with several football teams as well as leagues, such as the Tipico Austrian Bundesliga. A fuss-free bonus policy has also further contributed to the bookie’s increasing popularity.

In our livetipsportal.com review, we will check whether Tipico can live up to its high standards and good reputation. The review comprises our experiences with the sign-up process, the bookmaker’s deposit and withdrawal options, and the usability of the site as well as the language selection it offers. Furthermore, we have taken a very good look at the sportsbook, how your bets can be placed, and the customer service at Tipico.com, because only the most reliable bookies are good enough for the best bettors.

Tipico sportsbook test

Sign-up at Tipico.com

Before we can enter into the exciting world of Tipico, we have to sign up in order to set up our account. At Tipico.com, the sign-up process is greatly facilitated and it only takes one single step to set up your account. You are required to enter the relevant information on your betting account which comprises your country, a user name of your choice, an e-mail address, and a safety password (which can only consist of a maximum of 8 characters). Consequently, you need to enter your full name, your date of birth and your address. You can also enter your phone number, which is, however, optional. Your account will successfully be set up, once you have agreed to the general terms and conditions (if you do not want to receive any advertisement or promotion e-mails, you can tick the relevant box below the general terms and conditions!)

Making a deposit

Before you can get to the fun part, you have to make a deposit into your account. Apart from the most popular and most important payment options to top up, Tipico.com also offers payment via PayPal, which is a big plus, since most bookies do not include that option. The minimum deposit levels range from 1 € to 25 €, and Tipico does not charge any fees, whichever payment option you choose. In sum, you have got 9 different options to choose from when making a deposit. If you have any doubts regarding safety issues, we can assure you that Tipico offers maximum security and reliability. 


For a comfortable and trouble-free betting experience, we expect nothing but the best when it comes to the design and usability of the site. Tipico excel in this domain. The design and structure of the site are clear and flawless. Visually, the site is fairly bright with a mainly white background and shades of burgundy and grey. Tipico.com dispenses with images which contributes to minimising the page load time. The various banners are rather subtle and fit the straightforward and hence effective design of the site that makes it easy to find one’s way around this page. Overall, the graphic designers have done a great job in creating a modern and appealing site.

The main navigation bar is divided into several categories including ‘sports betting’, ‘live betting’, ‘casino’ and ‘live casino as well as a ‘mobile’ button which provides information regarding the Tipico mobile app.

In order to make it easier for the punters to find their way around, the site is neatly organised and after a short period you will find it very easy to navigate through the site. At the top on the right you will find the sign-up box, with the main navigation bar right below. The main navigation bar also includes a search function and the bet slip, which can easily be expanded and hidden. Below the main navigation bar, you will find an overview of the different kinds of sports offered, and a time bar. At the centre of the site, you can find the latest offers, live bets and highlights, while on the right-hand side you can select your language, consult the FAQ section, or the contact support as well as a live chat in case of questions. The navigation bar on the right-hand side further includes stats, results and live scores. As soon as you have internalised the design and structure of the page, you will find that navigating through the site and the betting itself is a lot of fun. In terms of design and structuring, Tipico definitely impressed us.

For all the sports fans out there, we will now analyse the navigation bar with the overview of the different kinds of sports that Tipico offers in further detail. At the time we tested the sportsbook at Tipico.com, the bookie offered 17 different kinds of sports ranging from the obvious (football, tennis and basketball) to less obvious options for betting (for instance, Australian football or badminton). Even the most versatile bettors will be satisfied with the rich and diversified offer at Tipico.com.

One of the best features that we found at Tipico.com is the provision of all sorts of interesting background information on the games offered. Naturally, the extent of the information provided varies according to the significance of the respective games. The 4 control buttons that you can see below are available for almost every game, and we will explain their functions in the following paragraph.

The first button will provide you with stats on the bets and predictions of other bettors at Tipico, so you can see where you stand with your prediction, as you get an idea of the current match situation and how it is evaluated by others.

The second button reveals a very interesting overview of statistics such as the current league table position, recent form of the teams involved, and over/under frequency as well as information on previous meetings of the respective teams. This feature really helps evaluating your own predictions and assumptions. If you still feel uncertain about your bet, you can click for detailed event statistics which opens a new window providing detailed form curves, top scorers, the starting XI, specific graphs etc. 

For all those, who want to follow the match action on TV, Tipico provides a special TV button which gives you all the necessary information on kick-off times and on which channels you can watch the match.

The last button indicates whether live bets are available, so if you are looking for the extra thrill, or just want to back up your bet during a match, watch out for this extra feature. 

Another great feature at Tipico.com is the fact that once you hide the bet slip, you can still see how many bets you have placed. Therefore, you can always keep track of your betting, even if the bet slip is not expanded.

The bet slip itself is neatly arranged and leaves nothing to be desired. Even though its design might not be state-of-the-art, the bet slip offers everything you’d expect from a top bookmaker like Tipico. We can easily choose from the options single, combi, and system. If you opt for a system bet, you’ll find various options and, additionally, banks. In this regard, Tipico proves to be incredibly diverse making this bookie especially attractive to pro-bettors. Another feature that comes in handy is an option which allows you to sell your combi-bet in case of doubt about the last results you betted on. If you want to learn more about system betting, take a look at our bet calculator.

Language selection

To guarantee that customers across the globe can enjoy their betting experience at Tipico.com, the bookie offers a decent variety of languages. Overall, punters can choose from seven different languages including German, English, Italian, French, Turkish, Hungarian, and Danish.


Let’s proceed now to the most important questions that every punter comes across. Apart from the features mentioned above, can Tipico also convince us with regard to the sportsbook? And do we find enough variety for even the greatest sports fans?

As was mentioned above, Tipico offers 17 different kinds of sports. You can bet on almost any match in all different kinds of sports from football through to pesäpallo. Furthermore, the range of leagues and competitions per type of sport is outstanding. Especially for punters interested in football, Tipico leaves nothing to be desired offering odds for matches in amateur leagues in England and Germany (German Oberliga). Austrian bettors can further profit from the great variety at Tipico which also includes matches in the Austrian Regionalliga.

The minimum unit stake at Tipico.com is at a low 1€ and allows for a great betting experience even at low stakes.

Overall, Tipico gives a great variety of games to bet on, and thus offers a great deal of opportunities to get a real kick out of betting.

Which options do I have when placing my bets at Tipico.com?

To enjoy the betting experience, every passionate punter expects to be offered not only an extensive range of sports and competitions, but also a great variety in bet options.

Tipico certainly adhere to that and bank on a versatile sportsbook, which will convince the majority of bettors. You might not find the seemingly infinite number of bet options that other bookies may offer, but in our review, we hardly missed anything that we were looking for. 

Tipico offers standard bets such as three way bets, results, handicaps (default), various goal bets, half time bets, and double chance bets. In some cases (mostly significant games), the bookie offers special bets such as, for instance, combinations of over/under+bet, which could as well be considered wincast or scorecast bets. Asian Handicap bets, though, are not part of the bet options at Tipico.com. These bets, however, are predominantly relevant to absolute pros, and will most likely not affect the majority of punters.    

In the live betting segment, Tipico does not fail to impress. Thanks to an almost revolutionary design which shows all the current live matches, it is extremely easy to follow all the live action and to react quickly when placing one’s bets. The various bet options can easily be expanded to place the respective bets.   

Another interesting offer is the option to place bets on fantasy football games. These are bets on matches that do not actually happen. The bookie uses two different games and drafts one team from the first match with a second team from the other game. Here’s a short explanation of this bet offer: If team 1 wins the first game 1:0 but loses the second game 2:3, this will result in a 1:2 defeat in the fantasy bet and team 2 will win the match. You can also opt for over/under, double chance and handicap bets in this format. The odds in fantasy football can sometimes be quite interesting.

With its innovative sportsbook, Tipico breathes new life into the online bookie branch and offers us loads of exciting opportunities to risk our stakes. However, we miss the option of placing Asian bets.

The results and statistics feature will be of special interest to all sports fans and provides information on almost all competitions, teams and recent games. This feature saves a lot of time and is easily comprehensible.   

In addition to the excellent sportsbook, Tipico offers a broad range of online casino games including poker, of course. If you’re a thrillseeker in that regard, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

In case of any problems or questions, the FAQ system at Tipico offers profound help and is very user-friendly. If there are still further questions, you can still fall back on the customer service at Tipico.com which offers a live chat or help via e-mail.

You won? Cash out!

If you successfully implemented your betting strategies (you can find our football betting strategies on how to successfully place your bets on livetipsportal.com) you might as well get the rewards. Tipico offers some of the most popular withdrawal options. However, you can only withdraw your profit in the same way in which you made the initial deposit. Furthermore, the account has to be verified by means of a valid ID (driver’s licence, passport etc.). Being a reliable bookmaker, Tipico will obviously treat these matters as confidential and provides the highest security standards. 

Mobile betting

If you want to place your bets at tipico.com while on the road, you can look to the Tipico mobile app, which has been designed for iOS and Android and several other platforms. Because waiting on the bus is a lot more fun if you can place a few bets in the meantime. We have also got a detailed and interesting review of Tipico mobile betting at livetipsportal.com 

Bottom line of our Tipico bookie review

It’s not by accident that Tipico is one of the most popular bookmakers worldwide. Reviewing this bookie was a lot of fun and we could hardly find any flaws in the course of our testing.

Already at the early stages of signing up and setting up the account, Tipico leaves the impression of being a clearly structured and a reliable source of betting entertainment. Only the limited number of characters for the security password seems to be a rather annoying feature. Nonetheless, Tipico offers the highest level of security with each of their deposit and withdrawal options.

The neatly arranged design and the thoughtful structuring of the content add to the positive impression that we have gained in reviewing this bookie. Especially the statistics feature has had a positive impact on our review and proves why Tipico is one of the best online bookies around.

Especially the variety in the sportsbook is second to none and makes the betting a pleasurable experience. By introducing innovative ideas such as the fantasy football segment, Tipico ensure that every punter’s needs are satisfied, although we still miss the option to place Asian Handicap bets.

The online casino further enhances the betting experience at tipico.com and the results- and statistics features, which were designed especially for sports aficionados are really convincing.

The Tipico mobile app allows every punter with a smart phone to place their bets on the road. If you’re interested in this app, make sure to check out our extensive review of the tipico.com app.

Due to its well-balanced and extensive offers, Tipico is a great choice for amateurs as well as for pro punters, leaving virtually nothing to be desired in terms of fun, thrills and variety.

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