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Euro 2016 Qualifiers: Groups G, H & I

European Qualifiers often end up throwing more surprises than the World Cup qualifiers. The long list of hopefuls and the surprise packages often make it an interesting qualification campaign to follow. The Euro 2016 qualification is following the same trend. We have already given our views on how Groups A, B, C, D, E and F are converging. In this article, we concentrate on how the last three groups G, H and I are shaping up as we wind up our take on the Euro 2016 qualification.

Group G is turning out to be an interesting group and has thrown its hat to be the ‘group of death’. Austria is currently leading the group G table with 10 points from 4 games but Sweden, Russia, Montenegro and Liechtenstein are stacked closely together. Sweden is on 6 points while Russia and Montenegro are on 5 points. Liechtenstein is on 4 points and by no means out of the race. Sweden is struggling at the moment but Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s recent upsurge of form may give them hope. Qualifying as group winner isn’t beyond their reach but Sweden have to play really well from now on to achieve that – William Hill offers odds of 3,25. Montenegro is an outside chance for qualification but Unibet offers lucrative odds of 4,0 on their qualification.

Group H is a simple three way fight between Croatia, Italy and Norway. There is every chance that the third placed team from this group may have a chance as the best third finisher across groups. But, that is for later. As things stand, Croatia and Italy are on 10 points while Norway is on 9. If Croatia can continue to surprise the illustrious Italians among others, topping the group wouldn’t be beyond them. William Hill puts them on odds of 3,20 to top the group. Norway’s qualification is offered at odds of 2,50 by Unibet.

Group I is another low scoring group and is trying to choose two out of Denmark, Portugal and Albania. Denmark tops the table currently on 7 points. If they end the qualification there, you can enjoy odds of 3,75 offered by William Hill. Portugal is a close second with 6 points but Albania aren’t far behind with 4 points. If Albania surprises everyone and qualifies, the odds of 5,0 offered by Unibet will look a bargain.

The most exciting aspect of European qualification is the presence of smaller teams which throw up surprising results from time to time. The advantage of bigger nations and super stars is somewhat nullified with the schedule which prioritizes club football. This means that you need to be really careful while choosing your strategies. This is exactly what we do through our betting tips and betting strategies.

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