El Clasico – the mother of all classics!

Football has its own share of glamorous ties in all leagues across the world. The leagues and the followers get their share of excitement and frenzy from the local derbies (Manchester derby, Madrid Derby, Milan derby etc.) These derbies aside, there are many more ties which capture the imagination of football lovers worldwide. Matches between Liverpool and Manchester United invoke excitement in Premier League followers. The ties between Juventus and AC Milan evoke similar interest in Italy. But, one tie which is awaited every year by football lovers all over the globe is El Clasico!

The matches between arch rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona go by the name El Clasico or “”The Classic”. Apart from the political rivalry of the two cities, Barcelona and Madrid have for so long been fierce competitors on the pitch. No wonder that the El Clasico is the biggest club game in the world (apart from the Champions League final).

The Clasico generally is the season’s biggest game and goes a long way in determining the winner. This season is no exception. Real Madrid appeared to be run-away winners with a strong start to their season. But, a late loss of form to their talisman Cristiano Ronaldo coupled with a change in fortunes for Lionel Messi and Barcelona meant that the life in Clasico is still alive and kicking.

Barcelona may have edged past Real in the lead for Primera Division but both teams know that the game at Nou Camp will be huge. Real Madrid have beaten their rivals to submission early this season at the Bernabeu with a 3-1 victory. But, lot has changed between then and now. Real lost their lead at the top and are in fact behind Barcelona.

History favors Barcelona at Nou Camp. Even in the recent games at this famous stadium, Barcelona held their sway. In the last 5 matches played at home, they won 3 and lost just once. Overall, though, the El Clasico is all evened up – 4 wins for each of the teams and 2 draws.

Barcelona’s form has improved as the season went on and it coincided with Madrid’s own faltering fortunes. This is clearly reflected in the expectations for the Clasico everywhere. Betting market expects Barcelona to win the game against Real Madrid. Most betting sites offer odds less than 2,0 and it is a clear indication of how the scales have tilted in Barca’s favor.

On the other hand, Real Madrid face an uphill task in putting it across Barcelona. Bet365 offers odds of 2,75 on Madrid win while Bwin puts Madrid victory at an odds of 2,90. This could be a risky bet but knowing the pressure that El Clasico brings, ruling Madrid out of the game is a risky proposition.

Bet365 offers odds of 1,61 on Barcelona ending up as winner of La Liga while Real Madrid are put at odds of 2,20. The odds may be stacked up against Real Madrid but the quality at the disposal for Carlo Ancelotti and the Madrid team makes it imperative to not rule them out.

As the excitement for El Clasico builds up, you can enjoy our expert take on betting tips and betting strategies to help you take winning positions more often. No wonder, this is the most watched rivalry in club football.