Introducing Fantasy-Bets by Tipico!

The Tipico Fantasy-Bet is a new possibility in sports-betting and a good alternative to the common forms of betting. You get the possibility to place bets on football-matches, which are not taking place in reality. The two opponents facing each other at the Fantasy Bet are playing their real live games against totally other teams.

A match example for Fantasy Bets:

In reality following matches take place:

FC Chelsea – FC Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern Munich

For the Fantasy Bet the following match-up is created:

FC Chelsea – Borussia Dortmund

This imaginary game (Fantasy Bet) is won by the team, who scores more goals in the real game. So the difference to the common sort of sports betting is that the teams are not playing each other for real, but imaginary.

Let’s look at the sample again:

FC Chelsea – FC Arsenal, final result in reality 2:1

Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern Munich, final result in reality 3:3

This leads to the Fantasy-Betting-result of FC Chelsea – Borussia Dortmund of 2:3.

For the Fantasy Bet the goals the teams receive (at their real matches) are not relevant. The only thing counting is the amount of goals scored. These goals are compared with each other and then the Fantasy-Bet winner is determined. If the amount of scored goals by each team (in the real matches) is equal, the right betting-tip would be the X (Draw).

Whether the teams are mentioned first or second at the bet-drawing is not important for possible home-field-advantage. This is made randomly. So make sure to check which teams play at home and which away in their real games.

The Fantasy Bets offer you the possibility of having a fresh new view at sports betting. Some new facts influence your decisions and you can have a look from another angle. Take a look at the new Tipico product, you will be astonished by the new possibilities.

Because of these new possibilities, Fantasy Bets are getting more popular every day. Besides that, the Fantasy Bet Odds are pretty high compared to the average odds of common sports betting odds. Check out Fantasy-Bets right now atTipico!

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