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What you need to know about Back and Lay betting

Back/Lay betting offers a lot of profitable possibilities for sports bettors however a lot of you punters out there are afraid to use it as it seems complicated and time consuming at the beginning. In the article below, we help you to understand the concept and give you valuable tips on how to use back/lay sports bets:

As a part of our betting strategies, we created the Back & Lay at Betfair article to show you how they work.

With samples, images and comparisons, we show you the difference to regular sports bets and the benefits you can get from Back/Lay betting. We explain the terms “back” and “lay” and display the concept of betting exchanges like Betfair.com.

Further more the site gives information about the popular “laying the draw”-strategy and tells you how to use it.

Have fun with our article and don’t forget to check out our betting strategy section to not miss out on promising opportunities!

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