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Why Bayern won’t win it this year

Once again the FC Bayern Munich was able to win the German Bundesliga in the season 2013/14 - and in addition they won the German DFB-Pokal too. Their opponent in the final was Borussia Dortmund, the second best team of the Bundesliga. The year before they were even able to win the Triple including the UEFA Champions League, in the final again vs. Dortmund. What does this mean for the rest of the Bundesliga teams? Are there absolutely no chances for winning the German titles? The answer has to be: No, there are. What makes us say that? Mainly the fact that Bayern Munich has never won the German Bundesliga title after a German victory at the FIFA Word Cup. The season after has always been rather frustrating for Bayern.

Bayern Munich has been the dominating team in the past two seasons in Germany. In 2013 they had been even the best team in whole Europe. Playing at the Champions League competition 2012/13 no team was a real threat for them and not even Dortmund was strong enough to stop them in the final in London. Last seasons Bundesliga competition ended with a 19 point gap between them and second best Borussia Dortmund. The season before, the gap was even bigger with 25 points back then after the last match day. But if you trust history this won’t repeat in the upcoming season. As already mentioned, after a German team was successful at a World Cup – Bayern never won the league. Last time this happened was in 1990. Argentina was beaten in the final and the following three seasons, Bayern could not win the league.

It was even worse after the German success in 1974. Bayern Munich was the dominating team in the Bundesliga until the season 1974/75. The following five years they were not able to win a Bundesliga campaign. Gladbach won it three times in a row. The year 1954 might be not a good example, Bayern Munich was not the big team that they are now and in addition to that, the German Bundesliga did not yet exist.

It is not even necessary that the German team has to win the World Cup to see Bayern playing a poor season. Many times it was enough to see the German team play a good World Cup campaign. In the upcoming seasons the Bayern showed poor performances and weren’t able to win titles. But there are exceptions like the years 1986 and 2002. The seasons back in 1987 and 2003 were won, despite the fact that the German national team reached the World Cup final. But the difference to these days is that Bayern now has many German internationals. In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil there were seven Bayern-players participating – including the new Real Madrid player Toni Kroos. In 1986 and 2002 there were only four Bayern in the German squad. And in addition to the 7 German internationals they had Dante for the Brazilian team, Shaqiri for the Swiss and Robben for the Dutch who all survived the group stage with their teams. Martinez and Pepe Reina for the Spanish team and Green for the US team also travelled to Brazil this summer.

So it could really become a very tough Bundesliga season 2014/15 with many players with a short holiday and a short preparation time. History speaks against Bayern Munich. For everyone who is hoping that history will repeat, a betting tip on a German champion besides Bayern Munich might be a good choice. Borussia Dortmund has some World Cup champions too in their team, they might be facing the same problems over the season. And they lost Lewandowski to Bayern so nothing is for sure at the moment. If you’re hoping for a new champion you might bet on Schalke 04 to celebrate their first Championship. They made some very good transfers during this transfer period and could become a real threat for Bayern and Dortmund. A betting tip on Schalke will offer you awesome 30,00 odds at Tipico. Another strong team could be Leverkusen with new faces like Drmic, Bellarabi or Hakan Calhanoglu. A betting tip on Leverkusen at Tipico with even better 37,00 odds.

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