World Cup betting: offers, curiosities and more.

The World Cup 2014 is just to beginn and therefore the bookies start to work at full blast. From bet365 over bwin to tipico - every single bookie offers its special, in some cases curious, sports betting for the World Cup. However it is still possible to bet all the 64 games, the winner or the loser traditionally. How far will your team make it? Who is reaching the finals, who is knocked out in the group stage? We did some research and got an overview of the most interesting sporting bets.

At tipico you can bet a wc final between Honduras and Costa Rica – with a bet of 1 € you could cash 25.000 €. For a final Brazil – Germany you get a nice odd of 20. More realistic is a special bet on Miroslav Klose, breaking Ronaldo’s goal record. If Klose can at least score one goal, tipico doubles your money. Anyway tipico offers a huge variety of bets concerning the topscorer. Beneath the classical bet on the topscorer it is possible to gamble, who scores most goals in every team. Neymar is the Brazilian favourite with an odd of 1,75, in Germany’s team Thomas Müller has the lowest odd.

Bet365 offers football fans the possibility to bet the total amount of goals scored, red cards or missed penalties. It is even possible to bet on the amount of corners – is the referee pointing to the corner flag more than 650-times, you can multiply your money by 2,37. Bets on the team scoring the fewest goals of all teams are also offered. Currently Australia is on position 1 with an odd of 5, followed by Costa Rica with an odd of 6.

At sportingbet you can put your money on a first time winner. If a nation, that has never won the World Cup before, wins the title in Brazil, you can multiply your bet by five. Furthermore it is possible to bet on how many goals the cups topscorer will score. Four or less goals are rewarded with an odd of 5,25, eight or more with 3,75.

Interwetten offers a combination bet on the winner of the World Cup 2014. With a tip on the Big Four (Spain/Brazil/Argentina/Germany) you can cover four favourites with one bet and earn an odd of 1,37. In addition to single nations you can bet, which confederation will win the title. For UEFA and CONMEBOL you get an odd of 1,9. At the end of this table is CONCACAF with USA, Honduras, Mexico and Costa Rica – should the winner be part of this confederation you can 75-fold your bet.

Bookie betway provides a special sports bet on the team that receives the most yellow cards. Therefore betway favors Germany, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil as the most unfair teams. A bet on Honduras as the leader of this ranking makes your stake of 1 € become 201 €. Further on you can bet, which group brings out the new world champion. At the moment Group A (Brazil), Group B (Spain) and Group G (Germany) are leading this ranking.

Mybet includes a special bet on the amount of own goals in its repertory. Are 0 or 1 own goals scored, your bet gets quadrupled. Most probably are two to three own goals (odd of 2,5).

In summary it can be said, that all bookies are well prepared for the highlight of the year and offer an extensive amount of classical and special sports bettings. You can bet on nearly everything – from the amount of red cards to the confederation of the world champion. How many goals are scored in the tournament? Who scores fewest goals? Every desire is fulfilled and makes a a football fan’s heart beat faster. Never before have the bookies made so many thoughts about the World Cup – and this makes every wagerer a winner.

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