Uruguay to win world cup in Maracana again?

On July 13th, the final of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will take place in the venerable Estadio Maracana. The arena in the city of Rio de Janeiro was already once the scene of a World Cup final. 1950 met the highly favored Selecao with Uruguay. The game went under the name Maranaco in history and ended with a victory for Uruguay and is still regarded as the darkest hour of Brazilian football.

Maracanaco – The darkest hour in Brazilian football

For the last match of the World Cup 1950, around 200,000 spectators wanted to drive the host to the world title.

Under roaring applause the Selecao went in front through Friaca, before Uruguay could score the equalizer midway of the second half by Schiaffino. Ten minutes before the end Alcides Ghiggia shocked a whole nation and made Uruguay world champion for the second time. To avoid excesses of the enraged Brazilian fans, the trophy from FIFA President Jules Rimet was presented in the catacombs.

This game is the lowest point of Brazilian football. Even hours after the final whistle of the match disappointed fans were rooted to remain in their seats. There have even been four deaths – three fans suffered a heart attack, another took his life by suicide. The white Jerseys, the Selecao until then always wore, were banished and replaced by the yellow jerseys. The main blame for the unexpected defeat was given to the defenders Bigode and Juvenal Amarijo. Even more hate focused on goalkeeper Barbosa. The goalie was never forgiven his mistake he made at 1:2 by Alcides Ghiggia.

In 1993, Barbosa wanted to visit a team training of the Brazilian national team, but the entrance for the former Keeper of the Selecao was denied, because of the fear that he could bring bad luck.

This incident shows how much the defeat of 1950 is still anchored in the minds of Brazilians.

Free Video of the World Cup Final 1950

Take a look at this video, showing the best moments of the World Cup Final 1950 at Estadio Maracana.

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