World cup top-scorer in Brazil 2014

One of the big questions around the World Cup in Brazil is: Who is going to be the top goal scorer aka the winner of the Golden Boot? If you take a look on the last World Cups you can see that unexpected things are likely to happen. Look at the last tournament in South Africa: 20 year old Thomas Müller scored 5 times and became the best goal scorer. His German fellow Miro Klose did the same at the World Cup in Germany (5 goals) 4 years earlier. The last one who became the top goal scorer and even world champion was the Brazilian Ronaldo, back in 2002. Another Ronaldo is one of the big favourites in Brazil, but this time it is Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. But there are others who do very well know how to score goals. For example Sergio Aguero, Luis Suarez, Diego Costa, Gonzalo Higuain or Netherlands Robin van Persie.

Brazil is the biggest favourite to win the World Cup. They are playing at home and have a fantastic squad. One of them is Neymar. His chances of becoming the top goal scorer seem quite good. At Tipico you will find a 13,00 odd for Neymar. Brazil will have to play against Croatia, Mexico and Cameron. All of them are not known for being the best defensive teams. So the chances for Neymar to score some goals in group stage could definitely be worse. Brazil will probably stay in the tournament for a while. So a bet on their number one striker Fred is also a nice one with 21,00 at Bwin.

Of course you can not forget Leo Messi. After a long and not that successful season with the FC Barcelona he is still the number one of the top favourites to win the Golden Boot. At William Hill with 9,00. He had some problems over the season but still made his goals. We will see how he will perform in Brazil. But 4 years ago in South Africa he showed a poor performance. Number of goals scored back then: 0. Argentina will play against Iran, Bosnia Hercegovina and Nigeria. Doesn’t sound that difficult for Messi. In addition he’s not alone; Sergio Aguero could help him up in front. He is also one of the top scorers around. At Bwinyou will find a nice 15,00 odd for Sergio. This Premier League season Aguero scored 17 times for Manchester City. But he did have some injury troubles. If he’s healthy, he will be a pain in the ass for his opponents.

The next one is Portugal’s life insurance: Cristiano Ronaldo. He will be the man for the Portuguese team; they need him and would probably not be at the World Cup in Brazil without him and his goals. Now he has some slight injury problems but if he is ready again you know what you can expect from him. Goals, goals and even more goals. He scored 17 times in this Champions League season: Record. But just as for Messi, South Africa 4 years ago was not his best time. He only scored once. It won’t be easy in Brazil too. They will meet Germany, Ghana and the USA. We all know that Germany is a favourite to win the title. But Ghana will be a hard opponent too. They made the quarter final back in South Africa. And they will again be hard to defeat in Brazil. The probably weakest team in this group is the US team. If Cristiano is willing to score, then against the US-boys. For betting on Ronaldo you can find nice odds at William Hill with 17,00!

Betting on Spain’s Diego Costa will give you a very nice odd at bet365 with 41,00. For Robin van Persie you’ll find a 34,00 at Bwin. Both will meet in the first game at the World Cup in Brazil. This game could become one of the most exciting in the early phase of the tournament. There won’t be too many goals in this game but the top scorers will make the difference. There are better chances for Spain’s and Netherland’s strikers to score against Australia or Chile. But it will be important to know if Costa will make it in the starting eleven.

Another interesting bet for the Golden Boot is Uruguay’s Luis Suarez. As many of the other top strikers he is not 100 percent fit at this moment. But there is still time till the World Cup begins. He was the man in England’s Premier League this season. He scored 30 times! A bet on him would give you a nice 26,00 odd at Bet365. Uruguay’s group though seems quite hard. They will have to play Engalnd, Italy and Costa Rica. But Suarez knows how to score against an English team and he knows their defenders. Costa Rica could become a sweet dessert for this goal machine. If they made their way into the last 16, the next opponent could become Columbia, Greece, Japan or the Cote d’Ivoire. Seems realistic too for Uruguay to beat one of them, and to go to the quarter final.

Lust but not least – have a look at the German team. Actually you can always count on a German team when it’s World Cup time. Thomas Müller, Marco Reus, Mario Götze, Miro Klose or Andre Schürrle. Choose one, but wait for manager Löw to choose the right one for him. Therefore wait for the last game of the Germans and check the line-up properly. They will meet Portugal, Ghana and the USA in group G. They will probably reach the final 16 easily. Then they could meet Belgium, Russia, South Korea or Algeria. Sounds nice too for the Germans. There should be enough possibilities for their strikers to score. Especially because many experts say that they have good chances for winning the title. Bet Victor will give you 34,00 for a bet on Thomas Müller. Marco Reus is also a nice tip, 41,00 at William Hill for him. At Bwin you will get 41,00 for a bet on Miro Klose winning the Golden Boot. But the best odds you will get for Mario Götze and Andre Schürrle at Youwin. There you can find 67,00 for these two strikers. So, there are some nice possibilities. Choose the right one if you trust in a German to win the Golden Boot – third time in a row!

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