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The sportsbook bet-at-home and his desktop website has been intensively tested and analyzed by us. Here you can find the bet-at-home sportsbook report. In this review we want to take a closer look at the bookie’s mobile version and we try to find out if there are any drawbacks concerning quickness or handling. We will find out if betting on the go is worth a consideration.

bet-at-home> app start screen

bet mobile at bet-at-home

Start of the bet-at-home app
Various betting possibilities
You don’t have an account?


Installation of bet-at-home App

There are two ways of how to get started. Either you use the browser of your mobile phone and type in bet-at-home.com. Or you go to the official website on your computer and scan the QR-Code that is shown in the “mobile” section by using a common QR-code scanner. The smartphone automatically opens the mobile site right after that.

The mobile website of bet-at-home is not exactly an app but rather an adapted website. Its great advantage is that almost every device and operating system can open the page while apps are only designed for specific smartphones and can only be opened by them. Therefore it does not matter if you are using an Android, iOS or Windows phone nothing can keep you from your own betting experience at bet-at-home.

Once you opened the web site you immediately see the main items in which the mobile app is segmented – it is sports, live and casino. Compared to the desktop version there are missing the live casino as well as the games and the poker room. Below the menu you can see the current live games and appropriate odds as well as the upcoming highlights to give you a first insight into the interesting betting possibilities of the app.


Registration at bet-at-home mobile

So you can place your bets from your phone or tablet, you have to register first directly on the mobile version. The site asks you for the usual information. So, before you can finish your registration you have to enter your name, address, date of birth, e-mail address as well as a security question. The answer to this question should be remembered in case you lose your password. Optionally you can enter a phone number.


Mobile deposit

It only takes three short steps to get some money into your new account. You can choose from a variety of deposit possibilities. The desktop version offers 16 different options but there are also 9 different options available at the optimized mobile version. The most important ones like credit card, bank transfer and online wallets like Skrill or Neteller are available to make your deposit possible. On a downside, neither on your desktop nor on your mobile you can pay by Paypal.

Bet-at-home deposit screen

deposit mobile at bet-at-home

Deposit possibilities on bet-at-home mobile
The minimum amount to deposit are 10 Euro


Log in and log out the bet-at-home app

The login as well as the logout and the menu overview seem fairly easy once you got used to the very clear structure. You can reach your account settings over the menu where you can manage your balance, see running promotions, read the FAQs (which answer many questions you might have) and log out.

Bet-at-home mobile login formAt the login we suggest that you check the “save account” box since you don’t want to put in your account number (which is not that easy to remember) every time. This is actually something that bet-at-home can work on.


Usability and impression of the mobile version

The app’s design is very similar to the desktop version’s. It appears very modern and well composed in its blue and grey. You can see at the first sight that the designer put very much thought into the design and wanted an app that is very overseeable that assures smooth betting. The top line consists of the usual back button, the logo, your current balance and the button to open the menu. Beneath that you can find the aforementioned menu band with the app’s most important offers.


Mobile sports betting

The most vital part of a sports betting app is obviously the betting itself in which the bet-at-home mobile app makes a very good impression. Due to its clear structure it is very easy to place your bets. It only takes you 5 touches of the screen to get to your preferred games and put your money on them. That may especially accommodate betting beginners

By clicking on the odd a pop-up will be opened where you can choose your stake and your betting strategy. Additionally you have to choose whether you want to bet this game as a single or if you want to add it to your betting slip. At this point you have to be very cautions. The two buttons are very close together and if you’re not careful you might click on the wrong button and since there is no confirmation page the bet will be placed immediately. So make sure you press the right button to avoid aggravating mistakes.

Bet-at-home betting highlights

Bet-at-home app betslip

Premier League betting highlights
The betslip of bet-at-home mobile

The betting slip itself works really well though. At the top of the screen the number on the symbol indicates how many bets are in your betting slip right now. This way you can always keep a good overview of your combined bets.

Further, the bet slip’s format is very well structured. At the top you can choose your preferred betting strategy while setting your wager underneath. On this page you can find sports betting tips of the UEFA Euro League which can assist you with your bets.


Betting offer

The sports betting app’s betting offer is the scope of the desktop version. With its great offer it is perfect for football fans. The amount of side bets per game is also the same as at the full version. It is good that there are no further drawbacks with the side bets, but the rather small amount of side bets is one of the weak points. What’s more, the live bets offer cannot keep up with most of the competition’s offers either. You can bet the classic accumulator bet or a (prefixed) handicap bet, but you cannot find an Asian Handicap bet or a sell-your-bet option.

Bet-at-home betting offerThe supplemental offering (as the Casino) consists of only a sparse amount of games and will not actually turn the balance to decide for this mobile app.

Livestreams or even livescore features which are offered by many apps can also not be found in this application.

On the upside, the customer service is a good feature. You can reach the service exactly like on the desktop version by a contact form. It is, as usual with big serious bookies, very reliable. Only to fill in the form may be a little more troublesome on the mobile device than on the computer.


bet-at-home mobile betting app bottom line

Bet-at-home.com mobile is ideal for quick bets on the go. Every betting enthusiast gets the possibility to bet on their favored games while not being at home. The bookie has tried to put its app into the new and rapidly growing market of mobile betting and has therefore created a neat, fast and easy-to-handle app that makes a good impression in many issues. Also the amount of different sports and leagues is very good.

As a drawback we have to mention the missing confirmation page that brings the possibility of unwantedly placed bets. Also the offered amount of different betting strategies and the live offer is in need of improvement.

All in all, it is a good app for bet rookies but may be a little to less for betting pros. If you are searching for a bookie promotion, check out our bonus promotions comparison.

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