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The competition on the mobile sports betting section has become a really tough one. That is why so many bookies are constantly trying to adapt and improve their applications. We from Livetipsportal tested the mobile versions of those bookmakers, and here is our review of Betsafe’s App.

betsafe; app start screen

bet mobile at betsafe

Start of the bet-at-home app
Various betting possibilities
You don’t have an account yet?

The company is relatively young and came to the market only in 2006. But they are not alone since Betsafe is a partner company of the well-known Betsson. That Betsafe is after all very well active on the market you can see by its app. Their mobile version is a very competent tool that every sports betting fan will have their joy with. To find out more about Betsafe just read our comprehensive review in the following paragraphs. We show you the essential pros and cons no matter if it’s about possible charges or their betting program. We also tested Betsafe’s desktop version. Have fun!


Installation of Betsafe mobile

The first step before you can get started is to install the app. But in this case you don’t have to download and install the app from the Appstore as the mobile version is “just” an adapted website that works on every portable device with an access to the internet. It is sufficient to enter m.betsafe.com into the browser. With this, further advantages are that it doesn’t take any space on your phone and you don’t have to download updates. So just type it into your address bar and you are good to go.

Once you reached the home screen you quickly get a first good impression of Betsafe’s offering. You can choose between casino, poker, live casino and sportsbook, presumed that you already have your own account. If not, just click on “open account” and start entering your details. When you open the menu you can see other things like the upload of documents, a help service or the language selection in one view and very neatly arranged.


Mobile registration at betsafe mobile

In our Livetipsportal app test we could not find any negative points at the registration. Then also when you are underway you can register at Betsafe and create a new account.. This is important to mention because some bookies restrict the registration to their desktop version and it is not possible to set up a new account from their mobile version. But Betsafe makes it possible to do so and allows users to register both at their desktop as well as their mobile problem-free. On the left picture you can see the input mask which has to be filled out. Once the account is set up you have to deposit money into your account.


Deposit and Withdrawal at the Betsafe mobile version

When you want to put some money into your account Betsafe gives you the opportunities to choose from Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard, Visa and MasterCard. As you can see the options are relatively negligible, but with Visa and MasterCard the two most common options are available. It is a pity that you can’t choose to deposit with PayPal. But also on the desktop version you can’t choose from more options than on your mobile. On the first sight you can also not see the charges that may apply for each deposit. We took a closer look and found out that for every visa transfer they charge 2,5 % of the paid in amount. A MasterCard transfer costs the same while the other three options are free of charge. This leaves room for a little critique since if you choose the easy way to pay with credit card you have to pay 2,50 € for a 100 € deposit.


How to log in on the mobile version

Betsafe loginformThis step is conveniently easy at Betsafe’s mobile sports betting app. Two clicks and you are logged in (presumed you have already set up your account). For mobile apps it is important that the log in process is fairly easy and uncomplicated. Who does not want to put in their username and password every time they want to log in, they can choose to be “remembered” and you stay logged in permanently. By this feature you can save some time and get faster to your bets. This is vital for live bets where quickness may play a huge role. To log out again you have to navigate through the menu where you can see a log out button. Both steps are hassle-free and do not take too much time.


Usability and impression of Betsafe’s application

At our Livetipsportal app test we had a very good impression of the application right from the beginning. The mobile app’s design orients itself at the desktop version. You get the impression of a modern, clear and pleasing app. Also the first steps are self-explanatory no matter if you want to register or place your first bets, everything works smoothly and quickly.

At the first view you get a grasp of Betsafe’s offering. You have the choice between casino, poker, live casino and the comprehensive sportsbook. With one click on sportsbook you get to the most popular sports and leagues at Betsafe mobile. As we expected at the first position you can find football with quicklinks to the most attractive leagues as the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A and the Spanish Primera Division. Further popular sports are tennis and basketball which you can also find at the top of the list. But this will not restrict you in any way since at top of it all you can find the live bets of the whole sports offer.

But here we have to mention a real highlight of the app. You get the chance to follow live events via live streams and videos where you can bet right there. Only prerequisite is that you have to have money in your account. The live stream is a very interesting feature that allows the users to get a direct insight into the happenings of an event. But also the purists between you, who only want to place their bets in a secure environment, Betsafe is a fair partner at that as well. With only two clicks you can reach the Bundesliga and bet on your favorites. Once you have decided for you can choose from a vast variety of betting strategies and other possibilities. Betsafe offers on average 70 extra bets per game of the Bundesliga. Although the number of bets might be high you will not lose your overview over the options.

Betsafe live games

Betsafe mobile app game

Live games at Betsafe mobile
Overview of a live game


Placing mobile sports bet

Now we come to placing of the bets itself. As earlier mentioned the result of that test was very positive. The offer is very generous and the extra betting possibilities (as half-time/full-time bets etc.) at each game are nearly endless. You can either get inspired by the offer and scout around the diverse sports and leagues or you can search for a specific event and decide right there what you want to bet on. Especially when you are already enrolled everything works really fast. From the first click on we got convinced by the clear overview and the easy navigation.

Betsafe mobile app premier league games

Betsafe mobile betting slip

Bet Premier League games!
Mobile betting slip

In only four clicks you can get to the French Ligue 1 and choose between the available games. On the next click you can pick your favored bet and place your stake. All in all every mobile bettor will find everything the heart desires and without much trouble.


Betting offer at Betsafe’s mobile version

But the most important feature about a sports betting app is the sports betting offer itself. We from Livetipsportal have already tested the Betsafe homepage which persuaded by its rich offer. That is why our demands for its mobile version were accordingly high. And we have to say that every sports betting fan will not be disappointed. Just like its bigger brother the smartphone and tablet version offers a lot. The focus of course lies on sports betting and not so much on casino games that is why we concentrated ourselves on football.

Betsafe SportsbookNevertheless, you can choose your favorite sport between 30 different kinds of sports. It is the same selection as at the desktop version with both classic sports but also some exotics. Besides sports like beach volleyball you can also place your bets on the outcome of specific TV events and sports awarding. We can say that the variety is really good and should not allow any boredom. As a fan of the German leagues you don’t have to settle for the first two leagues but you can also bet on third league events. With our Bundesliga sports betting tips you won’t miss any important game and get a good insight into some chosen games.


Betsafe sports betting app conclusion

After our very comprehensive test of the mobile version there is no question left unanswered. Our first impression validated itself. Betsafe brought a really good mobile product on the market and convinced through a clear and easily manageable design. Also the betting offer is great. You can find everything a sports fan desires and even more. As an example you can bet on who is going to win the next FIFA Ballon d’Or.

As another positive point we have to mention that everything is manageable on your portable device. Not every bookie gives you the possibility to register on your mobile. Further, we didn’t have any problems – from registration, over the deposit to the betting. Everything is available any time (given an available internet connection). The only drawback we could find were the charges when you choose to deposit by credit card. Credit cards are such a popular and often used paying method that a charge of 2,5 % is a clear negative point for Betsafe. The ones who don’t mind this fact (or choose another paying method) will be delighted by this young and modern application. Our conclusion: Register and have fun!

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