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Bwin stopped his activity on the african betting market. Therefore this mobile app review isn’t valid anymore. Instead we can recommend you the following betting apps:

In order to satisfy the needs of an ever growing number of customers using mobile devices for betting, practically all established bookmakers have developed either a mobile version of their online services or a proper app with additional functions. Being the biggest player in the sports betting industry, Bwin have put a lot of effort into developing their own bookie app for iOS and Android devices. The Bwin app has gained the reputation of being one of the most popular bookie apps in the business which might also be due to the fact that the bookie invested a lot of money in promoting the app. In our review, you will learn everything you need to know about the app and whether the app can live up to its reputation.

Whether betting with your smart phone or tablet actually pays off, or might even be the better alternative – you will find the answers in our livetipsportal review. In the process of writing this review, we have tested the registration procedure as well as the various payment methods offered. Most importantly, we’ve tried placing bets with the Bwin app and checked whether the app’s sportsbook can keep up with the gigantic range of events offered in the desktop version.

bwin mobile App

The front page of the Bwin app
Get yourself the Bwin app

If you want to learn more about the bookie Bwin, make sure to check out our extensive review of the Bwin online bookie page.


Installing the Bwin app

As we are talking about a full-fledged app here, you first need to install the respective software on your mobile device, before you can enjoy the thrills of betting. The Bwin app as such is available to Android and iOS devices. For other operating systems, the bookie provides a modified mobile version. Customers who use an iPhone or iPad can easily download and install the app from the official app store without charge.

As for Android users, the install procedure turns out to be a bit more complicated. As Google does not permit gambling apps, all betting apps are banned from the official play store. Therefore, you need to download the app software from the official Bwin page.

The easiest way to get the Android app is by opening the official mobile version of Bwin.com. The page will immediately recognise your operating system and will offer you to download the full app at the bottom of your screen.

Once you have tapped the respective button, you will automatically be warned by the Android operating system. However, you can easily ignore this warning, as Bwin is an absolutely reliable bookie. Once you have confirmed the notification, the download will start straight away.

After this step, you can proceed by installing the software which only takes a few seconds until you can open the app for the first time and immerse yourself in the world of Bwin mobile betting.

At first sight, the app already reveals its main features and you get an idea of where the developers have laid their focus on. The design of the app’s front page already looks promising and sets the right tone. Everything looks clear and just waits for you to explore the world of Bwin mobile and all its features.


Signing up with Bwin mobile

For customers who are primarily interested in using the app for betting, Bwin provides the possibility of signing up with the bookie via your mobile device right after the app has been installed. To facilitate the registration as much as possible, the bookie has reduced the whole procedure to two simple steps, or registration forms respectively. The first registration form requires you to enter your personal details, such as your full name, date of birth, your physical address, and a valid email address. Furthermore, in contrast to the desktop version, your phone number is considered obligatory information and needs to be entered. In the second registration form, you basically set up your account which means you have to create a username, a safety password, and you have to answer a default security question. You also choose your currency, and the registration procedure is concluded by agreeing to the bookie’s general terms and conditions.

Bwin App Registration Form 

Depositing with Bwin mobile

Be it that you are stuck at the airport or in a train – before you can effectively use the bookie’s app regardless of where you are (as long as you’ve got wi-fi or reception), you need to make your first deposit into your Bwin account. Again, the bookie has tried to make this as easy as possible by offering 11 of the most popular payment methods for depositing on the Bwin app.

For our livetipsportal app test, we made our first deposit via credit card. It is important to keep in mind that this payment method requires a minimum deposit value of 10 € and also includes a 2 % fee. Regardless of the hassle with limits and fees (which you will get with every bookie) we have to highlight here that the money we had deposited was available to us right after we had concluded the payment procedure. As some of you might know from your personal experience with other bookies, this effectiveness cannot be taken for granted. We definitely appreciated the flawless and quick depositing procedure on the Bwin mobile app.


Login and logout with the Bwin mobile app

One of the main criteria for evaluating a bookie’s mobile app is the login and logout procedure. In sports betting, and especially in live betting, time literally is money, and the last thing you’d want is to miss out on the perfect odds because you just cannot log into your mobile betting account. In order to log in to the Bwin app, you need to take an extra step as the bookie does not provide a shortcut button. You can only log in via the main menu by choosing the option “account”. However, you can avoid going through that procedure again and again by activating the “keep me logged in” function which also remembers your username and password in case you have to restart the app.

Just like logging in, the logout procedure works by choosing the “account” option in the main menu. Once you have followed the same steps, you can log out by tapping the respective button at the bottom of your screen.


Usability and design

A clear structure, an intelligent design, and a simple and intuitive operation are vital when it comes to betting on your mobile device. As for the Bwin app, the design is very much oriented towards the original webpage, but is a tad more modern and appealing. We think that the developers have embraced some of the criticism regarding the sombre tone of the webpage, and tried to brighten up things by adding brighter shades of grey and by reducing the number of black elements.

Navigating through the various menus and sections is fairly straightforward as the app is well-structured and the most important elements are clearly visible and neatly arranged. The main menu bar at the very top includes every aspect which is related to your account, such as the general overview of your account as well as the bet slip and a section in which you can change settings.

The navigation bar below includes the main sections of into which the app is divided. These include current top events, live betting, sports, poker, casino, and a live casino as well as the current date, a search engine and a section that allows you to rearrange the content (e.g. the sections in the main navigation bar) according to your preferences. Basically, you can customise your Bwin app which is quite a cool and definitely a distinctive feature.

Another interesting feature is the list of sports, which are available on your Bwin app. With a total of 39 different kinds of sports and further events in entertainment and politics, Bwin offers an incredible amount of options. Before we will discuss the sports offer in more detail, we will now look at how betting with the Bwin mobile app actually works.


Mobile betting at bwin.com

In this section we will turn to one of the most important aspects in sports betting apps, namely whether the procedure of placing bets can match the standards set by the respective desktop versions. One function which turns out to be quite useful in that context is the fact that you can add certain leagues and even specific teams to your personal list of favourites, which you can then call up in the main menu. Basically, you’re able to customise your personal sportsbook and thus facilitate the process of finding events immensely.

As soon as you have picked a league (or team) as a favourite, it will appear in your favs section with the respective bet options visible straight away.

We can fully recommend you to make use of the “favourites” option in order to avoid the cumbersome procedure of sifting through the whole sportsbook time and time again. Especially with a top bookie like Bwin, who provides a massive range of different sports and events, a personalised sportsbook can be beneficial. For instance, it took us only 3 simple steps to find an event in the Austrian Bundesliga in our favs section, and to add the respective bet to our bet slip. This clearly illustrates the app’s strength. By customising the settings, you can easily get the perfect balance between having a variety of events at your disposal without having to lower your sights in terms of usability.

Once you have chosen your odds, your bets will appear on the bet slip. In contrast to other apps, you cannot place bets involuntarily as the bet slip will ask you for confirmation prior to submitting your bets. While this might cause the process of betting to be a tad more time consuming, it definitely increases the safeness in betting.

Again, Bwin manages to find the right balance, in this case between usability and the necessary safety measures. Placing a simple three-way bet (for an upcoming event) is done in three simple steps. You pick your odds and then call up the bet slip, which you ultimately confirm by submitting your bets. If you want to keep track of your bets, you can do so by activating a notification system (settings), which will keep you informed about the outcome of the respective event. You can either receive the notifications via the app, as email, or text messages which is super convenient.We have just highlighted the bet slip as some sort of a safety tool, however, when it comes to live betting, where odds might change in the fraction of a second, bets can indeed be placed directly without having to confirm the bet slip.

Bwin mobile Live Games

Bwin Mobile Sportsbook

Live games on your mobile device!
Bwin offers you many different sports

Thanks to the elaborate design of the bet slip, combi bets are a viable option and can be placed in a variety of ways. Whether you want to go for singles, combi-, or system bets (Lucky 15 incl.), the bet slip allows for most common bet options. In our test, we tried to place a system bet and were surprised how well we could adjust our bet slip according to our needs. The only thing we could criticise was the lack of bankers on the mobile app.

As we have already mentioned, the Bwin mobile app enables you to place live bets directly without any interference due to the bet slip, which is simply skipped in the process. As the odds in live betting can change rather quickly, it can sometimes take a few seconds until a bet can actually be processed. If the odds have changed in the meantime, the bet will not be accepted and cannot be submitted. You can avoid this by activating the “accept all odds” function in your settings. However, this also means that you will agree to taking a loss in case the odds have changed for worse, so you better make sure to be quick in order to make as much profit as possible.


The Bwin mobile sportsbook

In this section we will turn to the centrepiece of every bookie page or app, the sportsbook. If you are familiar with the immense range of events available in the Bwin sportsbook at bwin.com, you might ask yourself whether the bookie was able to transfer this offer to the mobile app.

The answer is YES! While the mobile app might appear to be a slightly downgraded version of the main webpage at first glance, the sportsbook proves you wrong. In fact, the bookie offers exactly the same range of events for mobile users! Since we have already applauded the bookie’s online sportsbook and the respective bet options in our review of bwin.com, we can now guarantee you the same amount of variation and fun on your mobile device.

As far as markets are concerned, the app offers a multitude of options as well. For an average Bundesliga match, for instance, we found 64 different markets including the basic three-way options as well as halftime results and over/under bets. Unfortunately, we did not find any score- or wincast options, and the increasingly popular Asian handicap bets are also yet to be included. The bookie makes absolutely sure you don’t miss out on anything with an almost unsurmountable number of markets and events, and even offers bets on events in entertainment and politics as well as in fringe sports which adds a bit of variety to the sportsbook.

As we expected, the live offer proved to be solid and quite versatile. You can bet on a variety of options during the match which makes even the most boring draw a joy to watch, whether you follow the game from the stands or at home in front of the TV screen.

Mobile bets on Bwin

Bwin spp bet slip

Betting in the Premier League
Bwin’s mobile bet slip

Furthermore, Bwin mobile offers a quite effective sell-your-bet option, which you can find on the page where you can follow your bets which are currently in play. It’s up to you whether you want to sell your bet for the value offered by the bookie (which is not excessively high as you might expect), or whether you still believe in your bet.

The app also provides its users with a quite comprehensive statistics feature which can be accessed right on the page of the respective event. The stats feature informs you about the current form of the teams or players involved, and further provides a head-to-head comparison as well as the respective league spots.

Livestreams are also available to mobile device users. However, in the process of our test we did not find any streams available, so we cannot give our opinion on the quality of those livestreams.

Additional offers such as the mobile casino or poker are available as extra apps, but they are not integrated in the sports betting app.

If you are unhappy with the app, you can contact the customer support by giving feedback via a specific feedback form. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to contact the customer support via the app.


Our verdict on the Bwin mobile app

With the increasing amount of people using smart phones and tablets, more and more punters turn to their mobile devices when placing bets. Bwin have certainly put a lot of effort into their mobile app and as far as we’re concerned, it definitely pays off. By specifically designing their mobile version for smart phones and tablets with Android or iOS operating systems, the app scores high as far as usability is concerned. The app is extremely well thought out and very appealing to the eye as well as it is intuitive to use due to the improved design. It does not take long until you find your bearings with the Bwin app, and after a short settling-in period, you will sift through the sportsbook like a pro. Especially the option of listing certain leagues and teams as favourites facilitates the process of betting significantly.

This great app and the extensive range of events offered by the bookie make for a perfect match. Thanks to the amazingly comprehensive sportsbook, Bwin is the ideal bookie for punters who love a bit of change every now and then. While the mobile version for operating systems other than iOS and Android does not really match the high standards of its counterparts, users of mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems will surely love this app.

While the download and install process is a little bit more time consuming for Android users, the app itself is definitely worth the effort.

One aspect we haven’t mentioned so far, and which slightly dampened the euphoria is the fact that the app consumes a significant amount of battery as it requires a lot of processing power, which might also be a problem for less sophisticated smart phones. Furthermore, we found that the customer support available to users with mobile devices does not provide enough ways to contact the bookie.

As far as the betting is concerned, we missed certain markets such as score- or wincasts as well as Asian handicap bets. The lack of bankers on the bet slip also leaves some room for improvement regarding system bets. In case you need any assistance with the terminology and calculation in system betting, make sure to check out our betting glossary as well as our system bet calculator at livetipsportal.com.

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