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A new player in the game is the rather young bookie ComeOn. As many of the bigger bookmakers ComeOn also offers its own mobile version of its website. Regardless of whether you are using Android or iOS, everybody can enjoy the great joy of betting online.

We from Livetipsportal tested the bookmaker and its desktop version in our ComeOn sportsbook review in the bookmakers section. Here you find all bookmaker reviews.

Whether or not the mobile version is also worth a try we tried to find out. We examined the mobile sports betting app and walk you through the whole process – from the registration, over the log in and the payment to the betting offer and the betting itself.

ComeOn mobile start

ComeOn betting app
You want to try ComeOn’s mobile version?


Installation of ComeOn mobile

To be able to experience the joy of betting undergo you have to activate the mobile version. Since the ComeOn mobile version is not an app but a adapted version of the desktop site, you don’t have to download or install it beforehand. You just have to visit the website in your mobile device’s browser – no matter if iOS or Android. If you type comeon.com into your browser, the device automatically recognizes your device and directs you to the mobile version.

Once you accessed the page you can immediately see the main elements of the ComeOn page. On the first sight you can see a pretty realization of the website that promises a lot of fun. In the next paragraphs we will go more into detail and explain every menu item.

ComeOn App Startscreen 

Registration at ComeOn betting app

In order to be able to start directly into the world of ComeOn it is possible to register via your smartphone or tablet. The registration is processed by 2 simple steps. In the first step they ask you about general data like your preferred user name, a secure password and your e-mail address. In the next step you have to enter personal details like your name, date of birth, gender, phone number, address and your preferred currency.

Registration Form ComeOn


Loading money into your account

You need to have money in your account to start the betting. Unfortunately the mobile version doesn’t offer many possibilities to do so. The bettor can only deposit by creditcard, paysafecard or the online wallet Skrill. But before you put money in your account you should consider the rather complicated and unpleasant confirmation for your withdrawals that we explained in our bookie test.


Logging in and out at the ComeOn app

It is important for mobile apps, that the log in and log out aren’t too much effort and are kept rather easy. Here, the log in is simply with your chosen user name and your password. A checkbox to stay automatically signed in is unfortunately missing.

The log out works fast since there is a log out button in the footer. There you can also change the page’s language and you can swap to the desktop version.

ComeOn Login Form 

Usability and impressions

One of the most vital points in a betting app are the design and the handling. ComeOn decided for a quite unconventional design which unfortunately brings latency and performance difficulties with it. This is why you will get to see the stylish loading screen more often than you wish.

At the top of the page the user can see their name, their nickname and their actual balance. Beneath that there are two big buttons which lead either to the account details or the deposit page.

At “my account” you will find another possibility to deposit. Apart from that you will also see your withdrawal possibilities and your actual bonuses. Further you can verify your account, upload documents and check your previous transactions.

In the main bar you can see the program that the mobile version has to offer. Under “Home” you will find the recent highlights. Here you can also see the separation between sports betting and casino. And beneath that you can find general information about ComeOn and the contact to customer support.

For sports enthusiasts a rich and big variety of different sports is very important. At ComeOn you have the choice between 34 sports. A nice feature of the app is, that each sport in which there are ongoing events is indicated with a “now live” symbol. Also the variety of the events in each sport is impressive and will surely satisfy every betting fan.


Betting on mobile devices

A mobile sports betting app only makes sense if the handling is easy and fast. This is especially so for the most vital feature – the betting itself. ComeOn here believes in a rather conventional system that is similar to other bookies’ systems. By clicking on an odd it will automatically added to your betting slip. The slip is shown under “selection”. In order that the bettor doesn’t lose the overview the amount of added bets is indicated.

Get great odds...

The ComeOn bet slip

Get good odds…
…and enjoy the clean bet slip!

In our sports betting tips section you can find information about all games so you can stay up-to-date.

The betting slip itself is designed straight forwardly. You can choose between single bets and multi bets. If you want to place a multi bet you can choose from the options underneath. Unfortunately there are no such finesses as banks or Lucky 15 bets. But in our test the betting slip convinced us by its quick responsiveness and hence the possibility to quickly submit bets.


Betting offer at ComeOn mobile

To meet up with the bettors’ high demands ComeOn has implemented its whole betting offer from the desktop version. Due to its big selection of sports and events it will satisfy those demands thoroughly. The possibility to place bets even in the third Swedish league shows that ComeOn has a gigantic offer.

ComeOn app sportsbook

ComeOn mobile league variety

Many types of sport on the go!
Bet the best leagues

Aside from the variety of different sports also the amount of different bets at each event is very convincing. You have up to 100 different bets at each event. This allows also sports experts to run their betting strategies.

Especially advanced bettors should take a closer look into the ComeOn sports betting app. But also hobby bettors who want more suspension during games will find their joy at ComeOn. Also the live bets are very comprehensive and interesting – although the submission may take a few moments due to latency. The mobile casino may also offer thrills for you underway.

But, as further drawbacks we have to mention that there are neither statistics at the games nor any live streams. Also you cannot reach the customer support via the live-chat on your mobile device.

If you are interested in betting strategies, check out our article about last minute goal betting.


Conclusion of the ComeOn mobile sports betting app review

The young bookie ComeOn has established itself fairly quickly on the popular betting market through good marketing and interesting offers. Also with its realization of the mobile app ComeOn shows that it’s a competitive bookie. Although the page doesn’t run as smoothly as it should it is very easy to handle and nice to look at. Due to the full implementation of the full version’s betting offer every bettor will find their satisfaction. Both, the variety of different sports as well as betting strategies are really persuasive. This is why it is very interesting for both beginners and experts.

If you can ignore the annoying withdrawal procedure and the rather slow responsiveness, ComeOn is a very serious and solid bookie who will find a lot of betting fans with its very comprehensive betting portfolio. Also, ComeOn is a very young betting provider and we believe that they will further improve their desktop version as well as the mobile one.

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