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The world goes mobile – the use of smartphones gains more and more importance. Furthermore, tablets are nearly as advanced so they can replace a desktop PC. Many of the world’s biggest bookmakers jumped on this train and therefore developed either a mobile version or an own app of their sports betting website – so every betting fan can access their profile from everywhere and at every time to pursue betting odds or live scores and even place live bets and many other things. The goal of each bookie is to design their mobile app in a way so it can keep up to or even replace its desktop version. Rivalo also programmed an app for their clients. We tested if the mobile version is as good as the desktop version.

Our Rivalo app test review consist of following points: installation, registration, deposit, usability, betting offer and our final conclusion. We hope that we can answer all your questions and have fun!

Rivalo mobile device start

…Rivalo’s betting app!

The bookie’s website has already been tested and can be seen in our comprehensive Rivalo sportsbook review here on Livetipsportal.


Installation of the Rivalo app

Rivalo’s movile version is a web application that is compatible with every relevant device – no matter if Apple iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry OS. The app adjusts itself to the given device and can also be used perfectly on tablets. Thus, the app runs without a download and installation, although you should have one of the latest browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera or another mobile browser to optimize the handling. To get access to the web page simply call the web address rivalo.com and you will be directly forwarded to the mobile version. There is also the possibility to install the mobile app to spare the intermediate state in the browser.

When you access Rivalo through the browser it will immediately ask you if you want to install the app. By clicking on “install app” a short installation instruction will be given and the app will be downloaded as a file. Once you open the file the installation starts. Android users may have to circumvent the warning by adjusting your phone’s settings (so that “unknown sources” may also install apps on your phone).

If you click on cancel you are starting to use the rivalo mobile app in your browser. Just for your info, the mobile page and the app do not distinguish from each other in any way.
After having successfully installed the app (or just using the webpage for the first time) we can see a very clearly structured start page. Thanks to Tipico’s software Rivalo gets a huge head start and we are looking forward to experience the whole app.


Mobile registration

But before you can use the betting portfolio of Rivalo you have to (if you haven’t alredy) register and create an account. You can do so by clicking on “register”.
If you don’t have a current account at Rivalo you can open a new one under “create new account”. There you have to fill in the boxes and click on register. Attention: Be careful with the correct entry of your information and choose a safe password.



Put money into your sports betting account

Ready for getting started? Not yet! First you have to get some money into your account via the deposit button.
Choose the amount of how much you want to deposit and after that, choose your payment method. Therefore you can select your preferred method out of the 8 possibilities. By clicking on the method you can see the most important payment terms. With the last click on “make deposit” your details are being checked and the deposit can be finished. Now you have your account successfully set up and you can start placing your bets.


Log in and log out at Rivalo’s mobile version

That is an important feature that should be easily and quickly accessible at each mobile sports betting app. You can use the log in under “home” or there is an extra item in the menu bar. If more than one person uses the device for sports betting it is useful to log out after every session. You can do this under “account” and “log out” at the bottom of the list.

Rivalo Loginform 

Usability and impressions

When you want to use a mobile app regularly it is essential that the whole application runs smoothly and problem free so you can navigate to your preferred feature. The design of the Rivalo web app is very straightforward and avoids overloaded pages. The menu bar is also very logical and intuitive structured. Also the color composition makes a good impression through its white and grayish lightness and the typical blue in the header.
The most important feature of the navigation is the menu bar on the bottom of the screen – via which you can navigate to every other page.

The menu bar consists of 5 items – Home, betting, my bet, account and betting slip.
Thereby, “home” is the start page where you can get a good overview of your betting options, your account and also information and setting. If you want to access the sports betting offers you have to click on “betting”. Selected bets will be added to the “betting slip” where you have to confirm them eventually. After confirmation they will swap to “my bets”.


Place mobile sports bets

Rivalo Live GamesThe probably most vital feature of a mobile sports betting app is to place bets. Rivalo focused on a simple but well thought-out system. Once you choose an odd the bet instantly goes into your betting slip. You can either look for more bets or go directly to your betting slip. When you have selected all your preferred bets you can choose if you want to play them as a single bet, a multi bet or even as a system bet. System bets leave room for almost every combination you can think of. Furthermore, you can choose to play a bet as a bank. With this very comprehensive offer Rivalo really persuaded us thoroughly. You only have to submit your bet and your finished betting slip swaps into your “my bets” section. The intermediate step serves as a quick overview step as well as confirmation to avoid unwantedly submitted bets.

Additionally, you can add teams, groups or even whole competitions to your favorites so you will have quicker access in the future. You can see your favorites in “home” and “bets”.


Rivalo’s mobile betting offer

Rivalo SportsbookTo guarantee that a mobile user doesn’t have any disadvantage at the mobile version Rivalo transferred its whole desktop offer to the app. The adaption is very clearly structured and persuades with an easy and very logical navigation. The first options are live, today, hightlights and last minute bets. As a sports fan, you can choose from almost 20 different sports out of countless countries. Thereby, Football is the most dominant sport where you can bet even in third leagues of some countries. And besides other popular sports like tennis, ice hockey, basketball or handball, Rivalo distinguishes itself with more exotic sports like futsal, golf or ski racing in their portfolio.

Concerning the offer’s depth we have to admit that Rivalo has a bit of catching up to do. You can certainly play the most common betting strategies like three way bets, double chance bets, handicaps, over/unders, half time and score bets, but we miss the betting possibilities for more advanced bettors like Asia or Lucky 15 bets as well as a more detailed betting offer at the events themselves. The upside of this limited betting offer is the clearness.

Rivalo Bet SlipThe Rivalo casino is not concluded in the sports betting app, so you can access it only at the desktop’s version.
If you have any questions, problems or comments you can contact the customer service over “home” – “contact” and it will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Rivalo mobile betting app review

Rivalo mobile made a thoroughly positive impression on us. First of all, the user can do both, access the page over the browser or download the app. That’s why you can reach the application on every mobile device.
Further, the app completely won us over with its straightforward and modest but also very clear design that allows easy and intuitive navigation. Additionally, we didn’t experience any latency or breakdowns.

The betting program which is the exact same at the desktop’s version is quite comprehensive and sufficient for the average bettor. The most common betting strategies are offered as well as some more exotic bets. A small downside is the offer’s depth which is a little bit inferior to others betting programs. Advanced bettors might not be satisfied by this offer.
The bottom line is that the Rivalo sports betting app deserves a positive conclusion. For enthusiastic bettors who look for a mobile version, Rivalo definitely constitutes a serious alternative.

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