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Our everyday life is full of waiting times– at the doctor’s office, at the train station or at the airport. So why shouldn’t you make better use of that time and enter in the thrilling world of online sports betting? More and more bookmakers offer a mobile sports betting app for devices like smartphones and tablets besides their desktop version.

Bookie Youwin also created such a slightly moderated version of their webpage. You can find a comprehensive review on Youwin sportsbook in our bookie test section.

Youwin app start screen

youwin mobile betting

Youwin’s app start screen
Mobile betting offer
You want to bet on the go?

In this test report we concerned ourselves with Youwin’s mobile version and its installation, registration, the deposit modalities as well as the login and logout, the usability and the betting and betting program. In the end we will summarize our impressions in a conclusion.


Installation of Youwin’s mobile app

The mobile page is basically the same as the desktop version. Although some features were added. You don’t have to install the app, a common smartphone browser is totally sufficient to call the website by its normal address www.youwin.com.

Once you reached the page you will see the usual Youwin start page that is not adjusted for mobile devices. You will recognize the small changes later.


Registration at Youwin application

At Youwin you can register and create a new account easily underway. Therefore you have to fill in the same form as you would have to do at the desktop’s version. This form contains personal data such as name, date of birth, your country and your address. Further, you have to mandatorily submit an e-mail address and a phone number. Next you have to choose a username and a secure password. And once you answered your preferred security question and agreed to the terms and conditions your betting account is successfully set up.

Youwin registration form

Youwin registration second step

Fast registration…
…only 2 steps to your Youwin account!


Put money into your betting account

To start your betting career at Youwin you first have to deposit money into your account. You can do so by entering your preferred amount you want to deposit (with a minimum amount of 10 €).

Next you choose your favored deposit option. Youwin therefore offers the most popular options like credit card, online wallets as well as bank transfer and Paysafecard.

So you don’t have a problem at the deposit because it works just fine. Although Youwin should adjust their deposit site and make it more user-friendly so it can keep up with their competition.


Log in and log out

An important feature of a sports betting app is the fast and easy handling of the most significant functions – like the log in and log out. Since the log in button is rather small for the big screen you might have to zoom in a little bit so you can press it. After that you reach the log in page where you can fill in your username and password to successfully log in. A small drawback is the missing checkbox if you wanted to be automatically signed in or at least your username to be saved.

Youwin loginformYou can log out simply by clicking the “log out”-button which you can find in the main menu on the far right.


Usability and impressions of the smartphone version

The Youwin app utilizes the same design as the desktop version; the only differences are small features that should simplify the handling of the app. But still, the handling is rather inconvenient since you have to zoom in and out and scroll up and down all the time so you will be able to press a button.

The main navigation bar is located at the top of the screen and consists of the sports betting offer, ongoing live bets, the casino and promotions. Further you can find the deposit as well as the log out button.

Although some features (like the country selection where the page opens a drop down menu to simplify the choice) are well designed for the app, other pages are just very confusing and need time consuming navigation since the page is not adjusted to the mobile device.

Another problem is the size of buttons. It is very hard to get the right button since the buttons are very small. This is especially annoying when you want select your odds. That’s why you sometimes hit the wrong quote which not only takes time and nerves but can also cost money.

All in all, Youwin’s mobile page is everything else than user-friendly and can by far not keep up with other bookies.


Mobile sports betting for all devices

Now we take a closer look into the most vital questions that you might have. Is the Youwin app despite its merely adapted version still a valuable option for sports betting?

We can give you a clear answer to that question: YES! Who once gets used to the scrolling and zooming can hassle-free place their bets at Youwin. If you want to bet on a specific event just click on the odd and the bet is automatically added to the betting slip.

A valuable feature of the mobile version is the pop-up that appears when you clicked on an odd. The pop up asks if you want to go straight to your betting slip or add more games to it.

The betting slip itself is the exact same as at the desktop version. It is very clearly structured despite the fact that it’s not optimized for mobile devices. Still, you can place your bets fast and easy. You can place them as single, multi or system bets – unfortunately we are missing the option to play them as a bank.

Youwin odds

Youwin mobile bet slip

The best odds on your mobile device!
The bet slip ist very easy to handle.


Betting offer at Youwin mobile

Another vital feature of a sports betting app is its diverse offer and big sports betting portfolio – and Youwin offers exactly the same sportsbook as the full version.

All in all, at Youwin you can choose between 20 different sports and diverse special events. Therefore a good variety is given that surely will suffice every betting fan.

The betting program is also very promising. There are 3-way bets, different halftime/fulltime bets, goal bets, score bets, over/under bets, handicap bets, scorecasts, wincasts and other special bets. Here we have to admit that the page misses the advanced Asian bets, which maybe the one or the other advanced bettor would have liked to play. Here you can learn anything about system betting as a strategy.

Youwin app main menu

Youwin mobile bets

The main menu of Youwin mobile.
Youwin offers you a good variety!

On the other side, we were surprised with Youwin’s offer of live bets. You can find a solid variety of different sports and betting options. So you can enjoy live betting on your mobile and get some thrills into your everyday life.

You can also access the casino if you’re looking for more excitement.

If you have any problems or questions you can look for help at Youwin’s customer service where you can choose between e-mailing them or a live chat.


Conclusion of the Youwin mobile betting app

The betting undergo is becoming a more and more vital business field of every bookmaker. Therefore it is not surprising that almost every bookie has its own mobile version or even an own created app. Youwin missed out on that opportunity and only offers the normal desktop’s version for mobile devices. We hope that Youwin knows about this missing opportunity and is already working on an improvement.

Nevertheless, in our Livetipsportal bookie review we have already found out, that Youwin is an excellent bookie tough. Their portfolio and betting offers are really good and might suffice every betting fan. Only the missing Asian bets and banks are a little bit of a downer for the more advanced bettors.

For the occasional bettor the mobile presence of Youwin might be sufficient, more advanced bettors will probably not be very content with Youwin and therefore should seek for a better alternative. Also bettors with a small mobile display are suggested that you should choose a different app from our comprehensive app test.

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