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Football betting odds and statistics in 5 days

Smart people or even your business-savvy friends make it in life because they always plan ahead. This is also the case for smart punters and we have very many smart punters out there. It is especially true if you want to make your bets in soccer. The reason for this is really simple: there are various statistics, previous results and current news and odds to take into account. You need time for that. Therefore, it is advisable that you see which games in football take place in 5 days. The excellent news for you is: We are on your team and we’ve got you covered!


If you want to know who is playing where against whom in 5 days in soccer, you can find the right information here. First, we list the games that will generally be played in 5 days. If there is currently no match in 5 days in football, you will get a link to a really attractive sports betting bonus from us as a consolation cookie Usually there are games – and there are quite a lot most of the time. Afterall, football is the number 1 sport and enjoys a massive global popularity and appeal as you probably know all too well. That is why we not only list for you in general which games in football are due in 5 days, but we have also integrated a league and competition filter. Specifically, this means that, for example, can only quickly display the games in 5 days in the Bundesliga, the Premier League or maybe the French Cup. You don’t have to see what you don’t give a hoot about.


Betting in football is not necessarily a game of chance. If you arm yourself with the right info, you can significantly increase your chances of making the right tip. We have numerous examples of this. There are people out there that have consistently been winning. And almost all of them have mastered this art of planning ahead and making the most of the terrific odds that are usually available 5 days to the start of a game. That is why we would like to help in this regard too. For this reason, you will also find numerous statistics on football games in 5 days here. We also give you the opportunity to play through different results if you are interested in combination betting. Overall, we provide information so that you can give a competent tip. That way you don’t just have to rely on your gut feeling. If your are looking for betting strategies look here.


This is the other question that you should also ask yourself when you think about football in 5 days and your possible bets. Who offers the best odds? For this, you can count on us to have all the right answers. We will show you what the odds of the individual bookmakers are for all the options you are considering and you can jump on and swing to a bookie of your choice.