Expekt sportsbook

To make sure you get a proper overview of the many different online bookies available to you, our livetipsportal team has tested the bookmaker Expekt. We have checked the bookie for strengths and weaknesses from the first steps which include the registration procedure and your first deposit to the bookie’s sportsbook and the range of betting options available. 

In the following sections dealing with the bookie’s registration procedure, the various payment options, and the sportsbook, we will show you whether this bookmaker with Scandinavian roots and company headquarters in Gibraltar was able to pass our test. Enjoy the review!

Let’s go! – click here for expekt.com

Signing up with Expekt

Before you can place your first bets at expekt.com, you have to fill in all the required registration forms.  Once you have clicked on the “register now!” button right next to the bookie’s testimonial, Swedish tennis legend Mats Wilander, you get redirected to the registration form, which is fairly straightforward and shows all the required details that you need to enter at a glance. You are asked to enter personal details, such as your full name, your physical address, and your date of birth as well as account-specific information, such as the currency in which you want to deposit or withdraw. Overall, the registration form does not cause any troubles at all, and the whole procedure is concluded fairly quickly.   

As soon as you have successfully created your account, you can log in and make your first deposit into your Expekt account. In the next section, we will deal with the payment procedures in more detail.

Making deposits at Expekt.com

In terms of payment methods, Expekt offers the usual selection of credit cards, bank transfer, and eWallet services that you will find at most other online bookie pages. Overall, you can choose from a total of 14 different payment methods. These include amongst others Visa and Mastercard as well as SOFORT banking and Neteller. Unfortunately, like many other bookies, Expekt does not allow for payment via PayPal. When making deposits via credit card, Expekt will charge you with an extra 2.5% fee which is not uncommon, but still a bit annoying.  

Usabilty at Expekt.com

The first impression that we got when visiting the bookie’s page was rather surprising. In comparison to most of the other online bookies, the design is unlike anything that we have seen before. No dark grey tones, no artificial back-alley betting shop atmosphere, but instead a bright and friendly mixture of white and orange, and of course, a quite prominently placed Mats Wilander. You even have to scroll down in order to find odds and offers. However, if you click on the space between the navigation bar which is located at the top, and the registration button, you get redirected automatically to all the current offers in the Expekt sportsbook. Apart from this first, rather unusual impression, the front page itself is neatly arranged and it’s easy to find one’s bearings from the first moment on. As mentioned above, if you scroll down the front page, you will find a variety of offers regarding the bookie’s online casino, ACCA insurance offers, and bonus offers as well as a pointer to the bookie’s mobile services (we have also reviewed the official Expekt mobile app, so make sure to check out our livetipsportal section on mobile betting). The sportsbook page, which can either be opened by clicking on the sports button on the main navigation bar or by clicking on the space between the main navigation bar and the register button, is well-structured and includes live events as well as upcoming highlights of the day.

Language selection

Interestingly, if you open the page from inside the UK, the language is by default English and you cannot access the language selection, which would normally appear right below the log-in form. If you access the page from a location outside the UK, however, the default language might still be English, but you can access the language selection and choose from a total of 7 different languages. The bookie’s Scandinavian background is clearly visible as Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish are all available. Other languages available are German, Czech, and Polish.

The Expekt sportsbook

The sportsbook is the centrepiece of any online bookie page. Just like with most other bookies, the focus at Expekt.com clearly lies on football. Football included, the bookie offers a solid total of 26 different kinds of sports. Additionally, Expekt also provides odds for special events in entertainment and politics as well as for E-Sports, which is quite uncommon, and adds a bit of diversity to the sportsbook. Oscar nominees, the name of the latest addition to the royal family or the award for sports personality of the year in the UK are just some of the types of events on which you could place your bets at Expekt. As far as the regular sports offer is concerned, there are no surprises in terms of where the focus is. Football clearly dominates the markets, along with basketball, tennis, and ice hockey. If you want to bet on events a bit outside the mainstream, you will be happy to find out that Expekt offers a great variety of fringe sports from MMA to beach volleyball to NASCAR racing.

As Expekt predominantly offers events in football, however, we will focus a bit on their offer in that regard: The bookie offers some 57 different competitions in football, from Europe’s top domestic leagues to more exotic ones like the Indian Goa Pro League or the Bosnian Premier Liga. That’s quite a considerable offer. Unfortunately, as far as markets per individual game are concerned, Expekt cannot keep up the high standards and ranks below the average with about 40 different markets per game (and that’s top leagues).

Speaking of markets per game, if you still feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of different bet options that exist out there, you can catch up with the terminology of betting by checking out our betting glossary at livetipsportal.com. 

Withdrawal at Expekt.com

In our section on depositing, we have already criticised the fact that credit card payments at Expekt are charged with a 2.5% per cent fee, whereas the other payment methods are free of charge. The good news is that you will not face any extra charges when withdrawing money from your Expekt account. Furthermore, the withdrawal procedure is fairly straightforward, and it does not take longer than a few workdays until you receive the money.

Mobile version of Expekt.com

Naturally, we have also reviewed the bookie’s mobile service. Make sure to check out this and other app reviews at livetipsportal.com.

Our verdict on Expekt

The first impression that we gained would eventually last throughout the whole reviewing process, and the word that comes to mind is: “solid”. No more, no less. The design surely is a bit of a change to what we were used to, but that does not impede the site’s usability at all. It’s nothing more than a nice touch, a nice contrast to the majority of online bookie pages. It was easy for us to keep an overview of the site’s content at all times which is mainly due to the no-nonsense approach to designing, which is reflected in the sportsbook and the bet slip. While the bookie scores high in terms of the number of different sports offered, the sportsbook lacks depth as far as markets per individual game are concerned. This is actually something that might keep punters from choosing Expekt as their bookie as more and more bettors are looking for multiple options per event in order to apply their personal betting strategies. One aspect we liked a lot, however, was the stats feature which provides quite detailed information. For instance, if a top team plays against a team which has just been promoted to that league, you get an overview of the top team’s performances against promoted teams prior to the meeting at hand.

Regarding the payment options for depositing and withdrawing, the credit card fees certainly were a bit of a let-down, but Expekt is not the only bookie that charges credit card payments with an extra fee. The cashback offer, however, might be interesting to some of you who consider signing up with Expekt. For your first three-way-bet you will get your stake returned in case you lose the bet. The minimum stake unit in this regard is 10 €, whereas the maximum is 77 €.

Ultimately, Expekt left the impression that it is a bit outdated. We got the feeling that other bookies in the sports betting industry seem to be one step ahead in terms of design and features offered etc. However, who says this simplicity might only be a disadvantage? Plenty of punters these days feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available in sports betting. The reduced and simple approach that you get with Expekt might just be the right thing for these people.

Nonetheless, while some punters might appreciate this bookie more than others, we are pretty sure that with the current offer, Expekt will not be able to keep up with the industry’s top companies. However, if you’re in for a simple way of sports betting without any gimmicks, you will get your money’s worth at Expekt.com