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Attention: Interwetten can currently not accept costumers from the UK.
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Welcome to our livetipsportal review of the online bookmaker www.interwetten.com. This company was founded in Vienna in 1990, and besides its qualities in sports betting, the bookie is also well-known for its involvement in a number of charity projects. Interwetten has recently gained publicity due to an increased airplay of TV commercials in German speaking countries, and is renowned for its many sponsorship deals with teams as well as sporting events. Our review will deal with the bookie’s offer in terms of payment options, the site’s usability, and the sportsbook as well as with the number of betting options provided. Furthermore, we will evaluate the customer service support at interwetten.com, and tell you how to get into contact with the bookie in case of any questions or problems.   

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How to register at Interwetten

As usual we need to set up our account at Interwetten before we can place our bets. 

Signing up with Interwetten is fairly straightforward and the whole procedure is completed in one simple step. As you would expect, you have to enter a few personal details in order to successfully register. You are required to enter your name and date of birth, your full address and country, and a valid email address as well as a username, and you need to set your personal password. For further safety measures, you are asked to choose and answer a personal security question, and you have to enter a captcha. Whether you want to give your phone number is up to you. Once you have agreed to the bookie’s general terms and conditions, you are good to go and you can proceed to step two, which is making your first deposit into your newly created Interwetten account. 

Making a deposit

You will need a bit of money in your account before you can place your first bet, so we will show you how to make a deposit into your newly created account at Interwetten. Ideally, your bookie will offer you a great variety in deposit options. At Interwetten, you can choose from almost all common payment options, including PayPal, which unfortunately is still disregarded by a lot of online bookies. The minimum deposit is 10 € for all payment options except for deposits with Paysafecard and the Interwetten betting voucher. Furthermore, payments with credit cards will be charged with a 2% fee. Once you have made your first deposit, you can start betting right away. 

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The usability of the bookie’s site is a vital factor when it comes to the betting experience. A neatly arranged front page can facilitate the betting immensely, which is especially important with regard to in-play bets where any delayed response from the server could result in loss of cash. Apart from that, a flawless design and good usability certainly enhance the entertainment factor. Interwetten can definitely boast a great offer that leaves nothing to be desired and by including online casino games and a live casino as well as skill games, scratch cards, and bets on virtual football, the bookie makes sure you get your kicks at Interwetten.com. Furthermore, the bookie also provides information about the Interwetten mobile app in the main navigation bar.  

The page itself is quite bright and mainly appears in shades of white and grey with a few yellow highlights. Overall, the design is fairly subtle and quite appealing to the eye, which contributes to making betting an agreeable experience at Interwetten.com. To make sure you hit the ground running, it is important to have a look at how the site’s content is organised before placing your first bets. At the top of the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the front page, you can find a direct link to all the top-flight football of Europe’s most prestigious leagues. Below, you will find a list of the bookies current offers for in-play action, last minute betting, and odds under 2,00. Right underneath, you can choose from an impressive 32 different kinds of sports as offered by the bookie to effectively put your know-how to use.

The neatly arranged betting slip can be found on the right-hand side of the main navigation bar and can easily be expanded and hidden. If you decide to hide the betting slip, you will still be able to see the number of bets you have placed so far. Overall, the design of the betting slip is quite straightforward and really facilitates the betting process. In the course of our review, we did not encounter any problems with regard to the page load time or any server-related issues. Most importantly, the betting slip provides all options that are relevant to any pro-bettor as you can choose from all sorts of elaborate combi- and system bets as well as bankers. For better odds calculation we recommend our Livetipsportal surebet & odds calcuclator.

In order to put the bookie’s ease of operation to the acid test, we counted the number of clicks it took us to bet on lower-league football in Germany. Interwetten certainly passed the test with flying colours as it only took us 3 clicks to place a three-way bet on a match in the German Regionalliga (equivalent to League Two in England). 

Language selection at Interwetten

One indication of a bookie’s reputation and ambitions is given by the variety of languages offered in the site’s language selection. Interwetten.com offers a solid 11 different languages in order to attract punters worldwide. However, the languages offered show that the bookmaker is mainly focussed on the European market. 

Place your bets!

Every bookie strives to offer a sportsbook that boasts a great variety in sports and ensures that the betting does not become redundant after a while. We will now examine the sportsbook at Interwetten and analyse it in terms of variety in different kinds of sports as well as betting options. As mentioned above, Interwetten offer an impressive 32 different kinds of sports to choose from and the bookie adds to that in terms of depth of the offer. For instance, you can place bets on football matches as low as in the Bavarian Regionalliga (equivalent to an amateur-level League Two).

Overall, we can ensure you that the range of the sportsbook at Interwetten.com will not disappoint you. If you want to learn how to hedge a bet, you should visit our article about it.

Betting options at Interwetten.com

With great variety in the sportsbook comes great responsibility – or at least the expectation that the range of betting options matches the range of events offered. Unfortunately, Interwetten failed to impress us in that regard. For example, the bookie only offered 21 different betting options for a qualification match in the Champions League. These included the most common options such as three-way bets, default handicap bets, and different goal and result bets as well as the option of picking one team to progress to the next stage. We missed options such as Asian handicaps as well as score- and wincasts. This fairly narrow range of betting options might not satisfy punters who like to place more elaborate bets or who want to implement certain betting strategies. Based on the offer at Interwetten.com, one might assume that it is in the bookie’s interest to mainly appeal to hobby and novice punters. Hence if you belong to the latter group rather than to the distinguished group of veteran punters, you will definitely get your money’s worth at Interwetten.

The bookie’s in-play offer is similarly solid, but not great. Again, while pro punters will probably turn to more prolific bookmakers, hobby bettors will definitely be satisfied with the events and options offered. Whether you want to bet on one of the teams to score next, or on the half-time scoreline, Interwetten offers most of the options you would expect. One great feature of the in-play segment at Interwetten.com is the stats feature which provides detailed information about a great number of current events and hence gives an indication of which team has got the upper hand. Occasionally, the bookie also offers livestreams for events in play. However, in the course of our review, we did not encounter any.

In addition, Interwetten provides a results- and stats feature, which helps you evaluate the current form of teams based on recent performances.

Besides the extensive range of events in the sportsbook, the bookie also offers an online casino including a live casino. Furthermore, you can test your skills in a variety of online games. Virtual football is also available at Interwetten.com.

If you encounter any sorts of problems with your bookie, a problem-free and efficient customer support will be vital. The customer service at Interwetten covers most of the common options in this regard as you can contact the bookie via email, a telephone helpline, and by sending mail to the bookie’s postal address.


To make sure your betting skills pay off, you need to cash out at some point. The withdrawal procedure is fairly easy at Interwetten. Firstly, you need to verify your account by means of an official photo ID which needs to be scanned and uploaded to the respective Interwetten page. As soon as the ID has been identified and controlled, you can proceed with the withdrawal. 

Unfortunately, in contrast to the great variety in deposit options, Interwetten offers a rather narrow range of withdrawal options. These only include bank transfer, or virtual wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and Ecopaiz. Furthermore, the minimum withdrawal amount for all withdrawal options is fairly high at 30 €.

Betting with the official Interwetten mobile app

These days, most bookies offer their services on phones as well, and Interwetten is no exception in that regard. The bookie’s app works for iPhones, Android, and Windows phones and guarantees that you can enjoy all the benefits of betting at Interwetten wherever you go. Make sure to check out our detailed and extensive review of the Interwetten mobile betting app at livetipsportal.com! 

Our Interwetten sportsbook conclusion

Compared to other online bookies, Interwetten has a fairly long tradition in online betting. In the course of our test, the bookie performed quite well, but also revealed a few weak spots. As far as the design of the page is concerned, Interwetten definitely scores high. The content and the bet slip are neatly arranged, well organised, and easily accessible. The simple design of the site further enhances the betting procedure as the page load time is quite low, which is vital for bets on events in play. The extent of the sportsbook at Interwetten covers a great variety of different kinds of sports and should satisfy the needs of most punters.

However, the small number of betting options per event as well as the high minimum withdrawal amount might cause potential punters to turn to other bookmakers.   

Overall, Interwetten can definitely be considered a solid option for novice bettors as well as for veteran punters. However, tacticians who want to implement specific betting strategies might miss more sophisticated options such as Asian handicaps and are well-advised to turn to more comprehensive online bookies.

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